Shawn Mendes Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Shawn came up through Vine back in 2013.  Every since then, he has been consistently growing his fanbase and his songs just keep getting better and better!  His debut album Handwritten, which includes the hit Stitches, hit the top 10! With this new tab wallpaper theme, every-time you fire up a new tab in Chrome, you can … Continued

Autumn Fall Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Who doesn’t love fall?  The temperatures drop a bit from the sweltering summer, the leaves start changing into some amazing colors, Halloween and football (ok, I slipped that one in).With this new tab wallpaper theme, everytime you fire up a new tab in Chrome, you can see the beautiful leaves and autumn scenes (even though you … Continued

Sports Cars Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Who doesn’t love sports cars?  The sound and the curves of a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati or even Tesla…  nothing quite like it!  Not having $250,000 in the bank to spend on a car right now, why not download this new tab theme so you can enjoy these beauties right in your Chrome or Firefox … Continued

Clash of Clans Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme is here

  A well known classic for mobile, now you can enjoy your favorite characters from the game Clash of Clans right in your Chrome or Firefox browser with this wallpaper theme. The tab theme includes scenes and characters from the game, a clock, weather, notes and more. Clash of Clans Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme Easiest way … Continued

Alabama Chrome Themes and Wallpapers for Crimson Tide Fans

The University of Alabama has a long, rich history in the southern United States, having been established in 1831. The school contains a variety of programs that cannot be found anywhere else in Alabama, and it is the only publicly supported law school in the state. Of course, though, no description of Alabama would be complete … Continued

How to Install Firefox Themes: A Step by Step Guide

Looking to add personality and color to your Firefox browser? Then you should probably learn how to install a Firefox theme! Thankfully, the team at Mozilla has made it incredibly easy to install Firefox themes so you can quickly add a personal touch to your web browsing experience. The step by step guide below will walk you … Continued

What if Web Browsers Were Comedy TV Shows?

If you think web browsers are one in the same you might want to think again! Even though you can customize your favorite web browser with a theme that reflects your own personality, today’s most popular web browsers offer differentiating features and technology that are unique to their target users. To shed a bit of … Continued

7 Things You Wish Your Browser Could Do

Web browser are the greatest , aren’t they? They’re our portals to the Internet, and they really do so much for us. But we live in a culture where we always want more, more, more, and there is always going to be something else we want our browsers to be able to do. But you should … Continued

30 of the Most Useful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most beautiful inventions ever bestowed upon us. Who doesn’t want to make their browser easier and faster? And for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is a laundry list of shortcuts that you can use to make you feel like a computer hacker in a movie (or something like that), … Continued

White Tiger Paradise – Theme of the Week

Spring is in the air literally and the theme designs from the past week reflect the new season. A majority of the themes created by fans in the past week had designs related to Spring including plenty of flowers, green grass, butterflies and roses. This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” incorporates many aspects of … Continued

St. Patrick’s Gold – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is the St. Patrick’s Gold theme from theme designer “Madonna“. It’s only appropriate with only 2 weeks until St. Patrick’s Day, that we highlight some designs that represent the holiday. Brand Thunder has created the official St. Patrick’s Day browser theme, but Madonna has designed a beautiful theme … Continued

Boxers and Bikinis – Browser Theme of the Week

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, have you made plans with your sweetheart yet? If not, consider giving the gift of this fun and whimsical browser theme for the Valentine’s Day holiday. The “Boxer and Bikinis” browser theme created by theme designer “Madonna“, adds a touch of fun to your Valentine’s Day plans. … Continued

What Do You Want Out of Your Favorite Browser in 2014?

When it comes to our browsers, speed and security are two obvious features we like (which can always be improved). But what else do you want to see in your favorite browser this year? Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are constantly coming up with new ways to impress users and leave each other in … Continued

Linux Mint – Theme of the Week

It’s the New Year and we have a new browser “Theme of the Week” this week created by Fmcgorenc called the “Linux Mint” browser theme. Linux Mint is a popular operating system created in 2006 and according to the website it’s the 4th most popular OS behind Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Canonical’s Ubuntu. … Continued

Smurf Christmas – Theme of the Week

Everyone loves the Smurfs, those little blue fictional characters that live in Mushrooms! So who doesn’t love the Smurfs celebrating Christmas?! This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a festive holiday theme for the Smurf fans out there. Theme designer “Madonna” has used a “Smurf Blue” background color that ties into the holiday imagery. … Continued

Firefox OS Now Available in 14 Countries – and Growing

In Mozilla’s march toward mobile significance, the Firefox mobile operating system can now be found in 14 different countries, with more to come. That means you can find a Firefox OS phone in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro. There are also plans to unleash the … Continued

Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Firefox Christmas Themes

Christmas moves closer and closer, and with each passing day, the excitement for the holiday only grows. Suddenly, you find yourself decorating everything you can in Christmas colors and imagery, including your computer. With a Firefox Christmas theme, you can literally turn your browser into a winter wonderland. From snowy landscapes and decorative lights to … Continued

Pilgrim Owls – Theme of the Week

With the Thanksgiving holiday a little over one week away, it’s only appropriate that our browser theme of the week represent Thanksgiving with the “Pilgrim Owls” theme. This is a perfect theme to give your browser a little holiday makeover as it features two cute little Pilgrim owls perched upon a tree branch. Theme designer … Continued

