How To Train Your Dragon Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Follow Hiccup and Toothless as they explore the Viking world! Whether you are at school or at home, you can enjoy this How To Train Your Dragon wallpaper theme for your Chrome or Firefox browser…  the images are sure to put a smile on your face and get you surfing!   How To train your dragon Chrome Wallpaper Theme Easiest way … Continued

New Chromebook for Christmas? First thing you MUST do!

So you just got that brand new , shiny Chromebook for Christmas?  Congratulations…  welcome to the world of Chrome and probably the easiest and fastest computing experience available.  So now that you’re set up, what’s the first thing you should do?  Hmmm.. we have an idea! Some of the great Chrome and Firefox themes to pick from:  Denver … Continued

The new Destiny 2 Firefox and Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Destiny 2 is an incredible online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed. It is set in a “mythic science fiction” world but with this theme for your browser new tab page, you can experience that world every time you open a new Chrome or Firefox tab! Whether you are at school or at home (or maybe work!), … Continued

Here is the Team 10 Firefox and Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Team 10 has taken over YouTube and they have their sights aimed on Hollywood next!  We are huge fans of Jake’s antics and his squad just adds to the fun! Team 10 is a social media incubator and management company, co-founded by Jake Paul. It grows influencers into superstars, and its members harness their collective power … Continued

NEW! Chrome Halloween Tab Theme Wallpaper to Creep Up Your Browsing Experience

When your favorite holiday finally rolls around, you have to go all in. Some candy for the kids? Entry-level. A few decorations outside? Baseline Halloween tradition. True Halloween aficionados have to take it just a step further to properly represent the spookiest day of the year in a fun, unique way. This extension includes tons of … Continued

Shawn Mendes Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Shawn came up through Vine back in 2013.  Every since then, he has been consistently growing his fanbase and his songs just keep getting better and better!  His debut album Handwritten, which includes the hit Stitches, hit the top 10! With this new tab wallpaper theme, every-time you fire up a new tab in Chrome, you can … Continued

Autumn Fall Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Who doesn’t love fall?  The temperatures drop a bit from the sweltering summer, the leaves start changing into some amazing colors, Halloween and football (ok, I slipped that one in).With this new tab wallpaper theme, everytime you fire up a new tab in Chrome, you can see the beautiful leaves and autumn scenes (even though you … Continued

Sports Cars Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Who doesn’t love sports cars?  The sound and the curves of a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati or even Tesla…  nothing quite like it!  Not having $250,000 in the bank to spend on a car right now, why not download this new tab theme so you can enjoy these beauties right in your Chrome or Firefox … Continued

Clash of Clans Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme is here

  A well known classic for mobile, now you can enjoy your favorite characters from the game Clash of Clans right in your Chrome or Firefox browser with this wallpaper theme. The tab theme includes scenes and characters from the game, a clock, weather, notes and more. Clash of Clans Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme Easiest way … Continued

Here is the IT movie Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme!

  Finally, the Stephen King thriller is back and scarier than ever!  IT just opened in theaters and it is making a “killing” already!  Enjoy the scary images from the IT movie on your new tab page with these clown wallpapers and themes for the Chrome browser, IT Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme Easiest way to … Continued

Here is the Paul Brothers Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme!

Youtube has allowed some very creative people a new venue to share their talents.. one of the most talented that has recently became popular is Jake Paul.  His videos are hilarious!  Lots of crazy scenarios he puts himself and his Team 10 crew in.. Whether you are at the office or at home, you can … Continued

Increasing Viewer Engagement and Loyalty for Your Digital News Audience

As a TV station, you’ve realized for years how competitive your industry is for ratings. However, if you’ve been in the business long enough, you know how cutthroat it can become with far more media to compete with daily. The fact that more people watch streaming content now than they do actual TV, it puts … Continued

