Try these Tips & Tricks for more Canvas fun!

More Space for MY-PIX:

If you want more vertical space for your photos, try adding an "empty" toolbar. Right-click on the Canvas toolbar, Select "Customize" and then Click "Add New Toolbar." Name the toolbar, then Click "OK" and a blank toolbar will appear. You must add at least one icon from the menu, do this by Clicking an icon, then Drag and Drop it in the blank toolbar. Repeat to add even more vertical space or Click "Done." To remove, go to Customize again and Click "Restore Default Set" and the extra toolbars will disappear.

A Browser that Really Moves:

Animated Gifs are an added surprise in Canvas. You can search the web for "animated gifs" and add them to Canvas just like any other web image (right-click over the animated gif and Select "Add to Canvas"). Here are a some to try. has a range of animated gifs and we like the Laser Assembly line (go here) and add the second gif, and the Snow Falling Outside (go here). If you're really ambitious, learn how to make your own animated gif here.

Get a Feel for Canvas:

There are a lot of texture sites where you can find some really cool images to add to Canvas. Take a look at these sites here, here or any of the sites listed here

Add Some Personas to Canvas:

If you want to take a break from all the creative options for your own personal Canvas experience, take a look at some artist images that are tailored for use in the browser. The Personas Gallery can be found here.