Windows 8 Tablet with FirefoxAs the world continues to increase its use of mobile devices, browsers are working to ensure they have touch-based versions of their products ready for public use.

In Firefox’s case, they are looking to you to help make that happen.

Firefox Aurora, the developmental version of the browser, is offering users the chance to test an upcoming Firefox release that will be touch-friendly and optimized for Windows 8 tablets.

This experimental Firefox browser is loaded with new features, including a tile-based Firefox Start experience and support for Firefox Sync (meaning bookmarks, passwords and history won’t be shared with the desktop version unless specified by the user), Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures, Snapped and Fill views and Windows share integration.

According to the blog post from Mozilla, other support features for this Firefox release include:

  • The same Gecko rendering engine as the Firefox desktop browser

  • WebGL support for 3D graphics

  • Support for asm.js, which “supercharges JavaScript” in the browser, allowing developers to port high-performance C++ games

  • Full HTML5 video is supported, along with open video formats (WebM) and proprietary formats (H.264)

Mozilla is turning to its users to help them sort out the bugs in this new touch-based browser. To learn more about setting it up for your Windows 8 tablet, you can check out the same Mozilla blog post to get started.

Even though this form of the browser is in its early stages, it would be great to watch it mature and adapt to the new technologies that tablets bring to the market.

Plus, Mozilla promises that performance and responsiveness will be improved “over the coming weeks,” meaning the browser itself is only going to get better. And for those interested, the stable version of this touch-oriented browser for Windows 8 tablets is expected to be released sometime around late January of 2014.

Don’t Be Scared of Firefox Aurora’s Touch-Friendly Update – Embrace It

All of this news surrounding Firefox Aurora and its move to be compatible with Windows 8 tablets doesn’t mean your current desktop version will suffer.

Mozilla continues to stay innovative across the board, always offering a fast, secure and feature-loaded browser that makes your entire Internet experience better than ever.

And with Firefox themes, you get to not only deck out your browser in great colors or images, but with other themes, you can even easily access your favorite social media channels, check the news in a sidebar, watch videos, send eCards, go shopping and so much more.

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