Tire manufacturer engages dealers with their New Tab Page Platform

  Driving More Sales Know more, sell more. Tire company leverages Brand Thunder to increase distributer learning participation.   The Cooper Tire  learning management system (LMS) gets a new tab dashboard and drives users, engagement, and impressions. Tire companies rely on distributers to sell product lines.  Studies show that the more knowledgeable a sales rep … Continued

Communication Breakthrough via the New Tab Page

10 years ago, Brand Thunder created the concept of fan / audience engagement through the web-browser. Over the years we have migrated our solution from a toolbar to a media-rich, highly engaging new tab page that draws the user into your content multiple times a day. In 2017 we have taken the concept to a … Continued

Canvas – How To Create Your Own Chrome Wallpaper Theme

When you first open your Chrome web browser, you may notice that you see a blank, white background with a search bar. This is something you look at throughout the day, whether you are at work or browsing at home. You can download themes that someone else has created like seasonal images, sports or animals. … Continued

Top 5 Baby Animal Wallpaper Chrome Tab Themes

Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are already experiencing some beautiful days full of sunshine. This season means warmer weather, longer days, and new life. Baby animals are often born during this time of year, and their adorable images are the perfect way to say hello to spring! Whether you are … Continued

Top 5 Space Chrome Tab Themes

Are you feeling a little weighed down by gravity? Has Earth left a little something to be desired? Do you look to the stars for inspiration at night? If so, we have tab experiences that will take you to the moon and back again! Nasa Space New Tab Gallery From shooting stars to galaxies, these … Continued

How to Improve Team Communications

In this digital age, we have information coming at us at warp speed. Often, we quickly skim through emails and messages trying to find what is important and trashing the rest. Sometimes we see something interesting and mean to check it out later, but end up forgetting completely. Those messages end up lost forever. When … Continued

Milestone! Brand Thunder reaches 1 MILLION Active Users!

  We are excited to announce that Brand Thunder hit a HUGE milestone last month.  The momentum of the new tab experience has continued to grow, and that growth has been culminated in our largest 30 day span ever.  We hit 1 MILLION ACTIVE MONTHLY USERS this past month!  In addition to hitting 1 MILLION … Continued

Introductory Pricing is Going Away, ACT NOW! Price increases for 2017.

LAST CALL!  We extended our ‘introductory pricing’ through the end of the year.  As of January 1, 2017 all of our introductory prices will no longer be available.  If anyone wants to UPGRADE, RENEW, or JOIN before the end of the year and lock in the low introductory prices for the next term, please reach … Continued

Enterprise Solution Announced: A Power Play in Communication Channels

We love rolling out new stuff for our business partners. We have a new enterprise solution announced already and we want to make sure you don’t miss it! Much like the sports and companies we are involved with, we understand how much crucial communication goes into running a good game. We want to provide an … Continued

Facebook Look-Alike Audiences Aid in Social Media Advertising

  If you’re looking to bolster your Facebook Advertising strategy, we recommend taking advantage of the lookalike audience feature. This is a method that we use and have seen proven results. Delivering ads to lookalike audiences allows us to be highly targeted with our campaigns and efficient with our budget. How it works: When creating … Continued

The Power of the Chrome Web Store and Growth of New Tab Extensions

Google Chrome is growing, and fast.  Your fans are searching the iOS App Store and Google Play on their mobile devices to find your apps. Having an app in the app store was new, but now it’s necessary. The new desktop equivalent is the Chrome Web Store and New Tab Extensions. Fans are flocking to the … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Media Packages for their New Tab Page Partners

Brand Thunder is now offering media packages to help generate awareness for your new tab and bolster users. These promotional kits are a cost-effective way to be armed with everything you need to spread the word to your audience.  In addition to our Premier and Base Packages, we can always do something custom to fit … Continued

Radio station sees a 10x return on their New Tab Page Platform investment

  Utah’s Classic Rock Station KSL 103.5 The Arrow saw a 10x return on their investment in Brand Thunder’s New Tab Platform.  The Arrow partnered with Brand Thunder to provide a 103.5 The Arrow New Tab Experience to its listeners, giving them persistent presence on the desktop any time a user is online.  Seeing the … Continued

