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When it comes to marketing your business online, no idea is too out there, too “outside the box” to consider. After all, everyone is chasing potential revenue and any leg up on the competition is crucial.

Not only do you want to build links, but you want to establish and build your brand as well. You want the public to easily identify your company and to interact with it on a daily basis.

That being said, there is no better unique way to accomplish all of that than by creating your company’s own browser theme.

Why Should Your Company Develop a Browser Theme?

Simply put, there are a myriad of benefits that come from creating a browser theme for your company, including:

  • Branding: this is one of the easiest – and most effective – ways to establish your brand online
  • Public immersion: people spend nearly their entire day on the computer for one reason or another, which puts your brand’s browser theme directly in front of potential business at all times
  • Increased site traffic
  • Casual users become “super users” – monetized, highly engaged and constantly connected
  • The ability to promote your content and initiatives directly to users

For business owners like Andy Defrancesco, it’s all about creating an interactive environment for users; a browser theme does just that, establishing itself as a unique tool for online engagement and communication.

New Tab Page Promotions

In this example, music superstars “Mindless Behavior” promote their new album on the New Tab Page which opens when users open a new tab in their browser. This page is viewed about 100 times per month per user!

New Tab Page - Mindless Behavior

Browser Theme Success Stories

Brand Thunder clients who have commissioned our team to create their own highly interactive browser themes, have seen a variety of success including:

  • 1,500 hours of exposure to their brand a year
  • Designed new tab pages being viewed 100x month per user
  • 800% increase in site visits
  • 30%+ site users using the theme
  • Revenue-generating sponsorships and more!

There are plenty of success stories from companies that have adopted their own browser themes, but the key is this: browser themes promote real, valuable engagement.

More Browser Theme Stats

Here are some more stats for you:

  • Visitors will return to your website 8-12 times more often thanks to a browser theme
  • 25% of all clicks from a theme go directly to a brand’s Facebook page
  • 10% of all clicks from a theme go directly to commerce opportunities

Using Browser Themes for Link Building for SEO

Some of the biggest brands in the world have realized the potential of browser themes, allowing them to reach a whole new level of prominence. And it doesn’t just engage current users – by submitting your theme to the Firefox gallery or Brand Thunder’s gallery of themes, you’ll open your brand up to a new audience that might not have discovered it before. Users find your theme, install it themselves and start sharing it on blogs, forums, and other sites – it just keeps building and building. Some of these users may be bloggers that include links back to your site or your themes, thus helping build backlinks for SEO, if you don’t know the benefits behind backlinks, visit to get all the details.

create your own browser theme

And with the ease of use that BT Engage brings when it comes to creating browser themes, you could even begin designing and creating themes for other brands in exchange for links on their sites. So not only does a theme increase your own brand, but creating them for others can also improve your SEO and link opportunities.


Don’t just take the advice from us. See what some major brands have said about the power of their custom branded browser theme.

“We know [the browser theme] is going to be a very effective way to push out information.”

– The Ohio State University Department of Athletics

“It was very easy to set up and the feedback we’ve received both internally and externally has been very positive.”

– San Francisco 49ers

“Boosted site visits by 8x”

– Huffington Post

The possibilities for a custom browser theme for your business are endless, and there is no better – or easier – time to get involved. Take your brand to the next level today!

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