Christmas moves closer and closer, and with each passing day, the excitement for the holiday only grows. Suddenly, you find yourself decorating everything you can in Christmas colors and imagery, including your computer. With a Firefox Christmas theme, you can literally turn your browser into a winter wonderland.

From snowy landscapes and decorative lights to puppies in Santa hats, we’ve compiled all of the best Firefox holiday themes out there.

Firefox Christmas Themes for the Snow Fanatics

Being a lover of snow is no easy task. So often do people lament the arrival of winter’s snowfall, thinking about what it will do to their commute and their holiday travel plans. But you love the snow – all of it. Whenever it begins to fall, your excitement goes through the roof and you know that the only thing you truly want as a gift is a white Christmas. If you are that person, these Firefox snow themes are for you.

Christmas Interactive Persona

Firefox Christmas Snow Theme

Silver Ornaments

Christmas Snow Theme

Winter Snowflakes

Christmas Snow Themes

Red Christmas Ornament

Firefox Christmas Snow Themes

Cute Firefox Themes for the Holidays

Dogs in Santa hats. Babies in Santa hats. Christmas cartoons. Festive kittens. If you need a cute Firefox Christmas theme, you’ve come to the right place.

Cat Enjoys Winter

Firefox Christmas Cat Theme

Christmas Dog

Cute Firefox Dog Theme

Santa and Snowmen

Firefox Christmas Cartoon

Christmas Babies

Firefox Christmas Babies

Christmas Kitties

Firefox Christmas Kittens

Christmas Decoration Firefox Themes

For some, the best part about the holiday season is being able to decorate – trees, the entire house, one’s own children. With so many colors and festive ways in which you can decorate, it’s no wonder that so many people get into the holiday spirit this way. Even holiday Firefox themes get in the action, displaying images of the most beautiful and bright decorations out there.

Christmas 2013 Firefox Theme

Firefox Christmas Ornaments Theme

Traditional Christmas Firefox Theme

Traditional Christmas Firefox Theme

Colorful Christmas Lights

Firefox Christmas Lights

 Assorted Christmas Ornaments

Firefox Christmas OrnamentsChristmas Colored Lights

Firefox Christmas Light Theme

Smurf Christmas Theme

Firefox Christmas Smurf

Firefox Christmas Snowman Theme

Firefox Christmas Snowmen

Santa Firefox Themes

What would Christmas be without an appearance by everyone’s favorite big red guy? Sure, Santa means presents are on the way, but he also represents everything that is fun and magical about the holiday. Many of us have fond memories of going to bed early (but not being able to sleep, of course) just to wake up to a tree lined with stuff to unwrap, all thanks to Santa. And with a Santa Firefox theme, you can relive those good feelings as much and as long as you want during the holiday season.

Christmas Santa Theme

Firefox Santa Theme

Santa’s Sleigh

Firefox Christmas Santa

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Firefox Christmas Santa Themes

Doodle Santa Christmas

Doodle Santa Christmas

Create Your Own Holiday Firefox Theme

Do you have an idea for a great Christmas browser theme? Do you want to make that great idea a reality and share it with the rest of the world? With BT Engage, you can easily create your own Firefox theme in just a few minutes. Then, when you’ve created the ultimate Christmas theme, you can easily share it across social media and in the Brand Thunder gallery to give it the exposure it deserves.

Stay Festive with Even More Christmas Themes for Firefox

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