The 6 Best Firefox Shopping Add-ons to Save You Money

If you’re doing any holiday shopping this year, some of it will undoubtedly be spent online. And after installing any of these Firefox shopping add-ons, you might just be doing all of your shopping online in 2013. Whether it’s price comparisons to give you the best deal, a shopping add-on that speeds up the browser … Continued

Magic Time – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from Firefox Persona designer “Gambat” and his Magic Time theme creation. The Magic time theme is more of an abstract art design with a dichotomy between nature and man-made items. Gambat uses an assortment of butterflies that float across the background but then displays an antique clock … Continued

Most Used Browser in 2013 – Shareaholic Report

Another day, another browser market share study. And if you’re a Google Chrome user, you’re going to like what you hear. In a recent Shareaholic report, Chrome is dominating the market share with 34.68%, doubling Firefox’s market share (16.60%) and far exceeding Internet Explorer’s, which sits at 15.62%. And over the past nine months (the … Continued

Call of Duty Ghosts – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week is the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” theme from Firefox Persona and desktop wallpaper designer, Madonna. Call of Duty Ghosts is a first-person shooter military video game and the 10th in the series from the Call of Duty team. Timing couldn’t be better as Call of Duty Ghosts is … Continued

Good Morning Sunrise – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” was designed by the talented Firefox theme designer, Gambat and his “Good Morning Sunrise” theme. Gambat uses a diverse mix of colors against the background with dark red and maroon colors further from the rising Sun and brighter reds and oranges as one moves closer to the Sun. … Continued

Orca Whale Splash – Theme of the Week

We have a new browser “theme of the week” from Firefox Persona and desktop wallpaper designer “Madonna“. The theme features an Orca Whale splashing about the water with a big bright smile on its face. The Orca Whale is actually known as a killer whale but this theme puts a bright spin on the somewhat … Continued

Jack-o-Lanterns – Theme of the Week

Most of our fans seem to be in the Halloween mood this month, creating a number of new Halloween related browser themes. After all, the big holiday is just a couple weeks away. While Brand Thunder created the official 2013 theme for Halloween, our fans have continued to get into the holiday mood and have … Continued

Internet Explorer 8 Still Most Popular Browser, But for How Long?

There is a constant battle raging on for the title of “Most Popular Browser” and, currently, Internet Explorer seems to be fighting itself for the honor. According to Net Applications’ recent release of global web browser usage statistics for September 2013, IE8 leads everybody with a 21.41% market share. Oddly enough, Internet Explorer 10 is … Continued

Creepy House Halloween – Theme of the Week

There’s only a few weeks left until Halloween, so it’s only apropos that our browser theme of the week pays tribute to the spooky holiday. The “Creepy House Halloween” theme created by theme designer, Madonna, showcases an eerie Halloween scene at night with a creepy green and spooky background. Madonna uses a number of familiar … Continued

Flirting Owls – Theme of the Week

Sometimes you just need a fun whimsical browser theme to liven up your day and theme designer “Madonna” has done that with her latest “Flirting Owls” creation for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The background is sort of a “cartoon-ish” lime green which gives the theme a light-hearted feel from the start. On the right-hand side … Continued

Blue Moon – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Blue Moon” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is a simple theme with brilliant uses of blue colors from the darker blue on the edges and various shades of blue throughout. There appears to be a couple standing under … Continued

Fractal Flower Formation – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” from Madonna is the Fractal Flower Formation Theme for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Fractal designs and images are some of the more popular in the browser theme and desktop wallpaper community. It’s no wonder since the designs are typically very elaborate with mixes of numerous colors and shapes. … Continued

Abstract – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Abstract” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is a quite hypnotic theme with a swirl of colors in multiple formations against a black background. Gambat uses the colors of the rainbow in the swirls themselves but the colors come … Continued

NFL Browser Themes – Super Bowl XLVIII Contenders Edition

The sludge of the NFL preseason is nearly over, which can only mean one thing. The NFL regular season is here! As always, there are plenty of teams with legitimate chances to reach Super Bowl XLVIII, making the season a weekly display of great football and exciting matchups. We’ve collected browser themes for a handful … Continued

F(x) – Pink Tape – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Janice” and her F(x) – Pink Tape theme. F(x) is a popular South Korean girl group and Pink Tape is their second studio album. It looks like Janice is helping promote the band’s new release with this theme creation. Janice does a great job … Continued

Get Ready for College Football with Themes for the 2013 Season

As the summer winds down, the air becomes crisper and the days are shorter, which means there is only one thing that matters: college football is back! There is nothing better than spending an autumn weekend watching your favorite collegiate team play, and a college football browser theme only makes the experience of being a … Continued

Cheetah Sunset – Theme of the Week

We had so many amazing browser theme creations this week, it was hard to pick just one winner. We’ve listed all the themes created over the past week below since they were all great. This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Madonna” and her creation entitled “Cheetah Sunset”. The theme features … Continued

A Look at the Best Firefox Themes of 2013

There are so many reasons to love Mozilla’s Firefox, from its speed and security to overall functionality. Plus, the browser is constantly updating with new features and bug fixes to ensure users are always getting the best possible experience out of it. And as the Firefox browser updates, so too do the browser themes that … Continued

Firefox 23 is Released with Plenty of New Features & Themes

As always, the release of an updated browser – especially one as big and influential as Mozilla Firefox – comes with a number of enhancements and updates. With the recently-released Firefox 23, users have been treated to a variety of things, from making social sharing even easier to security fixes that make browsing safer than … Continued

