Free Firefox Download – The Free Browser Changing the Market

Consumers have access to several web browsers today. The three top choices are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer commands a global lead (43.55%), Firefox is quickly gaining ground with considerable market share worldwide (29%). What makes this such a popular browser, though? What innovations set Firefox apart from the rest of the herd?

What Do You Get with a Free Firefox Download?

Mozilla puts out their browser through free downloads; Firefox never comes with a cost attached. With a simple download, you are able to start using one of the most innovative, secure Internet browsers available. It’s also an open source program, which means that developers are free to create modifications and add-ons (many of which are available through Mozilla’s Add-Ons page at

Operability Considerations

Perhaps the number one reason that consumers are turning to Firefox more and more is because it offers stable operation on a variety of platforms. IE is notorious for problems, and Chrome can have its issues as well. With a free Firefox download, users have a web browser they can count on to perform reliably no matter what they’re doing online.

Customization Considerations

Another benefit consumers find with a free Mozilla download is the fact that the browser offers immense customization options. The most noticeable of these is the ability to add custom themes developed by outside designers. Firefox also offers an in-house line of customization options with their Personas extension.

Themes and Personas give users the ability to change the aesthetics of the browser, including adding background images to the browser chrome (the portion of the browser given over to controls). Themes are more in-depth than Personas in that they can change the button design and layout. Personas are more akin to “skins” in that they really only change the graphics used.

Moreover, a Mozilla Firefox download ensures that users are able to customize their browser very easily. With the advent of Firefox Personas, users can simply visit the online gallery, hover over a particular Persona they like and preview how it looks on their computer. The click of a single button installs the Persona on the machine – there’s nothing else required.

Why Is Firefox Free?

It makes sense for Microsoft to offer IE as a free product – it supports their platform and adds value. The same can be said of Google Chrome. However, why does Mozilla offer a free Firefox download? What do they gain? To understand this, you really need to take a look at the company behind the browser. Mozilla is a nonprofit organization dedicated to open-source development. To quote their mission statement, “Mozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.” Their commitment is to online community building and offering enrichment opportunities. The company achieves these goals by developing innovative software like Mozilla Firefox. To download this program, simply visit for a full list of download options including 70 different languages and three different operating systems supported.