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– The official Ohio State University football theme for your browser (as seen above)

– Quick links to popular pages within The Ohio State University

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This theme runs on the Firefox browser. If you’re not already using Firefox, you can get it for free right here.

To keep our customizations free, Brand Thunder includes Yahoo! Search as the default search engine. By clicking accept and install, you are accepting the Brand Thunder License Agreement.


Coach Tressel


Installation Instructions

  1. While in Firefox, click above.
  2. Firefox may prompt you to allow Brandthunder.com to Install Extensions. Click (Allow)
  3. Firefox will prompt you with a software installation screen. Click (Install Now)
  4. Once Firefox has completed the installation, it will prompt you to Restart
  5. Enjoy your new theme!

Browser Theme FAQs

Q:Where is Coach Tressel’s official website?

Q:Where can I find general information on Firefox?
A:The best resource is the Firefox support page.

Q:How do I customize the Coach Tressel theme?
A:Go to the menu bar on Firefox (at the very top), select View then choose Toolbars. Here you can select which toolbars are visible.

Q:How do I change themes or extensions?
A:Go to the menu bar on Firefox (at the very top), select Tools then choose Add-Ons. Here you can select which themes or extensions to use.

Q:How do I completely remove the Coach Tressel theme?
A:We hate to see you go but simply go to the menu bar on FireFox (at the very top), select Help. Select Uninstall Coach Tressel Enhancements.

Q:My issue isn’t listed here, what do I do?
A:Please email us at service@brandthunder.com