Here at Brand Thunder, we’re not new to helping our clients achieve unique and useful customized browser themes that help promote their brands. But one recent interactive campaign for a legendary client got us especially excited to share how our browser themes can create innovative new media opportunities for brands to spread their message all over the world — and even offer a helping hand to those in need.

About the #Share1Love Campaign

Bob Marley #Share1Love

To commemorate what would have been reggae music legend Bob Marley’s 70th birthday, his family members decided to launch the #Share1Love campaign along with Videoo and the Brand Thunder Team to spread Bob’s vision of a brighter tomorrow. And the social sharing features of our browser theme as well as Videoo’s social video sharing platform, helped people all over the world feel the love by prompting those who downloaded the theme to share kindness and compassion through acts of love.

Bob Marley #Share1Love Video Capture

Not only did this successful campaign tug at everyone’s heartstrings, but it also helped raise money for a great cause. For every person who uploaded their own video showcasing acts of kindness and love to the campaign site, Videoo donated $1 to help charity: water bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing in nations.


 Case Study: Bob Marley Browser Theme Campaign Awareness

Bob Marley #Share1Love Browser Theme

Campaign Objective: Promote #Share1Love

When the Bob Marley family set out to promote their #Share1Love campaign through a Videoo-hosted video player, Brand Thunder then embedded the video player into our Bob Marley browser theme to deliver maximum video views. This, in turn, created the largest driver of #Share1Love campaign exposure — almost half of overall campaign reach (81,830 views). By making the choice to embed the Videoo player into the browser theme, those who downloaded the theme were not only getting quick access to and multiple ways to share the message through our easy social sharing features, but they were also exposed to the campaign every time they opened their browser contributing to this successful movement’s viral distribution.

Bob Marley #Share1Love Campaign Chart


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