Coils of Color – Theme of the Week

Firefox Theme and Persona designer, Madonna, returned this week with a plethora of beautifully designed browser themes. This week’s “Theme of the Week” is one of Madonna’s creations, the “Coils of Color” browser theme. This theme reminds us of our own Neon lights browser theme but is distinctly different in that Madonna uses silver coils … Continued

Pink Studebaker – Theme of the Week

Fans of classic cars and generally fun summertime automobiles will love this week’s browser theme of the week; the Pink Studebaker theme. This model of the Studebaker is a late 1950’s model with a bright pink body and shiny chrome accents. The theme designer, Gambat, uses a sky blue color for the rest of the … Continued

Minions – Theme of the Week

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Dispicable Me”, then you’ve seen the “Minions“, those small, yellow cylindrical-shaped creatures with either one or two eyes. These creatures are almost always wearing glasses or goggles and can even turn into a glow stick when in the dark to see where they’re going. The Minions are so popular … Continued

Firefox OS to Release New Features Every Three Months

While Firefox OS is new to the game, that isn’t preventing Mozilla from keeping lofty expectations for itself. In a recent post on the Mozilla blog, Alex Keybl, the Manager of Release Management with the company, wrote that the current plan is to unleash feature releases every three months, along with security updates for the … Continued

Waterfox Themes for Users Who Love Fast Browsers

Oh, you like your Internet browsing to be fast? Do you like Firefox, but want it to be even faster? Are you a 64-bit user? If so, Waterfox  is the browser for you. What makes Waterfox so fast you ask? “Waterfox was compiled with Intel’s C++ Compiler with the following optimisations: Intel’s Math Library, SSE3, … Continued

Paper Whale – Theme of the Week

Remember in school when you used to have art class and would cut out shapes and designs from cardboard paper? Well this week’s “Theme of the Week” is reminiscent of that time period but with a browser theme twist. Madonna has created the “Paper Whale” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer that actually looks … Continued

Rainbow on a Hill – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Madonna” and her “Rainbow on a Hill” theme creation. This lively and colorful browser theme features an almost “cartoon-ish” fantasy world where butterflies float in the sky amongst the bright green grass fields and trees scattered throughout the horizon. In the distance is the … Continued

Brand Thunder Tops 350 Brands on Strength of College Athletics

Streamline Technologies Joins List of Browser Theme Partners COLUMBUS, OH – July 11, 2013 Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, that has delivered millions of downloads and reaches hundreds of thousands users each month now has relationships with hundreds of top brands across college athletics, sports and entertainment. The signing of Streamline Technologies … Continued

Firefox Theme Not Working? Here’s How to Quickly Fix It

When you love your Firefox theme, seeing it not working can induce a level of sustained panic and frantic searching for how to fix it.Luckily, we have you covered. If your Firefox theme isn’t working, the problem can be solved in just a few simple steps. First, it’s a good idea to diagnose the problem. … Continued

Browser News – Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari – 7.4.13

There are a few questions that pervade the browser world on a daily basis. How is Internet Explorer still so popular? When will Apple Safari begin to lose its mobile dominance to other companies? What are the most development-friendly browsers? Which are the safest, the fastest, etc.? In the latest browser news roundup, some of … Continued

Celebrate Independence Day with USA Browser Themes

When it comes to patriotism, Americans do it right, especially on the Fourth of July. For Independence Day, barbecues are enjoyed all across the country, baseball is played, fireworks are set off and everyone enjoys time with family and friends while being reminded of the sacrifices given in order to have a day like that. … Continued

Born to Be Free – Independence Day – Theme of the Week

It only makes sense that on the week of the celebration of Independence for the United States,  we pick a browser theme that represents that day, Independence Day. Firefox theme designer, Madonna, has created a tribute to the United States on the week of its 237th birthday called the “Born to Be Free” browser theme. … Continued

8 Great Firefox Add-ons to Enhance Your Browser’s Appearance

Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted all the things a browser can do for us. But then you look at its extensions and add-ons and you are once again amazed at all of the tools, games like, and creative options you have at your disposal. This certainly holds true for Firefox, as there … Continued

Major League Soccer Downloads & Themes for Every Fan

There is no denying that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In every corner of our planet, you can find fans of this seemingly simple game with its simple premise, which is to just kick a ball into a goal. It is that simplicity – and underlying complexities and strategy – that … Continued

Love Birds – Theme of the Week

This was another great week in user-submitted browser theme designs, with a number of themes that should qualify for the “theme of the week”. But we have to just pick one and this week we choose a theme for the lovebirds out there from theme designer “Gambat” called the “Love Birds” browser theme. Gambat uses … Continued

Flesh-Eating Zombie Browser Themes for Chrome and Firefox

It’s a great time to be a zombie. Whether it’s film, television or print, zombies have found their way into every aspect of pop culture. Their influence ranges from the popular comic/TV series “The Walking Dead” to “World War Z”, the best-selling book that has now been turned into a summer blockbuster movie starring Brad … Continued

A Look at Firefox 18 Features and Themes

Chances are, if you’re an avid Firefox user, you have now had some time to get used to Firefox 18 and all of its features. You might have also noticed by now its increased speed, which was a major aspect of the browser update. That is thanks to Firefox’s new JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, which … Continued

Show Your Desktop Some Love with Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Love is in the air these days, and we know how much you want the world (even if it’s your own world) to know when you’ve found that special someone. With free Valentine’s Day wallpapers, you’ll be able to completely surround yourself with all things love-related, especially if you spend most of your day around … Continued

Browser Wars 2012: The Year in Review & Looking Forward to 2013

The Internet browser wars have been raging on for a while now, with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (though Safari is in the fold) essentially jockeying back and forth to become the most popular/safest/fastest etc. options out there. As these browser giants compete, users win. Significant updates are rolled out on a … Continued

Who is Winning the Mobile Browser War?

