How to Install Firefox Themes: A Step by Step Guide

Looking to add personality and color to your Firefox browser? Then you should probably learn how to install a Firefox theme! Thankfully, the team at Mozilla has made it incredibly easy to install Firefox themes so you can quickly add a personal touch to your web browsing experience. The step by step guide below will walk you … Continued

Firefox 31 Offers Updates for Users & BT’s Firefox Themes

Firefox 31 was released to the public in July, and it came with some convenient, cosmetic changes along with updates that cater to developers. Providing tools for developers is something that Mozilla has often been praised for in the past and it has helped to make it one of the biggest browsers out there. It’s … Continued

Firefox OS Now Available in 14 Countries – and Growing

In Mozilla’s march toward mobile significance, the Firefox mobile operating system can now be found in 14 different countries, with more to come. That means you can find a Firefox OS phone in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro. There are also plans to unleash the … Continued

The 6 Best Firefox Shopping Add-ons to Save You Money

If you’re doing any holiday shopping this year, some of it will undoubtedly be spent online. And after installing any of these Firefox shopping add-ons, you might just be doing all of your shopping online in 2013. Whether it’s price comparisons to give you the best deal, a shopping add-on that speeds up the browser … Continued

Firefox 23 is Released with Plenty of New Features & Themes

As always, the release of an updated browser – especially one as big and influential as Mozilla Firefox – comes with a number of enhancements and updates. With the recently-released Firefox 23, users have been treated to a variety of things, from making social sharing even easier to security fixes that make browsing safer than … Continued

Firefox OS to Release New Features Every Three Months

While Firefox OS is new to the game, that isn’t preventing Mozilla from keeping lofty expectations for itself. In a recent post on the Mozilla blog, Alex Keybl, the Manager of Release Management with the company, wrote that the current plan is to unleash feature releases every three months, along with security updates for the … Continued

Waterfox Themes for Users Who Love Fast Browsers

Oh, you like your Internet browsing to be fast? Do you like Firefox, but want it to be even faster? Are you a 64-bit user? If so, Waterfox  is the browser for you. What makes Waterfox so fast you ask? “Waterfox was compiled with Intel’s C++ Compiler with the following optimisations: Intel’s Math Library, SSE3, … Continued

Celebrate Your Updated Browser with New Firefox 19 Themes

Mozilla has recently released Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, unleashing a number of new features to its faithful users. The most notable enhancements to the browser include a built-in PDF viewer and faster start-up times (i.e. constantly clicking on the Firefox logo so it will load will now only result in one … Continued

Show Off Your Mozilla Pride with Firefox Desktop Wallpaper

The best web browsers in the world offer a little bit of everything, from speed and security to reliability, access to great extensions, a wide variety of customized themes and more. It’s no wonder, then, that fans are so intent on showing their support for their favorite browsers. This is no different for Firefox aficionados … Continued

10 Stunning Firefox 17 Themes to Celebrate the New Browser

For many of us, social media has become so ingrained in our lives that it’s hard to escape it (not that we would ever really want to in the first place). With the release of Firefox 17, Mozilla recognized this mindset and has completely embraced it. With its new Social API, Mozilla has made Facebook … Continued

7 Mozilla Thunderbird Themes to Spice Up Your Email Client

As far as desktop email clients go, Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular choice among users. Much like Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, Thunderbird offers plenty of flexibility, including the ability to collect all of your email accounts in one place. There is also a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customizing the look of … Continued

Firefox 14 Themes Enhance a Browser Full of New Features

Firefox has rolled out its latest version and, like many updates, it comes with a host of features that are designed to improve a user’s browsing experience. In the case of Firefox 14, the biggest draw might come from its new use of SSL-encrypted HTTPS search functionality. A favicon will also no longer be shown … Continued

Mozilla Working to Release Firefox iPad Browser Named “Junior”

Is Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad a “pretty miserable experience” for you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re part of a growing number of people who are disenchanted with the fact that Safari is currently your only big-name browser option within the iPad. That may be changing, though. Users have wanted an … Continued

Firefox 12 Themes for the New Firefox 12

Firefox 12 Released The 12th version of the popular web browser, Firefox, has been released and can be downloaded by visiting the Official Mozilla Firefox site here. The new release doesn’t have as many updates as in past versions but does provide a number of bug fixes from Firefox 11. Firefox 12 Features One of … Continued

11 New Themes for Firefox 11

Firefox 11 was released on March 13th and brought some modest improvements over the previous Firefox 10 release. Among the most important updates was the ability to sync your Firefox add-ons across multiple devices including Android smartphones and tablets. The ability to sync your add-ons is possible no matter which operating system you use. This … Continued

