Wonder Water World – Theme of the Week

Imagine scuba diving in the depths of the coral reefs off the coast of an exotic location and seeing the most brilliant colored sea life you’ve ever experienced in your life. Our browser “Theme of the Week” this weeks transports you to a location just like this with a dazzling assortment of underwater coral, starfish, … Continued

Delicate in Lavender – Theme of the Week

This week’s “Theme of the Week” comes again from one of the world’s top theme designers “MaDonna“. The title of this beautiful theme is the “Delicate in Lavendar” theme compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme features light shades of purple and pink with splashes of sparkling white and blue lights with a touch … Continued

Browser Themes of the Week – Dramatic Lilies & Charlize Theron

Each week, we look for the best browser theme designs  from fans using our browser theme tool. In addition to the best overall design, last week we had another competition for the best celebrity browser theme. The submissions came pouring in and the winners this week are: Best Browser Theme Design: Dramatic Lilies