The battle for Internet browser supremacy has been narrowed to three competitors: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the old mainstay, Internet Explorer. While Internet Explorer remains a key player – especially after its latest overhaul and marketing campaign – Chrome has captured the majority of online users. The battle for mobile browser supremacy is another … Continued

Firefox & Chrome Shopping Extensions for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to begin scouring the Internet for all of your shopping needs. While that is usually a very involved process, as so many sites are throwing their deals at you, you can make it easier on yourself. There are a variety of Firefox and Chrome extensions out there … Continued

OMG! Pop Culture Theme Contest Finalists are Here!

The Judges Have Spoken The finalists of Brand Thunder’s Pop Culture Theme Contest have emerged. After many hours of debate and many libations… I mean, much deliberation we finally got some responses that were vaguely intelligible and could use. Below you’ll find the three semi-finalist themes that our mystery judges decided on as worthy contenders … Continued

10 Firefox Browser Shortcuts (in Windows) You Need to Know

Web browsing is all about efficiency these days. As the major players in the market fight for supremacy, each browser has its own set of shortcuts that are meant to make everyday surfing and in-browser work easier than ever. Firefox holds an especially advantageous position when it comes to browser shortcuts, because the Mozilla product … Continued

Get Fired Up Over These Firefox 16 Themes

When Firefox 16 was released earlier this month, Mozilla had to pull it almost immediately due to a few security flaws. Those flaws were quickly fixed, though, and Firefox 16 has been up and running without any security issues since. As you download and get used to the updated browser, be sure to enhance its … Continued

Help Your Favorite Charity – Free Browser Theme Giveaway

Charity Giveaway Today we announced we’re going to share our good fortune with a charity or non-profit that you choose! We were so thrilled with our announcement of Brand Thunder’s deal with Major League Baseball that the idea of a “Major League Giveaway” immediately came about. We know how powerful connecting to fans through the … Continued

Major League Giveaway – Brand Thunder Offers to Build Free Browser Themes for a Non-Profit or Charity

Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists, in celebration of this summer’s major release with, is launching the “Major League Giveaway.” The Major League Giveaway is a chance for a non-profit or charity to win a custom-built set of themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. To enter, non-profits and charities simply email … Continued

Are Extensions Safer in Firefox or Chrome? Sandbox vs. Open Market

The debate continues over whether it’s better to have a closed system for distributing apps or a more open one. You see it a lot in comparing Apple’s App Store to Google’s Android Marketplace. Apple reviews and approves every app before launch. You’re ensured a certain level of product quality, integrity and safety because of … Continued

Firefox 14 Themes Enhance a Browser Full of New Features

Firefox has rolled out its latest version and, like many updates, it comes with a host of features that are designed to improve a user’s browsing experience. In the case of Firefox 14, the biggest draw might come from its new use of SSL-encrypted HTTPS search functionality. A favicon will also no longer be shown … Continued

Why Not Just a Theme? Interactive Browser Themes Explained

We’re proud of our announced relationship with, and we think fans will be excited about the newly available themes. As a result, we’ve been giving shout outs to baseball bloggers so they can weigh in and hopefully share with their readers. We love the feedback we get and in whatever form it comes. This … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches and 30 Club Branded Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS, OH – June 12, 2012 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists, announced today the launch of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer themes for and all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. The themes are available at and each official Club Web site. All available themes can be downloaded at … Continued

Two Firefox SEO Add-Ons That Give You a Leg Up on the Competition

Firefox extensions and add-ons serve a wide variety of purposes, from games and entertainment to shopping, social media, web development and much more. One of the most intriguing uses of a Firefox add-on is that it can be used as a tool to gauge your own site against your competitors. Whether it’s getting their PageRank, … Continued

Get Ready for Major League Soccer with the Best MLS Browser Themes

With the Major League Soccer season underway, there is no better time for die-hard fans to prove their allegiance to their favorite clubs. With the MLS browser themes available from Brand Thunder, you get immediate access to your favorite team, keeping you up-to-date on all of the action. Need highlights from last night’s game? Or … Continued

The 7 Best Firefox Add-Ons for Web Developers & Designers

Firefox is an immensely popular web browser for a variety of reasons. One huge reason for its popularity is its ability to provide tools to web designers to help make their work easier, more efficient, and impressive. There are many different kinds of Firefox add-ons for web designers, but we are going to take a … Continued

11 New Themes for Firefox 11

Firefox 11 was released on March 13th and brought some modest improvements over the previous Firefox 10 release. Among the most important updates was the ability to sync your Firefox add-ons across multiple devices including Android smartphones and tablets. The ability to sync your add-ons is possible no matter which operating system you use. This … Continued

A Look at the Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Image by _sarchi Mozilla Firefox continues to be one of the most popular web browsers, and for good reason. It has a vast library of add-ons and extensions that enhance and customize one’s experience online. It’s certainly not exaggeration when one says that there is literally something for everyone when it comes to Firefox extensions. … Continued

Browser Theme and BrowserID: Personas Naming Quandary

Mozilla is showing it has the naming skills of George Forman and using the same name for a second product. After years of Personas representing easy-to-use, lightweight themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox, it’s now your name. Or, to be more accurate, your online identification. Mozilla is stepping away from how … Continued

Download Themes in New Gallery

Download Themes Perform a search for “Download Themes” and you’ll find a host of offerings for personalizing your digital experiences. Sites like offers a central destination for Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and Icons. offers themes for your mobile phone. You’ll find options for Windows 7 themes, XP themes and WordPress themes. What’s conspicuous by its … Continued

Welcome BrowserNation Fans, Clients and Community!

