Firefox When you love your Firefox theme, seeing it not working can induce a level of sustained panic and frantic searching for how to fix it.Luckily, we have you covered. If your Firefox theme isn’t working, the problem can be solved in just a few simple steps.

First, it’s a good idea to diagnose the problem.

Are You in Permanent Private Browsing Mode?

In order to fix your Firefox theme, it’s important to make sure you aren’t browsing in permanent private browsing. When you are operating in this mode, the browser switches back to its default theme, hiding your downloaded theme.

To make sure private browsing is not on, go to Options > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: [Use custom settings for history] and make sure “Always use private browsing mode” is not selected.Private Browsing Mozilla Firefox

Making Sure Your Firefox Theme is Enabled

It is also vital to ensure that your current theme is enabled. This is an easy check as well; go to your drop-down tools menu and select “Add-ons.” Then, find the theme in question and make sure it is enabled.

Browser Theme Enabled Firefox

If you believe that your installed browser theme is causing issues in Firefox, enable the default Firefox theme, then restart the browser. If that solves your problem, simply remove your downloaded theme and reinstall it or find another.

If your Firefox theme is not working, testing out these steps is a great way to get a quick fix.

So Your Themes are Enabled – Why Not Download a New One?

Experiencing the fear of losing your Firefox theme may give you a whole new appreciation for it. Feeling energized and full of life, you should channel that energy into finding a fresh new theme for your browser.

Brand Thunder’s gallery of Firefox themes continues to grow by the day, containing just about anything you can imagine, including colleges and universities, musicians and entertainers, comics, sports teams, holidays, easy access to your favorite social networks and more.

Once you’ve found a new Firefox theme, installing it is simple. When the initial prompt shows up, click “Allow,” then “Install Now.” Once you restart your browser, you are good to go with your brand new theme.

Install New Firefox Theme Screen


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