It’s easy to start earning points toward Amazon gift cards!

Brand Thunder partners with Consumer Input

You get to take surveys and earn prizes

  1. Install the Consumer Input software
  2. You’ll be emailed by Consumer Input when companies want your opinions

Your first prize could be in as few as four surveys. See the prize table below.

Install the software

Install the Consumer Input software to be eligible for surveys and polls.
You can see all your protections and what you’re agreeing to at End User Licensing Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Yes, I accept. Let me start earning prizes!

Details about earning prizes and taking surveys

Consumer InputConsumer Input is a leader in the consumer survey industry. Information is gathered about the sites you visit, but it’s never personally identifiable. Advertisers will request to reach a certain audience and you’ll be given the option to take the survey if you fit the description. It’s that easy.

  • You’ll receive an email whenever a survey is available to you.
  • Completed surveys regularly earn 30 – 50 points each. Earn your first reward in as little as four surveys!
  • Many users get a survey request at least once a month.
  • You get to tell our partners what you think of products and trends, and earn points for your time for every survey you complete.
  • You can manage, change or disable settings under Tools –> Add-ons, at any time.

About the software

  • For enhanced browsing features to work, you will need to tell us what site you’re visiting by sending us the URL. (Privacy Policy)
  • Usage statistics sent by the toolbar are not associated with your personal information, and can be disabled through the Toolbar Options.
  • To get exclusive, real-time offers and content, you will need to enable the enhanced features in the post install toolbar dialog.

Yes, I accept. Let me start earning prizes!

Prize Table:

Earn Prizes Fast, or Save Your Points for Bigger Earnings



200 $10 Amazon Gift Card
500 $25 Amazon Gift Card
1,000 $50 Amazon Gift Card
2,000 $150 Amazon Gift Card
5,000 $300 Amazon Gift Card
10,000+ $600 Amazon Gift Card

Share and Earn Even More

If you really want to earn prizes online, then join the Brand Thunder affiliate program. You’ll earn points just for telling your friends about your favorite browser themes. Sorry, at this time, points are not combined with the Survey program.