NHL Themes for the 2013 Season

Rejoice, hockey fans! Almost unbelievably, the NHL and NHLPA managed to strike a new deal, allowing the league to conduct a shortened – but eagerly anticipated – season in 2013. At Brand Thunder, we are huge hockey fans, and we’re proud to provide the official browser themes for a number of NHL teams. In an … Continued

Internet Explorer Skins

That big blue “e” on your desktop has been getting you on the Internet for years. Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser in the world despite the voracious competition from Firefox and Chrome. What’s different from year’s past is it’s no longer acceptable to have that blue E pull up a boring gray browser. … Continued

Florida Panthers Launch Fan-Focused Browser Theme with Brand Thunder

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH – January 12, 2010 – Brand Thunder LLC (http://www.brandthunder.com) and the Florida Panthers (http://www.floridapanthers.com) announced today the launch of an interactive browser theme designed to keep fans in touch with the team. Panther fans can find the free download at http://panthers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=59831. Through a small browser add-on, the user’s web browser … Continued

Compelling Data and a Call for Lead Generation

It’s been a little over a year since we launched our first custom browser theme for the NHL’s Washington Capitals. That tenure has given us a solid data pool from which to compile our first case study, which will be made available via our website as a lead generation tool. (For our blog readers, you … Continued

Firefox 3 Customizations Now Available

It’s been a frenetic few days getting our products in line with the Firefox 3 launch, but we’re happy to say we made it. Our staff has rolled a single installer that will deliver the right browser customization whether you’re on Firefox 2 or Firefox 3. The single install is great from an end user … Continued