Country Flag Themes for Firefox

Having pride for one’s country is one of the most universal qualities there is. And with the ability to customize one’s browser however one wants, it’s no surprise that so many users love decorating their own with the flag and colors of their country. From World Cup matches to the Olympics, people want to show … Continued

Wonder Water World – Theme of the Week

Imagine scuba diving in the depths of the coral reefs off the coast of an exotic location and seeing the most brilliant colored sea life you’ve ever experienced in your life. Our browser “Theme of the Week” this weeks transports you to a location just like this with a dazzling assortment of underwater coral, starfish, … Continued

Winery Harvest – Theme of the Week

The browser theme of the week for this week is the “Winery Harvest” theme from theme designer “Madonna“. This theme features grapes on the vine in a beautiful vineyard setting perhaps on the West coast of the USA or somewhere Internationally. The red and purple grapes drop down from the wine and are ready for … Continued

Beauty of North Country – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week designed by Firefox Personas designer, Madonna, features a dazzling array of color from the Northern Hemisphere in a theme called “Beauty of the North Country”. This theme features the natural light display known as “Aurora Borealis” which is a phenomenon caused by the collision of energetic charged particles … Continued

Browser Themes of the Week – Dramatic Lilies & Charlize Theron

Each week, we look for the best browser theme designs  from fans using our browser theme tool. In addition to the best overall design, last week we had another competition for the best celebrity browser theme. The submissions came pouring in and the winners this week are: Best Browser Theme Design: Dramatic Lilies

Why do People Love Black Firefox Themes?

It’s amazing looking through some of the Firefox Theme Galleries out there, the relative consistency of dark or “black” Firefox themes and personas at the top of the popularity charts. It seems that people like the dark black background against their browser helping to highlight the content below with pages across the Internet that are … Continued

6 New Firefox 6 Themes

There’s a lot to be happy about with the latest 6.0 release of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser. They’ve improved their “Awesome Bar” or URL bar so that it’s more search intuitive. They’ve amped up security options so you can limit the amount of information the sites you browse are allowed to capture. They’ve made it … Continued

Brand Thunder to use Bing to Extend Web Search into Interactive Browser Themes

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS (February 16, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with Microsoft Corp.’s Bing to integrate their web search into all Brand Thunder interactive browser themes. Interactive browser themes are like an extreme makeover for the web browser. With an easy-to-install browser add-on, end users … Continued