A Look at the Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Image by _sarchi Mozilla Firefox continues to be one of the most popular web browsers, and for good reason. It has a vast library of add-ons and extensions that enhance and customize one’s experience online. It’s certainly not exaggeration when one says that there is literally something for everyone when it comes to Firefox extensions. … Continued

Winner! Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011

Wow! What a competition for Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011. While all five finalists had merit and style, two quickly emerged as contenders for first place: Christmas Ornament and Perfect Christmas Eve. Voting was fast and furious at the end, with the lead changing several times. As in any competition, however, there can only … Continued

9 Amazing Firefox 9 Themes

Firefox 9 has arrived and is faster than ever.. The Firefox 9 release brings speed improvements and uses much less memory than previous versions of the popular web browser. Some are saying this Firefox 9.0 release makes it comparable to Chrome in terms of speed. Some other big upgrades when downloading the new Firefox 9. … Continued

New Theme Gallery Features User Submitted Themes

Brand Thunder is giving users of its BT:Engage DIY browser theme creator a place to showcase the browser themes they are creating – right on the top of the new Brand Thunder Gallery. This is an added bonus to the redesigned browser theme gallery for anyone seeking Chrome themes, Firefox themes and IE themes.

How to Change Your Firefox Background

Changing your Firefox Background is an easy endeavor for those wanting to spice up the look of their browser. In a few simple steps you can change the look of your Mozilla Firefox background to almost any color, design or image you can imagine. Firefox backgrounds are sometimes referred to as themes, personas, or skins. … Continued

The 5 Best Mac Themes for Firefox

Mac fanatics, we have a great list of themes to dress up your Firefox browser. If you’re running Mac OS X with Firefox, chances are you have the standard gray theme across the top of your browser. Unfortunately, some of the best themes aren’t available for the Mac version of Firefox or just don’t look … Continued

Theme Spotlight: Firefox Personas & Theme Designer: MaDonna

When you think of browser theme designers your initial thoughts might be of a young 20-30 something or a “techie” type working arduously for the next great design. But since launching our browser theme creator tool this past July, we’re discovering that browser theme designers aren’t just for Generation X & Y or the Tech … Continued

Christmas Wallpapers and Your Browser Theme

Here’s the best way to decorate your computer for the holidays. Brand Thunder gives you several ways to get ready for the Christmas Holidays whenever you’re at your computer and online with our Chrome, Firefox and Explorer Christmas Themes. You can grab one of our popular pre-made themes (with a trick to brighten your desktop … Continued

How to Install Firefox Themes

Installing Firefox themes are an easy task for anyone to take on and shouldn’t feel overwhelming. The good people at Mozilla make it easy for anyone to install their own theme with a few simple steps. But first a quick overview of what “Themes” are in case you are confused. A Firefox Theme is simply … Continued

8 Fun Firefox 8 Themes

Firefox 8.0 is here! Sticking to it’s new(ish) rapid release cycle, Firefox is already pushing out Firefox 8 with Firefox 9 and 10 close behind.  What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 8? Well, it looks like their are three key changes that should improve the end user experience. The first being that any add-ons bundled together … Continued

BT:Engage How To: Make Money Online with Your Browser Theme

Browser themes are great engagement tools and a strong reason they’re popular with online communities. Keeping in touch and driving up visits to your site deepens your relationship with your community. Plus, advertisers love an engaged audience, so you’re already doing yourself and your profitability a favor. But if you want to earn good money, … Continued

6 New Firefox 6 Themes

There’s a lot to be happy about with the latest 6.0 release of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser. They’ve improved their “Awesome Bar” or URL bar so that it’s more search intuitive. They’ve amped up security options so you can limit the amount of information the sites you browse are allowed to capture. They’ve made it … Continued

BT:Engage How To – Browser Dimensions and Design

The most frequent comment we hear from users new to browser design is “it doesn’t look like it did in the preview” and that’s because 60% of the time it doesn’t. This post will explain why and what to do about it. Key Definitions I’ll admit, we’ve got a long way to go in terms … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces BT:Engage a DIY Browser Theme Creator for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Instantly create and share a “wallpaper for the Internet” that is part Persona, part toolbar and all engagement for small and medium businesses (SMB), associations, communities, clubs, families and friends COLUMBUS, OH – July 27, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for … Continued

Firefox Personas Versus Firefox Themes

There are several ways that you can customize the look of your browser when you’re using Mozilla Firefox to browse the web.  There are different levels of personalization, which include both Firefox Personas and Firefox Themes.  The changes that you’d like to make to the look of your browser will determine which type of adjustment … Continued

