Cooper Tires New Tab Page from Brand Thunder


Driving More Sales

Know more, sell more. Tire company leverages Brand Thunder to increase distributer learning participation.


The Cooper Tire  learning management system (LMS) gets a new tab dashboard and drives users, engagement, and impressions.

Tire companies rely on distributers to sell product lines.  Studies show that the more knowledgeable a sales rep is about a specific brand of tire, the more likely they are to sell it.  By leveraging a new tab experience from Brand Thunder, Cooper Tire was able to grow the participation in online training all while serving thousands of brand impressions.

  • – Over 9,800 brand impressions during the first 30 days of launch!  Over 400 distributors participated.


           – 81% CTR on the New Tab Page’s embedded video player


           – Over 40% increase in LMS courses completed!



Brand Thunder is a leader in fan engagement with tools for smartphones, computers and social media interactivity. Brand Thunder has more than 350 world-class brands already listed as clients, including some of the most recognizable brands in sports, college, music and the Internet like: Bob Marley, College Network, Cooper Tires, IGN,, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, NFL, SONY Music, Universal Music and many more. Find out how to engage with your fans daily at

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