Facebook Extras to Make Your Theme Even Better

We all love Facebook, but sometimes, many people feel as though the company is not introducing new features as quickly as we would like (or simply ignoring some of them altogether). That being said, it was only a matter of time before sites began adding their own new features to Facebook. The biggest one, of … Continued

How to Change Your Facebook Layout & Find New Designs

There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re on the Internet, you’re also using Facebook. The social networking behemoth has essentially ingrained itself into our lives, making it as important as air or water. Okay, so Facebook might not be that important, but it’s definitely something many of us cannot live without. The only problem … Continued

How to Change Your Facebook Theme

As the largest and most successful social network in the world, Facebook has claimed more than a few addicts. But for all of the things that people love about it, there are just as many people miffed at the fact that there is nothing to be done about customizing Facebook. That blue layout taunts users, … Continued