Best of Anime Themes for Firefox

Anime themes are wildly popular on every browser, and with good reason. With so many different beloved characters, stories and series, the world of anime has truly become a global sensation. Naturally, there are many different kinds of anime themes available on Firefox. As one of the major browsers, it boasts a huge volume of … Continued

Anime Girl – Theme of the Week

The browser “Theme of the Week” this week comes from Firefox Persona designer “Gambat” and his creation called “Anime Girl”. Anime browser themes are some of the most popular themes month after month. In fact, we just wrote a blog post about the prevalence of Anime themes and some of the top designs out there … Continued

Amazing Anime Browser Themes for Chrome, Firefox and IE

The world of anime is extremely popular, and can be found in everything from comic books to television shows and feature films. With a distinct style and mode of storytelling, anime’s influence only continues to grow. While the look and feel of anime may differ from artist to artist and studio to studio, there are … Continued