Create Your Own Browser Theme

Toolbars vs. Browser Themes

Create Your Own Browser Theme


Many people look to create a toolbar in an effort to provide their fans or users to their website, with another tool to stay connected with their brand. A toolbar provides this functionality, as fans of the brand will download the toolbar for use in their browser. The toolbar usually provides instant access to the brand’s main features and often provides tools for which the user can access directly from the toolbar itself without having to access the brand’s website directly. Toolbars are a great way for a brand to stay in front of the user at all times and provide a value added service for its users.

An example of a Toolbar:
(just this area)
Sample Toolbar

An example of a Toolbar on Steroids: A Browser Theme:
(The entire browser)
Sample Browser Theme

Browser Themes (Toolbars on steroids)

Browser themes are just like toolbars but take the overall experience to the next level. Browser themes are simply “skins” that change the look and feel of your browser. Instead of your brand getting a small sliver of the bottom of the head of the browser, a browser theme can encompass the entire browser, thus providing a heightened brand experience.

In addition, a browser theme provides the ability to add functionality to your theme just like a Toolbar does.

• Add links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account or any page of your site
• Add your blog’s RSS feed
• Provide affiliate links to products or services
• And Much More!

How do Browser Themes keep your fans more engaged? Brands who have used browser themes have seen these results from fans:

• 1,500 hours of exposure a year
• 800% increase in site visits
• 30%+ site users using the theme
• 29% of clicks going to commerce offers
• Revenue generating sponsorships
• Each Facebook fan generates 20 visits a year – incremental lift of a fan. Each browser theme user does 20 visits every other month – the power of turning a fan into a super fan.

Create your own Theme:

Create Your Own Browser Theme