Introducing the Canvas Boom!

  1. Purely personalized. Any picture from your computer is easily displayed in the browser.
  2. Highly stylized. Any image from the web can be added to the browser for the look you want.
  3. Simply, Boom! Brand Thunder's Boom! system allows you to install any Boom! and switch between them for a completely fresh browser experience any time you like.

Read Carefully

This theme runs on the Firefox browser. If you're not already using Firefox, you can get it for free right here. Brand Thunder brings you REALLY cool themes and extensions for FREE! But, each one takes a team of designers and developers. Our primary revenue source is our search partners, Bing and Ask, so please give them a try. Brand Thunder includes Bing as the default search engine and the popular search-enhancement extension from Surf Canyon. By clicking Accept & Install, you are accepting the Brand Thunder License Agreement. Thank you!!