Top 5 Sports Cars Themes and Extensions for Google Chrome

How boring is your standard Chrome theme? Pretty boring. That’s why you’re looking to shift gears and make some modifications.  You auto-know by now, today we are talking about the top 5 sports cars Chrome themes and extensions! Did you know that drivers that have a car accident can get a compensation for personal injury … Continued

5 Reasons our Partners Have Made the Right Choice

Our partners are starting to see the value in new tab experiences as the data is proving to drive engagement.  A recent article was published showcasing 5 data points that support the case of considering Brand Thunder as a part of your digital strategy.  If you haven’t read this yet, we highly encourage you to … Continued

Top 5 Pokemon Themes and Extensions For Chrome to Become a Pokemon Master

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? That’s right, today we are talking about Pokemon themes and extensions for Chrome, to bring a bit of the pokehunt to your computer. Whether you’re just starting out and learning about PokemonGo, or you’re a long time fan eagerly awaiting Pokemon Sun … Continued

Numbers are Soaring!

As summer starts to wind down and pumpkin spice lattes start pushing their way in, we are seeing our download numbers start to climb!  It’s no secret that June, July, and August are the slowest months when it comes to online activity and you probably saw your usage reflecting that trend. In September we saw … Continued

Safari Themes to Enhance the Browser New Tab Page

The trend of new tab experiences is growing rapidly as some of our favorite sports teams, colleges, music groups and publishers offer add-ons that allow you to theme the new tab page.  This post is dedicated to Safari, showing how simple it can be to customize your experience. There are hundreds of new tab pages … Continued

College Football Chrome New Tab Experiences for the 2016 Season

The college football season is here, and collegiate Chrome new tab experiences are bigger and better than ever.   These new tabs will theme your browser experience and give the most dominating fan experience you can find on the desktop.   Visit our collegiate gallery and find your favorite team.   Here are a few … Continued

Alabama Chrome Themes and Wallpapers for Crimson Tide Fans

The University of Alabama has a long, rich history in the southern United States, having been established in 1831. The school contains a variety of programs that cannot be found anywhere else in Alabama, and it is the only publicly supported law school in the state. Of course, though, no description of Alabama would be complete … Continued

More Proof that New Tab Extensions Drive Audience Engagement

  Brand Thunder’s New Tab Extensions are again proving to be valuable with exciting recent data. What used to be great digital candy has quickly become a valuable digital asset as recent successes have brands leaning on Brand Thunder to increase engagement and return traffic. Making content visible in today’s landscape is a challenge and … Continued

Improve Audience Engagement with the Brand Thunder Premier Platform

Brand Thunder’s Premier Platform is a lightweight extension that takes over the users New Tab Page on the most widely used desktop application, the browser. Fans are searching the internet for new tab extensions.  We can get you going quickly, so you can take advantage of this movement and grow a user base.  Your new … Continued

Video Overview

We created a short 30-second overview to help tell the story about what Brand Thunder can do for you and your brand..

Visicom Media Inc. Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with Brand Thunder LLC.

BROSSARD, QC (PRWEB) MARCH 21, 2016 Visicom Media Inc. today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Brand Thunder LLC., an Ohio-based digital ad-tech company, to deliver an expanded suite of products and services to their clients and growing user-base. Brand Thunder specializes in building extensions and themes for Web browsers. The … Continued

Basketball Madness: NCAA Chrome Themes and Extensions, Who Will Win?

