Christmas Chrome Theme

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly here?

For more than a month now, holiday commercials from various retailers have been coming at you with a relentless desire to make you see their huge deals. Holiday specials and your favorite Christmas movies have been scattered all over the television. You’ve decorated the house and made the Christmas cookies.

Now it’s time to wait for the big day.

But why not celebrate it a little further?

Brand Thunder has released its new Christmas browser theme for 2013, and it’s sure to amp up the excitement and cheer as the holiday fast approaches.

So why download our holiday browser theme this year?

Well, aside from looking incredibly festive, there are plenty of reasons to download our 2013 browser theme for Christmas:

1) It’s easy

Downloading and installing a theme from Brand Thunder couldn’t be easier. In just a couple simple steps, your browser will be decked out in festive Christmas colors as you browse the Internet:

  • For Chrome users, you’ll be directed to the Google Chrome Web Store, where installation is just a click away.
  • For users of other browsers, installing your new theme is just as easy.

Browser Theme Download Instructions

2) It helps with last-minute Christmas shopping

Black Friday - Save on Gifts

Let’s face it – shopping for presents online is always easier than braving the crowds of disgruntled people at the stores frantically searching for their own gifts. Our Christmas theme provides a button in the theme that connects you instantly with competitive pricing alerts on participating sites, thanks to the WebSearch+ Shopping enhancement (which you can learn more about here). Best of all, a percentage of the sales from this feature go to charity.

web search plus shopping assistant

3) You’ll get a full helping of holiday cheer

As the days get smaller and smaller, your anticipation for Christmas only grows. Pretty soon, it’ll be time to surround yourself with family and celebrate the season – plus, it’ll be time to open those presents. That’s why we’ve given you a countdown to Christmas right in the theme, so you’ll always know just how close it is.

But the holiday celebration doesn’t stop there. You’ll get an optional sidebar that provides the latest Christmas-related news and videos, along with great gift ideas. You’ll also have buttons that offer great ideas for holiday activities (from crafts to party planning), recipes, our favorite holiday-related sites and links to the very best Christmas and holiday music. This year, the Brand Thunder team even implemented a “snow” feature that features animated snow on your new tab page, so that you can enjoy a white Christmas no matter where you live.

snowing browser theme

And, of course, the theme gives you instant access to games, weather and social media, where you can wax poetic about the joys of Christmas.

Download the 2013 Christmas Browser Theme Today

There is always more room for cheer, especially as we inch ever closer to Christmas and the wonderful things it brings with it. As you continue to prepare for the big day, make sure to take a moment and download the Christmas browser theme in order to savor every last morsel of gooey holiday goodness.

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