Thanksgiving Themes – Theme of the Week

In our browser “theme of the week” feature, it’s only appropriate that we feature some of the best Thanksgiving browser themes in our gallery. The Thanksgiving holiday is only 2 and a half weeks away, where families will be gathering around the dinner table, eating delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and some … Continued

Pilgrim Owls – Theme of the Week

With the Thanksgiving holiday a little over one week away, it’s only appropriate that our browser theme of the week represent Thanksgiving with the “Pilgrim Owls” theme. This is a perfect theme to give your browser a little holiday makeover as it features two cute little Pilgrim owls perched upon a tree branch. Theme designer … Continued

20 of the Best Fall Chrome Themes for 2013

The weather is colder and the days are shorter, but the changing leaves offer a wide world of color and, when autumn arrives, it’s the sure sign that the holiday season isn’t far behind.There are plenty of reasons to love fall, and there are many fall Chrome themes that perfectly encapsulate everything that makes the … Continued

Thanksgiving Browser Themes

There’s quite a bit to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 2011 and we wanted to celebrate the festive holiday showcasing some amazing Thanksgiving browser themes for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Many people dress up their desktops with Thanksgiving Wallpapers, but forget that they can dress up their browser with the same imagery. Here are … Continued

Thanksgiving Browser Theme 2010 – Happy Thanksgiving

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Here’s a great Thanksgiving browser theme to add color and context to the up-coming four day weekend.  We know your basement is all prepped with the Christmas lights and inflatable Santa’s, but before you go Clark Griswald – enjoy a moment of serenity with this browser theme.  It honors the … Continued

Holidays and Custom Experiences

Close to a year ago Brand Thunder launched its first holiday experience for the browser. For a business focused on the personalization of the Internet browser, it would have been an unfortunate oversight. Christmas kicked off what’s been a full year of capturing the major holidays in our Booms! and they’ve been exceptionally popular. If … Continued