Firefox 12 Themes for the New Firefox 12

Firefox 12 Released The 12th version of the popular web browser, Firefox, has been released and can be downloaded by visiting the Official Mozilla Firefox site here. The new release doesn’t have as many updates as in past versions but does provide a number of bug fixes from Firefox 11. Firefox 12 Features One of … Continued

The Dark Side of Firefox, Dark Firefox Themes

Some of the more popular Firefox themes are some of the most basic designs. It makes sense, users want to spice up their browser a bit but don’t want to make it too difficult to navigate around their browser given the number of bookmarks, toolbars, add-ons, and other navigational elements to the average browser. Looking … Continued

How to Get Firefox Themes

Here is a quick an easy guide on how to get new Firefox themes for your Firefox browser. A theme is a “skin” that lets you change the look and feel of your browser. Most people use the standard boring gray theme, but Firefox has thousands of themes that can add life to the otherwise … Continued

How to Create Your Own Firefox Theme in 5 Minutes or Less

Creating your own Firefox Themes used to be a somewhat daunting task for the average user. The days of slicing and dicing multiple images, logos and other graphics to fit into the browser header as well as accounting for multiple screen sizes were a challenge to Firefox theme makers. Further, an average non-designer who wanted … Continued