BrowserNation Browser Themes Come to Brand Thunder You may have read earlier in the week how Brand Thunder and BrowserNation were coming together to bring the full host of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browser themes to more professional teams, artists, entertainers and more. We’re thrilled and can’t wait to get all the themes built and … Continued

Firefox 10 Themes

Firefox 10 has hit the shelves, or at least the virtual shelves of the Internet and your browser. The release came out yesterday and Firefox 10 can be downloaded right from Mozilla: Firefox 10 download. Firefox continues to iterate new versions of the browser about every six weeks to stay current with the rapid releases … Continued

Browser Theme SOPA Blackout

If you came to Brand Thunder yesterday, or even earlier today, you probably assumed we were part of the Internet blackout effort to stop SOPA. While I might say that was fortunate timing, the real truth is that we experienced an unfortunate server meltdown. For us, there were two scary parts to the story of … Continued

Internet Explorer Skins

That big blue “e” on your desktop has been getting you on the Internet for years. Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser in the world despite the voracious competition from Firefox and Chrome. What’s different from year’s past is it’s no longer acceptable to have that blue E pull up a boring gray browser. … Continued

Community Toolbar Meets Desktop Wallpaper

Community toolbars have been around for years helping online publishers build engagement with their fans and online community. The power of this tool has helped build Conduit, the leader in this space, into what some say is a billion dollar company. Engagement is a powerful tool. For many years more, desktop wallpapers were the path … Continued

Winner! Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011

Wow! What a competition for Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011. While all five finalists had merit and style, two quickly emerged as contenders for first place: Christmas Ornament and Perfect Christmas Eve. Voting was fast and furious at the end, with the lead changing several times. As in any competition, however, there can only … Continued

9 Amazing Firefox 9 Themes

Firefox 9 has arrived and is faster than ever.. The Firefox 9 release brings speed improvements and uses much less memory than previous versions of the popular web browser. Some are saying this Firefox 9.0 release makes it comparable to Chrome in terms of speed. Some other big upgrades when downloading the new Firefox 9. … Continued

Best Holiday Browser Theme Judging Underway

The deadline has closed for Best Holiday Browser Theme Contest. Thanks to all those that entered and good luck! It was a phenomenal list of entries and our judges are pouring over the submitted probably at the very moment you’re reading this. The are some joyous and happy holiday Firefox themes and Internet Explorer themes. … Continued

Top 10 Best Firefox Themes

We’re often asked by fans, “What are the BEST Firefox themes in your gallery” or “Do you have a list of MOST POPULAR or TOP Firefox Themes” you can point us to? We don’t really like to play favorites with our themes, but there are some Firefox themes that stand out in terms of popularity. … Continued

New Theme Gallery Features User Submitted Themes

Brand Thunder is giving users of its BT:Engage DIY browser theme creator a place to showcase the browser themes they are creating – right on the top of the new Brand Thunder Gallery. This is an added bonus to the redesigned browser theme gallery for anyone seeking Chrome themes, Firefox themes and IE themes.

Win an iPad 2 – With Your Pictures of Christmas

The Christmas Holiday themes are rolling in for Brand Thunder’s Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011 Contest. It’s one of the easiest ways to win an iPad 2. Just design your browser theme with the world’s only DIY browser theme creator for Firefox and IE. Here are examples of early entries. You still have plenty … Continued

Brand Thunder Develops First Browser Theme for Twitter Users

Fans of Twitter now have a browser theme all their own! Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, announce the very first browser theme developed specifically for Twitter users. The Tweet Theme, appropriately named for the ability for users to Tweet directly from … Continued

For Gamers – 4 Game Forum Browser Themes

We should have known how popular BT:Engage would be with the gamer community based on our official browser themes for IGN and Major League Gaming. Especially for Gamers The IGN and MLG browser themes are among our most popular, and just like many of our browser themes from our professional clients – they’re available for … Continued

The 5 Best Mac Themes for Firefox

Mac fanatics, we have a great list of themes to dress up your Firefox browser. If you’re running Mac OS X with Firefox, chances are you have the standard gray theme across the top of your browser. Unfortunately, some of the best themes aren’t available for the Mac version of Firefox or just don’t look … Continued

Theme Spotlight: Firefox Personas & Theme Designer: MaDonna

When you think of browser theme designers your initial thoughts might be of a young 20-30 something or a “techie” type working arduously for the next great design. But since launching our browser theme creator tool this past July, we’re discovering that browser theme designers aren’t just for Generation X & Y or the Tech … Continued

Christmas Wallpapers and Your Browser Theme

Here’s the best way to decorate your computer for the holidays. Brand Thunder gives you several ways to get ready for the Christmas Holidays whenever you’re at your computer and online with our Chrome, Firefox and Explorer Christmas Themes. You can grab one of our popular pre-made themes (with a trick to brighten your desktop … Continued

