Easter Owls – Theme of the Week

Theme designer “Madonna” is back and has created several great themes over the past week including the “Easter Owls” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer fans. We are approaching Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so it’s only appropriate that our theme of the week involves Easter. Madonna uses a light yellow background color from light … Continued

Pilgrim Owls – Theme of the Week

With the Thanksgiving holiday a little over one week away, it’s only appropriate that our browser theme of the week represent Thanksgiving with the “Pilgrim Owls” theme. This is a perfect theme to give your browser a little holiday makeover as it features two cute little Pilgrim owls perched upon a tree branch. Theme designer … Continued

Flirting Owls – Theme of the Week

Sometimes you just need a fun whimsical browser theme to liven up your day and theme designer “Madonna” has done that with her latest “Flirting Owls” creation for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The background is sort of a “cartoon-ish” lime green which gives the theme a light-hearted feel from the start. On the right-hand side … Continued