This winter may have felt like it lasted for an eternity, but there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel – a bright, green light. Believe it or not, but St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching.

And what better way to bring yourself out of the winter blues than by celebrating the impending arrival of spring and a holiday that requires rampant celebration? With a leprechaun desktop background or theme, you’ll be able to remind yourself that warmer, more fun days are certainly ahead. And it’s always great to look forward to an epic party.

Download a Leprechaun Browser Theme, Too

Since you’re really getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s take it a step further and completely rid our computer of any trace of the miserable winter we’ve endured. With a St. Patrick’s Day browser theme, you’ll instill your entire computer with the luck of the Irish (along with eCards, videos, information on the holiday and its parades, “recovery” methods and more). And with Brand Thunder’s St. Patrick’s Day theme, there are even three different theme options to choose from.

Leprechaun Browser Theme - Chrome, Firefox, IE

Create Your Own Leprechaun Browser Theme

If you’re looking to get a little creative this holiday, you’re in luck, because BT Engage makes it ridiculously easy to create your own browser theme. Just find or create a leprechaun image (though, obviously, it can be anything you want – we like everything about St. Patrick’s Day) and build your theme in a couple simple steps. Even better, you can instantly share it with the rest of the online world!

Leprechaun Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Laughing Leprechaun

Laughing Leprechaun Background

Celebrating Leprechaun

Celebrating Leprechaun Computer Wallpaper

Happy Cartoon Leprechaun

Cartoon Leprechaun Wallpapers

Leprechaun Cat

Leprechaun Cat Wallpaper

A Leprechaun and His Frog

Frog and Leprechaun Desktop Background

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wallpaper

Leprechaun Movie Wallpaper

Here is a leprechaun background in case you like yours to be a little more nightmarish:

Leprechaun Movie Wallpaper

More Evil Leprechaun Wallpaper

Was that not enough leprechaun terror in the last background? Here you go, here’s some more evil for your desktop:

Evil Leprechaun Movie Wallpaper

Bearded Leprechaun

Bearded Leprechaun Backgrounds

A Leprechaun and Betty Boop

Leprechaun and Betty Boop Desktop Wallpaper

Leprechaun in the Woods

Leprechaun in the Woods Desktop Wallpaper

And if you have a particular idea as to where you’d like to be kissed for being Irish:

Mooning Leprechaun

Mooning Leprechaun Background for Your Desktop

Find More St. Patrick’s Day & Leprechaun Desktop Backgrounds

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