Theme Spotlight: Digital Blasphemy Wallpapers & Background Themes

We’ve been creating browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome for several years now and thoroughly love our job. Creating beautiful and functional themes for brands and end users is one of the best feelings in the world as a designer, developer and company. But we are not the only creators of browser themes, … Continued

Windows 7 Firefox Themes

The browser market is heating up with Chrome almost surpassing Firefox in the latest market share updates. Internet Explorer is still king and users of Microsoft machines are most likely running either Windows 7 or Vista. Fans of the Windows 7 UI typically like the sleek look and rich blue color of the Windows 7 … Continued

8 Fun Firefox 8 Themes

Firefox 8.0 is here! Sticking to it’s new(ish) rapid release cycle, Firefox is already pushing out Firefox 8 with Firefox 9 and 10 close behind.  What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 8? Well, it looks like their are three key changes that should improve the end user experience. The first being that any add-ons bundled together … Continued

7 Awesome Football Themes for Your Browser

Are you ready for some Football?! It’s that time of year again, the weather starts to get cooler, the days just a bit shorter, and hours of enjoyment each weekend on the TV screen with NCAA College Football and the NFL Football season. We’re big fans of Football here at Brand Thunder and have worked … Continued

How to Share Your Brand Thunder Browser Theme

You’ve got to share to win. If no one knows about your browser theme, no one’s going to use it. But, we’ve not given you a lot of tools to work with – what should you do? I’ll offer a few thoughts and ideas about that. And, just so you know, when I write these … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces BT:Engage a DIY Browser Theme Creator for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Instantly create and share a “wallpaper for the Internet” that is part Persona, part toolbar and all engagement for small and medium businesses (SMB), associations, communities, clubs, families and friends COLUMBUS, OH – July 27, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for … Continued

Firefox Personas Versus Firefox Themes

There are several ways that you can customize the look of your browser when you’re using Mozilla Firefox to browse the web.  There are different levels of personalization, which include both Firefox Personas and Firefox Themes.  The changes that you’d like to make to the look of your browser will determine which type of adjustment … Continued

How to Change your Mozilla Firefox Theme

If you’ve recently changed your browser to Mozilla Firefox, you may not quite like the way the browser looks even though you’ve decided you like the functionality of it.  If this is the case, then you’ll find that you can easily customize the look of your browser with Mozilla Firefox themes. What are Firefox Themes? … Continued

Theme Thursday – Music Browser Theme – Jun 23 Winning Theme

Bring Music right to your browser along with a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card with our Music Browser theme! One lucky person who downloads our popular interactive Music theme and “Likes” from our post on Facebook or downloads and shares on Twitter will win! Fire Fox users check out theme at … Continued

BT:Engage Browser Theme Platform Roadmap

If you’re part of the BT:Engage private beta, you’re seeing the MVP (minimum viable product) of browser theme creation. If you’re not, what you’ve missed is the first steps in automating browser theme creation by allowing anyone to quickly build their own themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer by adding layered background images, logos and … Continued

BT:Engage Browser Theme Creator

BT:Engage, Brand Thunder’s new browser theme creation platform, is in private beta after long time being a dream. (You can skip ahead and watch this two minute video showing how to build a browser theme and engage an audience.) Brand Thunder is the leader in interactive browser themes. We earned this place by painstakingly building … Continued

Theme Thursday – Baseball Browser Theme – Week of 5/12/11

This week’s browser theme, that will result in a quick $25 Amazon Gift Card for one lucky winner, is our tribute to the boys of summer – the Baseball browser theme. Firefox and Internet Explorer users will find the theme at Sorry Chrome users, we’ll get you into the fun soon. REMEMBER! You’ve got … Continued

New Browser Themes on Thunder Themes

The Brand Thunder gallery for browser themes,, has some stylish new looks for your browser. These selections are for Firefox only, so if you’re on IE and want your own – get over to our Facebook page and let us hear from you! It’s only a game. Or is it? Keep asking yourself when … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Interactive Browser Theme for Major League Gaming

COLUMBUS, OH – February 22, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the official interactive browser theme for Major League Gaming (MLG), the world’s largest professional video game league and provider of cross platform online videogame competition. Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, the MLG browser theme … Continued

Secure Your Browser Wi-Fi Connection with This Extension

Here’s a quick and easy add-on to your Firefox browser that’ll make all your coffee breaks a little more secure.  Get the HTTPS Everywhere extension. If you were attuned to the buzz back in October, you heard a lot about Firesheep and how it made painfully clear how the practices of many popular websites puts … Continued

Last Chance: Apple TV Giveaway!

