10 Magical Harry Potter Chrome Themes for True Fans

For real Harry Potter fans only: this collection of Harry Potter Chrome themes is a must for you to download! As every real fan of Harry Potter knows, this critically-acclaimed fantasy novel and film series is one of the most successful in the world. Because Harry Potter is so popular, there are plenty of Chrome themes out … Continued

3 Harry Potter Chrome Themes That Will Put a Spell on You

With seven books and eight movies, Harry Potter has become one of the most popular and successful characters in recent memory. And even though the movie series has finally been completed, that doesn’t mean fans are any less rabid about their favorite boy wizard. In fact, the series continues to bring in new fans – … Continued

Sales Strategy: Browser Theme – Hunter vs. Farmer

We’re all in sales. Whether you’re Coca-Cola or the GateWay College Gecko soccer teams, you’ve got an audience you’re trying to reach and some action you’re trying to inspire. These two groups may be miles apart in terms of scale, but they’re both actively engaged with their communities online. Coke has it’s MyCokeRewards.com and the … Continued