How to Change your Mozilla Firefox Theme

If you’ve recently changed your browser to Mozilla Firefox, you may not quite like the way the browser looks even though you’ve decided you like the functionality of it.  If this is the case, then you’ll find that you can easily customize the look of your browser with Mozilla Firefox themes. What are Firefox Themes? … Continued

BT:Engage Browser Theme Platform Roadmap

If you’re part of the BT:Engage private beta, you’re seeing the MVP (minimum viable product) of browser theme creation. If you’re not, what you’ve missed is the first steps in automating browser theme creation by allowing anyone to quickly build their own themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer by adding layered background images, logos and … Continued

New Firefox Themes – New Mozilla Firefox Skins

Each month, Brand Thunder releases a number of new Firefox themes and skins for fans of the popular Mozilla web browser. With each new release, we are responding to the demands of our fans and the types of themes they would like to see. It’s an exciting endeavor and certainly rewarding to create new themes … Continued

Best Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Brand Thunder is completely changing the way that you and I experience the Internet. With savvy technology and groundbreaking ideas, Brand Thunder is customizing the user experience like never before. Both users and businesses alike are flocking to this technology and the offerings of the Brand Thunder team. There are a couple of different things … Continued

Halloween Browser Themes Launch for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Get Ready for Fall The Autumnal equinox has passed. We can now officially stop hanging on to summer and start looking toward fall. Brand Thunder’s Halloween Browser Themes are a great way to start. Choose Your Theme You can choose from two different options Halloween-styled browser themes. You can download the Halloween Black Cat Browser … Continued

Interactive Themes

Reposted from Mike’s Musings So you may wonder why we called it Personas Interactive. If you were go to the Brand Thunder Gallery, you would see what we specialize in – creating customized browser experiences for different sports teams, websites, musicians and more. These browser experiences have evolved over the years in their design, their … Continued

Is Your Web Site “Show Ready”?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I’ve had my home on the market lately and had to live “show ready.”  At a moments notice, the realtor could (and did) call saying “we’ve got a showing scheduled for today.”  The house had to be ready to sell.  Part of the difficulty in these moments is to … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Expressions, Lightly Interactive Firefox Themes

COLUMBUS (May 3, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its series of design forward themes that offer strong visuals with a selection of interactive links to popular websites plus a multimedia sidebar featuring a video player of headline news stories. More than 50 designs that range from abstract art … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Baseball Browser Themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS (April 26, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its browser themes for major league baseball. With the beginning of the baseball season underway, fans of the sport can enhance both Firefox and Internet Explorer with the feel of the ballpark. The free downloads are available from Brand Thunder … Continued

The “Interactive” in Interactive Browser Themes

Between Firefox Personas and Google Chrome’s Themes, browser themes are getting a lot of attention this year. Brand Thunder is pleased to be at the front with such distinguished company. While each of us helps you move beyond the dull gray of the standard Internet browser and personalize your browser with enticing visuals, Brand Thunder … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces Innovative Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug – Backgrounds Change to Reflect Local Conditions

COLUMBUS (March 23, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today the launch of its Weather theme for the Firefox Browser. The Weather theme is an advance in browser theme capabilities featuring a background that dynamically changes based on the user’s current weather conditions. The Weather theme also features the full … Continued

Google’s Chrome Positioning for Growth

Image via Wikipedia Today, Laurie Sullivan over at MediaPost’s Online Media Daily discusses how Google is educating the world about Chrome. It’s a small step in a much bigger effort. is a simple site defining the most important application on the computer. It generously makes the major browsers available from the site, and has … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Beta in Preparation to Storm Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser Experience

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH — September 29, 2009– Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today beta group availability to test the most visually immersive add-on available for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Fans of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks ( or Washington Capitals ( can request access to private beta groups and their … Continued

Brand Thunder and Phoenix Suns to Bring a Planet Orange Experience to Internet Browsers

COLUMBUS, OH – September 2, 2009 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement with the Phoenix Suns to offer its fans a unique online experience. Basketball fans who use the popular internet browser Firefox will be able to download a Phoenix Suns branded browser at, featuring the team’s … Continued

The Internet Echo – Social Media as Marketing

Image by apenny via Flickr Maybe in space no one can hear you scream, but if you’re well connected – everyone on the Internet can. Just ask Jason Calacanis. (Sorry Jason, that made me laugh.) We’re not as well connected as Jason, but we remain impressed by the incidental reach social media provides some of … Continued

Lowering Barriers to Entry: 4 Questions to Raise User Adoption

Each hurdle you place in front of your consumer has a material impact on your business. Do you know what yours are? We’ve wrestled with this considerably. Our current business model is based on a browser with 20% market share. Sure, we can exceed that for our partners (request our Case Study here), but that’s … Continued