MARCH MADNESS! The NCAA tournament is here!  The pageantry, buzzer beaters, and Cinderella stories never fail to keep our attention and we are here to help you get ready with Chrome Themes and New Tab Experiences to stay up to date while showing your school’s colors.  Get your wings, download your favorite team, and let’s … Continued

Announcing Call Of Duty Black Ops Monthly Giveaway

Keep an eye out this week for your chance to win one of TWO $50 gift cards to GameStop! When you install our Call of Duty Black Ops New Tab Page extension you will see an ad for the giveaway. On March 1st, on the Black Ops new tab page, we will surface a secret … Continued

Reach Your Fans via Web Browser with Brand Thunder Since the early 2000s, toolbars on the internet have been commonplace. These web browser add-ons allow companies to inject their message and ads directly into a web browser, at times regardless of whether the user opts in or not. Patrick Murphy, CEO and founder of Brand Thunder, wanted to take a more transparent approach … Continued

10 of the Most Popular Gaming Themes and Extensions for Chrome

(Be sure to check out the fastest growing at the bottom of this post) True gamers want every tool available, every badge of honor, and want to show their loyalty every way possible.  From Minecraft to PAC-MAN, and from Call of Duty to Mortal Combat, these themes and extensions for Chrome will help you level … Continued

24 of the Best Chrome Themes and New Tab Extensions for Christmas

‘Tis the season! Whether you’ve impatiently waited all year long to blare Christmas music or don’t catch the spirit until after Thanksgiving, most of us find anything to brighten our day during the holiday season. Here is a great way to disrupt your online experience with some festive Chrome Themes and New Tab Extensions that … Continued

10 Best Fallout Chrome Themes & Firefox Themes for True Fanatics

Attention fans of the Fallout video game series: this collection is just for you, the true fan who has been obsessed with this game since 1997. In anticipation of the Fallout 4 release later this year, we decided to give this post-apocalyptic role playing video game series a real tribute by compiling a collection of the best … Continued

Top Minions Movie Chrome & iPhone Wallpapers for 2015

Fan of the Minions movie? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve been following the Despicable Me story since the release of the first film, or are just getting into the smash-hit film franchise, you’re sure to find something to love in this collection of the best Minions desktop and iPhone wallpapers from all over … Continued

2015 College Football Preview: Browser Theme Edition

Summertime is almost over and you know what that means: college football season is just around the corner! And to get you pumped for the 2015 college football season, we’ve put together a collection of the top 10 college football browser themes for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. If you don’t see your team’s theme, take … Continued

4 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Ideas to Increase Fan Engagement

As someone who isn’t new to Facebook marketing, you know that the social networking giant continually makes changes to its guidelines and algorithms. And sometimes, it can be frustrating since all of your fans don’t see your content that is posted organically. If you’ve seen a loss in fan engagement rates on Facebook and minimal reach … Continued

Top Halo Chrome Themes, iPhone Wallpapers & More for Halo Nation

Halo Nation: This collection is just for you. As a Halo fanatic, we know how much you love outfitting your digital life with Halo Chrome themes, Firefox themes and iPhone wallpapers to show your true fan status! And we know that it’s no surprise to you that this military science fiction game franchise is touted as one of the top … Continued

How to Install Firefox Themes: A Step by Step Guide

Looking to add personality and color to your Firefox browser? Then you should probably learn how to install a Firefox theme! Thankfully, the team at Mozilla has made it incredibly easy to install Firefox themes so you can quickly add a personal touch to your web browsing experience. The step by step guide below will walk you … Continued

12 Top Minecraft Chrome Themes for True Fans Only

If you’re one of the millions of Minecraft players out there, then you’re going to be a million times thrilled about this collection of Minecraft Chrome themes! Every Minecraft addict knows precisely why this open world video game has won numerous awards over the years, and is listed as one of the best selling PC games of all time. Because … Continued

Top 10 Call of Duty Chrome Themes for Real CoD Fanatics

Attention addicts of the Call of Duty video game franchise: this post is just for you! We know that as a true CoD fanatic, you love your Call of Duty Chrome themes just about as much as you love playing the games. And that’s why we decided to compile the top 10 best CoD Chrome … Continued

