How do I switch search engines?
1. For the main search-box at the top right, simply click on the search icon and your options will be displayed. 2. The "toolbar" search-box will be removed when you un-install Canvas. 3. For URL searches, type about:config in the URL bar. In the "Filter:" entry field, type "keyword.URL". Now right click on the keyword.URL line and select "Reset"

Where is the official Canvas website?

How do I customize Canvas?
It all starts with the "Manage" button in the Canvas toolbar. From here, you can manage your pictures which includes selecting pictures from your computer or simply choosing a new color for your browser theme. In addition to your own pictures, you can even right-click on any picture on the web and select "Add to Canvas!"

Where can I find some cool images to start with?
Remember, you can right-click on ANY image from the web and add to your Canvas Image Library... here are some sites to get you started: great textures, more textures, and of course Flickr.

How do I change themes or extensions?
For Brand Thunder Booms! or extensions, you can select or configure them in the Settings button at the far right of the theme. For other Firefox extensions, click Tools --> Add-ons to manage them.

What is tiling?
If you are using a smaller image or a texture image, you can tile it so the image repeats across your theme. If you are adjusting the tiling and your image is "missing" from view, the easiest thing to do is to Remove the image and Add it again, which will reposition the image in the browser's viewable area. That's the great thing about Canvas... you can play around with the various settings to get the perfect theme!

I resized the image but it doesn’t change in Canvas?
If a file is resized but the file name hasn’t changed, Firefox will need to be restarted before the resized image will appear. Firefox stores the original image and it will not refresh until the browser is restarted.

What's a good size for my photo?
There's no one right answer. With all the flexibility of positioning, tiling and adding color, you can create very unique and cool experiences. To create an image that'll fit into the browser theme with little adjustment, try using an image 200 pixels high and anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 pixels wide. The width is variable depending on how wide you keep your browser. If you don't have a photo or image editor, try some of the free options on the web like Picnik.

How do I completely remove Canvas?
Go to the Settings button on the far right of the theme. Select Uninstall Canvas.

What is a Brand Thunder Boom?
In general, Booms are lightweight active customizations including theming, toolbars, sidebars and more. You can dynamically switch between Booms without restarting your browser (cool!) and it provides a simple configuration tool (the Settings button) for managing all your downloaded Booms. For more detail, check out our blog post here.

My issue isn't listed here, what do I do?
Please visit our Customer Service and Support site on Get Satisfaction to post your question and a team member will address your needs.

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