What is Brand Thunder’s WebSearch+?

It’s a combination of winning search technologies to help you find the exactly what you’re looking for – faster. That’s the core promise of WebSearch+.

If you’re someone that likes to understand what’s going on behind the scenes, here’s the inside look.

WebSearch+  A Winning Combination of Search Technology and Bing Results

It starts with Bing. Bing, from Microsoft, helps you find the information you need faster, and with fewer clicks, so you can make better decisions. It’s different than a typical search engine—it’s your “decision engine.” Whether it’s finding the cheapest airfare, improving your health, or picking the best place for dinner, it’s all just a click away.

It starts with Bing, but doesn’t end there. We leverage Surf Canyon’s technology to a real-time model of search intent to immediately move forward the most relevant results while pushing back those that are less relevant. Searchers who use Surf Canyon’s Discovery Engine will be able to more quickly and easily find relevant information buried in the search results, significantly accelerating the search process.

Surf Canyon wrote a research paper that contains quantitative evaluations of its technology. Compared to a control sample without Surf Canyon’s technology, we demonstrate 30% to 100% improvements in the ability of search engine users to find the information they want. Here is the full paper (pdf): Demonstration of Improved Search Result Relevancy Using Real-Time Implicit Relevance Feedback.