What is WebSearch+?

Everything you need to know about WebSearch+ and websearch.brandthunder.com is in this post. Please read on.

WebSearch+Brand Thunder strives to make your Internet experience a more enjoyable one – from the brands we represent to the leading technologies we incorporate in our browser themes.

WebSearch+ is built into the browser theme to benefit you with savings and benefit charity when purchases are made. It also helps us pay for the development of these free themes. You have full control over the experience and ads through your browser settings and preferences, even though Brand Thunder is completely dependent on this advertising to support the business.

Our default experience may not be your ideal experience, so we give you the ability to modify your theme’s options or preferences.

You Control WebSearch+

How to Remove WebSearch+ or Change Settings

Instructions can be confusing. If questions arise or you want to ask the Brand Thunder team directly about our products and programs, please join the community discussion at support.brandthunder.com. We want to help.

Each browser type has its own criteria for controlling the themes. If you want to adjust WebSearch+ in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, it’s available in each browser but your path to the control screen is a little different.

Changing WebSearch+ in Firefox and Internet Explorer

WebSearch+ Firefox and IE Settings Button
WebSearch+ Firefox and IE Settings Button

You may adjust your experience under the Settings icon (the “lighting bolt” on the right side of the browser for Firefox and IE. For example, to turn off the search enhancements, click the Settings icon, then choose Settings, click the Search tab and uncheck the “Enhance search results with WebSearch+” box. In this same area for Firefox, you can customize your theme with other buttons to popular websites.

Settings for WebSearch+ Firefox
Settings for WebSearch+ Firefox

Changing WebSearch+ in Chrome

For Chrome, type chrome://chrome/extensions/ in your address bar, then select Options under your browser theme.) You’ll be taken to a page where you can modify or turn off the WebSearch+ enhancements by unchecking the feature boxes.

WebSearch+ Chrome Options
WebSearch+ Chrome Options

Changing WebSearch+ in Safari

Click Safari on the menu bar, then chose Preferences and select the Extensions tab. If it’s not selected, click on the Safari Theme Engine tab on the left navigation. You’ll see a screen where you’ll need to uncheck the boxes for the WebSearch+ search enhancements.

WebSearch+ Safari Preferences
WebSearch+ Safari Preferences

Websearch+ and Websearch.brandthunder.com – Enhancing Your Browser Experience

Websearch+ is a search engine and more – that’s the reason for the plus. If you land at http://websearch.brandthunder.com that’s a straight forward search engine. Like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the goal is to get you to what you’re looking for fast. It looks different because it’s a private-label version of one of the top search providers that combines proprietary technology of SurfCanyon, a search developer who has uncovered a way to surface more relevant search results more quickly during your searching.

Websearch+ is Not a Toolbar, WebSearch+ is Not a Virus

You can call it semantics, but we call it a browser theme and sometimes an interactive browser theme. Brand Thunder themes are graphically rich and visually immersive. Themes incorporate content and functionality to help fans connect with the brands they love. The featured brands get compensated for the use of their brands. We pay for that with the advertisements served in WebSearch+. Advertisements are not the most popular thing around, but they’re also not a virus.

As you see above, all the controls you need to adjust the experience are built into every theme. If you run into any problems, let’s talk about it at http://support.brandthunder.com.

WebSearch+ Benefits

Here’s what you can expect when you try the product. WebSearch+ offers three add-on experiences to your web browsing.

  • WebSearch+ Savings Offers
  • WebSearch+ Search Enhancements
  • WebSearch+ Shopping Assistant
Each is an independent service designed to help you find what you’re looking for, faster – or save money when you’re shopping online. When you’re shopping, WebSearch+ not only surfaces comparison prices so you know you’re getting the best product at the best price, it also pays a percentage to charity on qualified purchases.
WebSearch+ Brand Thunder
WebSearch+ Brand Thunder

Savings When You’re Ready to Buy

WebSearch+ Price Comparison instantly shows pricing from around the web for the products you’re interested in, and discreetly shows them to you in the footer of your browser. If you’re ready to buy, you can click the offers to immediately get the best deal – a simple solution to significant savings. This also allows us to provide an affiliate code on commerce sites, helping us pay for our product without interfering with your Internet experience.

Here’s how it works.

Affiliates help charities. This is a bonus reason to love the shopping experience from Brand Thunder. We rotate among leading charities like PackH2O, which eases the Water Crisis for 1 BILLION people worldwide who lack in home safe water access, giving a percentage of qualified purchases to the charity. It’s an easy way to do some good in the world.

Helping You Find What You’re Looking For, Faster

As more of your search results go to the highest bidder and not the most relevant result, WebSearch+ Search Enhancements add contextual relevancy to your results. For searches where a relevant result can be returned to help you find what your looking for faster, you’ll see a small layer with the result and a notation that it’s provided by WebSearch+ via its partners including Save Valet and Kourl. For queries that we don’t feel we can improve, you’ll get the standard results. It’s that simple.

“See Similar” Products, Find Better Prices

WebSearch+ Shopping Assistant uses Superfish, and other leading providers, to bring you instant price comparisons and relevant savings as you search and shop. Any time you see the “See Similar” button, just hover your cursor over it and you’ll be presented with similar items and prices from hundreds of different stores across the web (US only). The instant scan of the Internet for the best prices around will ensure you buy with confidence knowing you made the wisest choice at the best price.

WebSearch+ Shopping Assistant
WebSearch+ Shopping Assistant

The Value of WebSearch+

We try to ensure we’re adding value to you at the same time we’re earning revenue. These free browser themes have a team of designers and developers behind each one, and the brands featured get compensated for the use of their brands. It’s expensive to give away a free product.

We pay our way by earning affiliate revenue when and where it makes sense – usually with sponsored links in search, but also through affiliate links on shopping sites. Our intent is to deliver an optimal web experience which also happens to earn some revenue, but never in an overbearing way. All the details (and your ability to control them) are listed above, but if you have additional questions, the Brand Thunder team can be found at http://support.brandthunder.com.

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