Bring a Personas gallery to your site, utilize full CSS3 backgrounds support, and give your community something special.

Here's what you need to know:

Community Managers

Give your online audience an interactive browser theme - a fusion of design, content and functionality - for a persistent engagement with your users. Contact us and learn how easy it is.

More Themes

Explore our current work and see the great brands that will be moving to the Personas Interactive platform soon.

Design Specifications

Browser Design Dimensions

Click image to see larger version.

Browser height must be 200 pixels high (keeping most important content at the top 85 pixels and less important content in the bottom 115 pixels. Browser width does not have to be a full 3000 pixels.

Background Images Specifications

Download the design template package (in .zip format). It includes both a Photoshop PSD template and sizing/spec sheet in PDF format.