Deer in Winter Wonderland – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” epitomizes the beauty of the Winter season with a Winter nature scene entitled “Deer in Winter Wonderland”. This theme displays rolling hills of snow with bright green pine trees scattered across the light blue horizon. Young fawn frolic in the background along with deer and birds hovering about. … Continued

Smurf Christmas – Theme of the Week

Everyone loves the Smurfs, those little blue fictional characters that live in Mushrooms! So who doesn’t love the Smurfs celebrating Christmas?! This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a festive holiday theme for the Smurf fans out there. Theme designer “Madonna” has used a “Smurf Blue” background color that ties into the holiday imagery. … Continued

A Look at the Best Firefox Themes of 2013

There are so many reasons to love Mozilla’s Firefox, from its speed and security to overall functionality. Plus, the browser is constantly updating with new features and bug fixes to ensure users are always getting the best possible experience out of it. And as the Firefox browser updates, so too do the browser themes that … Continued

Browser News – Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari – 7.4.13

There are a few questions that pervade the browser world on a daily basis. How is Internet Explorer still so popular? When will Apple Safari begin to lose its mobile dominance to other companies? What are the most development-friendly browsers? Which are the safest, the fastest, etc.? In the latest browser news roundup, some of … Continued

8 Great Firefox Add-ons to Enhance Your Browser’s Appearance

Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted all the things a browser can do for us. But then you look at its extensions and add-ons and you are once again amazed at all of the tools, games like, and creative options you have at your disposal. This certainly holds true for Firefox, as there … Continued

Country Flag Themes for Firefox

Having pride for one’s country is one of the most universal qualities there is. And with the ability to customize one’s browser however one wants, it’s no surprise that so many users love decorating their own with the flag and colors of their country. From World Cup matches to the Olympics, people want to show … Continued

A Look at Firefox 18 Features and Themes

Chances are, if you’re an avid Firefox user, you have now had some time to get used to Firefox 18 and all of its features. You might have also noticed by now its increased speed, which was a major aspect of the browser update. That is thanks to Firefox’s new JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, which … Continued

Firefox & Chrome Shopping Extensions for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to begin scouring the Internet for all of your shopping needs. While that is usually a very involved process, as so many sites are throwing their deals at you, you can make it easier on yourself. There are a variety of Firefox and Chrome extensions out there … Continued

10 Firefox Browser Shortcuts (in Windows) You Need to Know

Web browsing is all about efficiency these days. As the major players in the market fight for supremacy, each browser has its own set of shortcuts that are meant to make everyday surfing and in-browser work easier than ever. Firefox holds an especially advantageous position when it comes to browser shortcuts, because the Mozilla product … Continued

Get Fired Up Over These Firefox 16 Themes

When Firefox 16 was released earlier this month, Mozilla had to pull it almost immediately due to a few security flaws. Those flaws were quickly fixed, though, and Firefox 16 has been up and running without any security issues since. As you download and get used to the updated browser, be sure to enhance its … Continued

7 Mozilla Thunderbird Themes to Spice Up Your Email Client

As far as desktop email clients go, Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular choice among users. Much like Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, Thunderbird offers plenty of flexibility, including the ability to collect all of your email accounts in one place. There is also a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customizing the look of … Continued

Are Extensions Safer in Firefox or Chrome? Sandbox vs. Open Market

The debate continues over whether it’s better to have a closed system for distributing apps or a more open one. You see it a lot in comparing Apple’s App Store to Google’s Android Marketplace. Apple reviews and approves every app before launch. You’re ensured a certain level of product quality, integrity and safety because of … Continued

Browser Theme and BrowserID: Personas Naming Quandary

Mozilla is showing it has the naming skills of George Forman and using the same name for a second product. After years of Personas representing easy-to-use, lightweight themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox, it’s now your name. Or, to be more accurate, your online identification. Mozilla is stepping away from how … Continued

Firefox 10 Themes

Firefox 10 has hit the shelves, or at least the virtual shelves of the Internet and your browser. The release came out yesterday and Firefox 10 can be downloaded right from Mozilla: Firefox 10 download. Firefox continues to iterate new versions of the browser about every six weeks to stay current with the rapid releases … Continued

Why do People Love Black Firefox Themes?

It’s amazing looking through some of the Firefox Theme Galleries out there, the relative consistency of dark or “black” Firefox themes and personas at the top of the popularity charts. It seems that people like the dark black background against their browser helping to highlight the content below with pages across the Internet that are … Continued

How to Change your Mozilla Firefox Theme

If you’ve recently changed your browser to Mozilla Firefox, you may not quite like the way the browser looks even though you’ve decided you like the functionality of it.  If this is the case, then you’ll find that you can easily customize the look of your browser with Mozilla Firefox themes. What are Firefox Themes? … Continued

Overview of Chrome Backgrounds & Themes

Google Chrome is the most recent entrant into the browser wars. Chrome has rapidly gained market share since its release and has already found a following amongst web surfers. Through its minimalist design, which is typical of Google products, you’ll find that the web browsing experience has become even easier. Google’s Chrome browser has the … Continued

Brand Thunder Does Some Good Work with Mozilla

Image via CrunchBase Brand Thunder is a proud member of the Mozilla community, so you can imagine the honor we felt when they asked us to do work for them. In its support of the UKs CyberMentors program, Mozilla had Brand Thunder deliver an Add-on featuring a custom theme and an integrated toolbar allowing users … Continued

Elaboration on Earning Customer Loyalty

Image via Wikipedia Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It is a commentary over at MediaPost. Guy Maser gives some simple and straightforward ideas to help you better serve your existing customer. The fundamentals often aren’t that complex. His suggestions are geared for a certain type of business, but his premise is applicable anywhere – do … Continued

Brand Thunder Nets Deal with NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers for a Team-Branded Internet Browser

COLUMBUS (March 4, 2009) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement with the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring the first NBA custom browser to Cavaliers fans. Cavaliers fans will enjoy an Internet experience where the browser is immersed in the look, feel and content of Cavaliers basketball. The customization is … Continued