If you think web browsers are one in the same you might want to think again! Even though you can customize your favorite web browser with a theme that reflects your own personality, today’s most popular web browsers offer differentiating features and technology that are unique to their target users. To shed a bit of light on what your favorite web browser says about you, we’ve decided to compare the most popular web browsers to their comedy television show counterparts. Does your favorite browser reflect our results? Let us know!

Internet Explorer – Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men Internet Explorer

If Internet Explorer doesn’t say “the browser my parents use” we don’t know what does. IE has been around for as long as we can remember and your parents are the only ones who still use it. They’re also the only ones who still watch Two and a Half Men. 

Opera – The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Opera

Opera is the web browser of choice for the niche tech geek. With plenty of features that originated well before other browsers had them, it’s ahead of its time and smarter than its competitors. We’re certain that Opera is the web browser in which Sheldon and the rest of the gang on The Big Bang Theory use. Well.. Penny, aside.

Firefox – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Firefox

Remember when you were the first one amongst your friends to snag a bright, shiny Firefox browser? While everyone else was still annoyed with glitchy and unreliable Internet Explorer, you had an awesome, trustworthy internet-browsing sidekick. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest shows on television, but is still so underground that only the coolest people know what it’s all about.

Chrome – Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Chrome

Chrome is still the hip, new kid on the block that rose to popularity quickly with its trailblazing features and extensions that no other browser can match — much like the groundbreaking storyline of the acclaimed Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. 

Safari – Portlandia

Portlandia Safari

Who are the most passionate Safari users? Apple fangirls and fanboys, of course! And aren’t Apple fangirls and fanboys always on their devices and know all about the latest and greatest technology? We could totally see an episode about this topic on Portlandia (actually, here’s a clip!).

Netscape – The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls Netscape

If you’re still using Netscape… why?! You must be as old as your grandma who probably still watches syndicated reruns of The Golden Girls. 


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