7 Essential Tools Graphic Designers Should Have in Their Arsenal

As a graphic designer you know that there’s no such thing as “good enough,” and that the status quo can always be improved on. It would give you a certain edge when you try to learn more things especially from resources such as the best coding apps. That being said, you’re probably constantly adding things … Continued

8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Designers

Chrome extensions offer a little bit of everything – you can play games, easily check and update your social media channels, get the latest on your favorite sports teams, or even learn a new language. But Chrome extensions are also great for making work more efficient, particularly when it comes to the work of designers … Continued

Best Holiday Browser Theme Judging Underway

The deadline has closed for Best Holiday Browser Theme Contest. Thanks to all those that entered and good luck! It was a phenomenal list of entries and our judges are pouring over the submitted probably at the very moment you’re reading this. The are some joyous and happy holiday Firefox themes and Internet Explorer themes. … Continued