Image via CrunchBase Deadline is midnight tonight, so wait no longer!  Download either the Firefox version of our Christmas browser theme, or the Firefox version our Classic Christmas browser theme.  You’ll see a “Contest” button in the browser toolbar. When you click it, the sidebar will open with the details. All you have to enter … Continued

Win an Apple TV with the Christmas Theme

Image via CrunchBase Brand Thunder recently rolled out the ability to run spontaneous contests in our Firefox browsers themes (sorry, IE users).  The current contest is running in our Christmas themes and it’s your chance to win an Apple TV.  All you do to enter is click the “Contest” button in the browser toolbar.  The … Continued

Aggies Browser Theme Rolls Out

The oldest public university in Texas just got the newest browser theme in the Big 12.  With the Texas A&M Aggie browser theme the home of the 12th man has just moved to the Internet. You’ll find everything you need to keep up with Aggie athletics.  The themes are available for both Firefox and Internet … Continued

Halloween Browser Themes Launch for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Get Ready for Fall The Autumnal equinox has passed. We can now officially stop hanging on to summer and start looking toward fall. Brand Thunder’s Halloween Browser Themes are a great way to start. Choose Your Theme You can choose from two different options Halloween-styled browser themes. You can download the Halloween Black Cat Browser … Continued

Browser Themes for ACC, Big 12, Big East and SEC Teams

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Make sure you’re checking the athletics site of your favorite college teams.  There are a host of free downloads landing at schools whose athletics web sites are run by College Network. The latest Firefox and IE themes to launch include: Auburn Tigers browser themes Georgetown Hoyas browser themes Georgia … Continued

South Carolina Gamecocks Browser Theme Goes Live

Put on your Garnet and Black, but this time put it on your browser.  The Gamecocks browser theme is here.  Think of it as a new media tradition for USC.  And some day, in the not so distant future, you’ll reminisce about the good old days in Columbia when Cocky was your roommate, “The Fighting … Continued

Brand Thunder and College Network Enter Agreement for University Browser Themes

COLUMBUS (August 25, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, and College Network, a leading provider of web sites for college athletics programs, announced an agreement to bring interactive browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer to approximately 60 colleges, universities and conferences. Alumni, students and sports fans alike can now … Continued

Perseid Meteor Shower and the NASA Browser Theme

Image via Wikipedia The top trending Twitter term, as I write this, is “meteor shower tonight.”  It’s a wonderful event to enjoy on a summer’s evening, and the timing this year is perfect for those of us on in the Eastern time zone.  A great memory from several years back was having a pre-dawn jog … Continued

Brand Thunder and IGN Introduce the First Interactive Browser Themes for Gamers

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS (July 22, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced its first entry into the video game market with the launch of the IGN interactive browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  IGN, the premiere online media outlet for videogame reviews, news, trailers and videos, will provide content … Continued

What is a Persona?

Reposted from Mike’s Musings After I introduced Personas Interactive, I indicated that my next topic was going to be Enhanced Personas. As I was writing that post, though, I realized that I was putting the cart before the horse. Before I explain how we’ve enhanced Personas, I need to give more detail as to how … Continued

Brand Thunder and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Dish Indian Cuisine in Interactive Browser Theme

Image by brandthunder via Flickr COLUMBUS (June 21, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced its first entry into the Indian market with the launch of the Sanjeev Kapoor interactive browser theme for Firefox.  The best of Chef Kapoor’s vast library Indian cuisine knowledge is now rolled into a free download … Continued

Is Your Web Site “Show Ready”?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I’ve had my home on the market lately and had to live “show ready.”  At a moments notice, the realtor could (and did) call saying “we’ve got a showing scheduled for today.”  The house had to be ready to sell.  Part of the difficulty in these moments is to … Continued

World Cup Just One Way to Reach a World Audience

Image by Lucas_B via Flickr The kick off of the World Cup got me thinking about the marketing opportunity for companies trying to reach a multi-national audience with their product, and my own global expectations for Brand Thunder’s interactive browser themes when we were starting out. For companies that can afford it, the mega sporting … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Expressions, Lightly Interactive Firefox Themes

COLUMBUS (May 3, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its series of design forward themes that offer strong visuals with a selection of interactive links to popular websites plus a multimedia sidebar featuring a video player of headline news stories. More than 50 designs that range from abstract art … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Baseball Browser Themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS (April 26, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its browser themes for major league baseball. With the beginning of the baseball season underway, fans of the sport can enhance both Firefox and Internet Explorer with the feel of the ballpark. The free downloads are available from Brand Thunder … Continued

Brand Thunder and The Hockey News to Launch Browser Theme for Hockey Fans

COLUMBUS (April 14, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with The Hockey News to extend comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey to the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The Hockey News browser themes will keep hockey fans connected to sporting news regardless of where they are … Continued

The “Interactive” in Interactive Browser Themes

Between Firefox Personas and Google Chrome’s Themes, browser themes are getting a lot of attention this year. Brand Thunder is pleased to be at the front with such distinguished company. While each of us helps you move beyond the dull gray of the standard Internet browser and personalize your browser with enticing visuals, Brand Thunder … Continued

Weather Forecast Dynamically Updates in Browser Theme

Image via CrunchBase I’m going to double dip here and talk about the same thing we issued a press release on this week — the Brand Thunder Weather Theme. I’m doing so because I think the technology behind it and the experience in front of it are simply amazing. Almost the entire background changes with … Continued

Web Apps – 5 Ways to Convert and Keep Your Fans

Image via Wikipedia Do you feel safe downloading a program from the Internet? Do you give more thought to visiting a web site or installing a piece of software? It’s questions like these that create challenges for web applications. If you’re offering a software download, you’re already operating at a disadvantage in the mind of … Continued

Brand Thunder and the Daytona International Speedway Move Web Browser Themes into the Fast Lane

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH – February 9, 2010 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the interactive browser theme for the Daytona International Speedway. Racing fans can get a browser theme that keeps them attuned to three of the hottest events at the preeminent race track, the … Continued

CollegeHumor Introduces New Browser Theme from Brand Thunder

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS, OH — January 28, 2010 — Brand Thunder LLC ( and CollegeHumor ( announce the launch of an interactive browser theme fully capable of infusing Firefox browsers with a sense of humor. Fans of CollegeHumor can find the free download at Through a small browser add-on, users’ web browser skin … Continued

