Windows 8.1 Users Having Trouble with Google, Outlook on IE11

Internet Explorer has always had a dubious past, often the butt of jokes in the online community for the stigma against its performance and core group of users. But Microsoft has campaigned hard to prove that the newest versions of IE haven’t been like their predecessors – this is now supposed to be a fast, … Continued

Spice Up Your New Operating System with Windows 8 Themes

The new Windows 8 operating system has been released to the public, completing a pretty drastic overhaul of what has been a classic look for the company. As more people use smartphones and tablets, Windows tailored its new operating system to reflect and embrace the changing media landscape. Better yet, devices that utilize Windows 8 … Continued

Get Better Performance in Microsoft Internet Explorer Add-ons

Add-ons and extensions often get accused of slowing down browser performance. The short answer is true, but that discounts a lot of scenarios and value. In many cases, you’ll have a better experience when you have the right extensions installed – and that can speed your personal performance if not the bench speed of the … Continued

Keep Your Browser Safe with a Password Manager

One of the things I got to do over the holidays was dial up the strength of my passwords across the web.  This was a gift that resulted from the Gawker hack. I’d been casually improving the strength of the passwords I used, but using very little variety among the passwords.  I was an easy … Continued