How to Install Firefox Themes: A Step by Step Guide

Looking to add personality and color to your Firefox browser? Then you should probably learn how to install a Firefox theme! Thankfully, the team at Mozilla has made it incredibly easy to install Firefox themes so you can quickly add a personal touch to your web browsing experience. The step by step guide below will walk you … Continued

Celebrate Your Updated Browser with New Firefox 19 Themes

Mozilla has recently released Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, unleashing a number of new features to its faithful users. The most notable enhancements to the browser include a built-in PDF viewer and faster start-up times (i.e. constantly clicking on the Firefox logo so it will load will now only result in one … Continued

A Look at Firefox 18 Features and Themes

Chances are, if you’re an avid Firefox user, you have now had some time to get used to Firefox 18 and all of its features. You might have also noticed by now its increased speed, which was a major aspect of the browser update. That is thanks to Firefox’s new JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, which … Continued

Firefox 15 Update Features Plenty of New Upgrades (and Themes!)

As the major browsers of the world (mainly Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox) continue to battle for dominance, it means users are treated to consistent upgrades that enhance their online experience. With the recent Firefox 15 update, users are treated to a number of new features, including many upgrades for web developers. Here are … Continued

“Must-Have” Firefox 13 Themes for Your Browser

Firefox updates are not always known for their wealth of new options and features. However, with the release of Firefox 13, users are treated to plenty of new design and functionality features that are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Firefox 13 Features In an attempt to keep up with the popularity of Google … Continued