Google’s Chrome Positioning for Growth

Image via Wikipedia Today, Laurie Sullivan over at MediaPost’s Online Media Daily discusses how Google is educating the world about Chrome. It’s a small step in a much bigger effort. is a simple site defining the most important application on the computer. It generously makes the major browsers available from the site, and has … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Beta in Preparation to Storm Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser Experience

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH — September 29, 2009– Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today beta group availability to test the most visually immersive add-on available for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Fans of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks ( or Washington Capitals ( can request access to private beta groups and their … Continued

Brand Thunder Ignores Economic Downturn by Tripling Business in Nine Months

COLUMBUS, OH — September 16, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today it has three times the number of clients and custom browser Booms! available to end users compared to December 2008. The visual intensity combined with useful content and functional integration into the browser have proven popular with both … Continued

Brand Thunder Does Some Good Work with Mozilla

Image via CrunchBase Brand Thunder is a proud member of the Mozilla community, so you can imagine the honor we felt when they asked us to do work for them. In its support of the UKs CyberMentors program, Mozilla had Brand Thunder deliver an Add-on featuring a custom theme and an integrated toolbar allowing users … Continued

Your Browser, Like No Other – Introducing Canvas

Image via Wikipedia Today, Brand Thunder announced Canvas our latest Boom! and a major step forward in Internet Browser visual style flexibility. You can read the press release here, but in a nutshell, you can make any photo, or any image on a web page, your browser theme. This is a totally new experience in … Continued

Brand Thunder Nets Deal with NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers for a Team-Branded Internet Browser

COLUMBUS (March 4, 2009) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement with the Cleveland Cavaliers to bring the first NBA custom browser to Cavaliers fans. Cavaliers fans will enjoy an Internet experience where the browser is immersed in the look, feel and content of Cavaliers basketball. The customization is … Continued

GOALLLLLLL ! Brand Thunder signs Major League Soccer

Brand Thunder Heads into Relationship with Major League Soccer Brand Thunder, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement to bring its Internet browser Booms to Major League Soccer (MLS) and its 15 clubs. Columbus (PRWEB) February 12, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement to bring its Internet … Continued

The Internet Echo – Social Media as Marketing

Image by apenny via Flickr Maybe in space no one can hear you scream, but if you’re well connected – everyone on the Internet can. Just ask Jason Calacanis. (Sorry Jason, that made me laugh.) We’re not as well connected as Jason, but we remain impressed by the incidental reach social media provides some of … Continued

Lowering Barriers to Entry: 4 Questions to Raise User Adoption

Each hurdle you place in front of your consumer has a material impact on your business. Do you know what yours are? We’ve wrestled with this considerably. Our current business model is based on a browser with 20% market share. Sure, we can exceed that for our partners (request our Case Study here), but that’s … Continued

Why Search Advertising Works in Internet Applications

There are two primary ways to make advertising revenue on the internet – display advertising like Spotify and search. But the question you may ask is “why is search the dominant advertising vehicle for internet applications like browser themes and toolbars?” Available real estate is the short answer. A search box is small and a … Continued

Compelling Data and a Call for Lead Generation

It’s been a little over a year since we launched our first custom browser theme for the NHL’s Washington Capitals. That tenure has given us a solid data pool from which to compile our first case study, which will be made available via our website as a lead generation tool. (For our blog readers, you … Continued

Removing Ego for the Benefit of our Company

How often does your ego get in the way because you say to yourself “I can do it all”? The ego has its role. It probably inspired a lot of entrepreneurial ventures because you believe you can do “it” better. But, does it also give you free reign to do what’s right for the business? … Continued

Treat Them Right – Giving More to Your Most-Valued Consumer

Brand Thunder launches its browser customization for Universal Music Nashville’s Sugarland concurrently with the duo’s Deluxe Fan Edition CD (the standard CD will release a week later). This bonus version is similar in value proposition to a custom browser. The Deluxe Fan Edition offers additional tracks, more detail in the CD booklet, exclusive downloads and … Continued

Expanding the Executive Team

Thoughts on Building the Start-up Team Brand Thunder announced today the formation of its executive team (you can read the full release here). We set out to create a team capable of building (1) a custom-browser infrastructure where we’ll (2) work with some of the best known brands to (3) create branded browsers for their … Continued

Firefox 3 Customizations Now Available

It’s been a frenetic few days getting our products in line with the Firefox 3 launch, but we’re happy to say we made it. Our staff has rolled a single installer that will deliver the right browser customization whether you’re on Firefox 2 or Firefox 3. The single install is great from an end user … Continued

Brand Thunder attending MozCamp in Vancouver

Brand Thunder, among some other big names in the Mozilla Development Community, will be attending MozCamp Vancouver on April 13. Brand Thunder focuses on helping spread the word of Mozilla as a platform for various partners to showcase their brand. Unlike other development platforms, Mozilla allows brands to fully visualize their image to the end … Continued

Geffen Records artist NLT and Brand Thunder Unveil Themed Browser

Brand Thunder Inc ( announces the first use of its innovative browser tool within the music industry via their client Geffen Records and artist NLT. NLT is the first musical group with their own customized web browser ( “Brand Thunder’s customized theme helps fans show their love for NLT while keeping them informed about the … Continued