Brand Thunder Themes “Ad Free” in Chrome Theme Store

It’s expensive to give away a free product like browser themes. Designing, developing and creating themes requires a team of designers and developers who work meticulously on creating the best experience and designs for brands and users alike. We help supplement their time by earning affiliate revenue from some of the themes we create, like … Continued

Brighten Your Browser with Solid Color Google Chrome Themes

With so many Chrome themes out there, the options for how you can deck out your browser are limitless. From movies and celebrities to sprawling scenes of nature, space and more, the categories of browser themes form a tremendous spectrum. But what if you like things simple? There are plenty of solid color Chrome themes … Continued

4 Ways to Search and Find Google Chrome Themes

As a Google Chrome user, you know how great a browser it is to use. It’s fast, secure, and offers a wide variety of extensions that make your browsing better in every way. You might also know that you can easily customize the look of your Chrome browser. With a Chrome browser theme, you can … Continued

Celebrate Love with Valentine’s Day Google Chrome Themes

It may be the middle of winter, but the season of love is fast approaching. That’s right – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes plenty of love-based stories, articles, movies, TV shows and more. Of course, now is also the perfect time to change your Google Chrome theme to match … Continued

9 Trending Chrome Themes for December

As fall slowly turns into winter, the hot Google Chrome themes out there continue to change. If you like your browser to always look fresh, it would be in your best interest to stay up-to-date on all of the trending Chrome themes. There is always an eclectic group of popular themes, covering everything from upcoming … Continued

Great NBA Chrome Themes for the 2012 Season

A new NBA season is fast approaching, which basketball fans should be especially thankful for, considering last season’s lockout. It’s shaping up to be an especially intriguing 2012 NBA season with the Miami Heat now the defending champions. Can LeBron James and the Heat actually build on that promise of multiple championships? Or will teams … Continued

Rev Up Your Browser With Some Google Chrome Car Themes

There is no denying that people love cars. Whether it’s the sleek luxury models or powerful muscle cars, people collect, race, seek out, and dream about cars. And with the variety that comes with so many different cars, it’s hard for someone to not find a model that he/she likes. Car enthusiasts are certainly a … Continued

Google Chrome 21 Compatible Themes & New Features

Google released version 21 of its immensely popular browser, Chrome, ahead of schedule this month, providing users with a number of new features. While not flashy, one of the most important aspects of Google Chrome 21 is the 26 security fixes. One of those security fixes was rated in the “critical” category while nine others … Continued

3 Harry Potter Chrome Themes That Will Put a Spell on You

With seven books and eight movies, Harry Potter has become one of the most popular and successful characters in recent memory. And even though the movie series has finally been completed, that doesn’t mean fans are any less rabid about their favorite boy wizard. In fact, the series continues to bring in new fans – … Continued

10 Essential Black Google Chrome Themes

Sure there are hundreds and thousands of brilliantly designed Google Chrome themes in galleries across the Internet with intricate designs, elaborate decorations and amazing graphics. But sometimes as a Chrome user, you just want a simple theme design to give your browser a little different look without going overboard. You still want to be able … Continued

9 Google Chrome Themes for Mac OSX

Google Chrome Themes have become some of the most popular browser based themes among the major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. In fact, Google Chrome is on the verge of taking over Internet Explorer for the world’s most popular browser. It’s no surprise then to browser theme user that Chrome has some of the … Continued

7 Dark Black Chrome Themes for Google Chrome

Sometimes you don’t want a flashy new theme for your browser. Sometimes, you simply want to accent your browser with a dark theme that sits in the background and highlights everything else. Or maybe you’re just a really big fan of the color black. No matter your preference, there are a wide variety of black … Continued

Download the Best Hello Kitty Chrome Themes

Hello Kitty is an immensely popular character all around the world, found on virtually every kind of product, from school supplies and toys to fashion accessories and more. And with the massive appeal of the Hello Kitty character, there are a number of great Hello Kitty Chrome themes out there. Fans of Hello Kitty will … Continued

Popular Pink Chrome Themes

For over 4 years, Brand Thunder has been creating browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. In those years, one thing we’ve noticed is that a number of browser theme fans love simple one-color themes. Some of the most popular themes in our gallery are simple background colors added to the browser including … Continued

Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

One of the best features of Google Chrome is its customizable interface. Users can install their own themes and backgrounds that show off their personality, interests, and more. It’s a great way to make browsing the Internet even more fun. But have you ever wanted to customize your own Google Chrome browser? Using your own … Continued

Lady Gaga Chrome Themes That Will Shock You

There’s no denying the popularity of Lady Gaga in the music and entertainment world. Not since Madonna have we seen an artist so loved yet so shocking at the same time. From wearing dresses depicting meat draped over her body to outlandish costumes and makeup that transform Gaga to new characters almost every performance, … Continued

10 New Google Chrome Themes to Spice Up Your Browser

Brand Thunder has been working hard to create an ever increasing gallery of new Chrome themes for our users. While we started creating themes back in 2007 specifically for Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chrome themes have taken the browser theme community by storm, with huge communities of fans changing their themes regularly. To keep up … Continued