10 Marvelous Miranda Lambert Desktop Wallpapers, iPhone Wallpapers & More

Famous country singer-songwriter, Miranda Lambert, first took the country music scene by storm in 2003 as a finalist of the Nashville Star television singing competition. Soon after signing to Epic Records, the lovely country crooner’s first album went platinum with hit singles like, “Bring Me Down”, “Kerosene” and “New Strings”. And with a slew of hit albums under … Continued

Top 10 World of Warcraft Chrome Themes for True WoW Addicts

If you’re one of the 7.1 million WoW fanatics out there, then you’re going to love this collection of World of Warcraft Chrome themes! As a true WoW addict, you know all the reasons why this massively popular online MMORPG game has the most subscribers out of any other game of its kind. That’s why we decided … Continued

In the News: Brand Thunder’s New Business Model Means Big Benefits for Brands

Recently, Columbus Business First shared the secrets behind our  new business model. But to our existing clients, it’s no secret that we are consistently offering innovative ways to help sports teams, musical artists, schools and media websites effectively engage with their fans online. Brand Thunder products and services can successfully give your audience a truly immersive … Continued

Best Batman Firefox Personas & Chrome Themes for True Batmaniacs

Attention Batmaniacs: this collection of Batman Firefox and Chrome themes was created just for you!  As a real Batman fan, you know that The Dark Knight first appeared as a comic book superhero back in 1939 and has since been adapted into television, radio, film, video games and more. And with new animated Batman films and motion … Continued

Top One Direction Firefox Personas & Chrome Themes for Real Fans Only!

English-Irish pop stars, One Direction, catapulted to stardom in 2010 when they placed third in The X Factor singing competition and signed with host, Simon Cowell’s label. And it’s no surprise to real 1D fans that hits such as “Live While We’re Young”, “Story of My Life” and “What Makes You Beautiful” landed this boy band four … Continued

10 Magical Harry Potter Chrome Themes for True Fans

For real Harry Potter fans only: this collection of Harry Potter Chrome themes is a must for you to download! As every real fan of Harry Potter knows, this critically-acclaimed fantasy novel and film series is one of the most successful in the world. Because Harry Potter is so popular, there are plenty of Chrome themes out … Continued

13 Top Nicki Minaj Chrome Themes for True Fans Only

Nicki Minaj fans: this post is just for you! If you’re looking for the best Nicki Minaj Chrome themes, then you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up the top Nicki Minaj Chrome themes from around the web for real fans of the famous pop star. And just like Nicki’s catchy tunes, this collection of browser themes … Continued

12 Kitten Chrome Themes, Desktop Wallpapers & More for True Cat Lovers

Truth: Cats have taken the internet by storm! And what’s not to love when you stumble upon the latest  funny cat video on YouTube, or an adorable kitten meme takes over your Facebook news feed? Not only can cats give us quite a chuckle, but these furry friends enrich our lives with love and joy. … Continued

Top 10 Star Wars Chrome Themes for True Fans Only

For real Star Wars fans only: this collection of Star Wars Chrome themes is just for you! As every true fan knows, Star Wars has been a pop culture phenomenon that has stood the test of time since the first movie was released in 1977. This epic space opera franchise has spawned six more successful … Continued

10 Best Animated Chrome Beach Desktop Wallpapers for Summer

Sometimes, we all need to escape from the fast-paced modern world and give ourselves a relaxing beach vacation. But what if you felt the urge to hit the beach in the middle of a stressful workday, or free yourself from the kids and your other daily responsibilities to enjoy an hour or two in the sun? These … Continued

Top 10 Best Angry Birds Chrome Themes for 2015

If you’re a true fan of Angry Birds, then you’re going to love this collection of Angry Birds Chrome themes! This extremely popular video game franchise has been a hit with all ages since its first release for the Apple iOS in 2009. And as a real fan of the Angry Birds, you know that … Continued

How the Denver Broncos Quickly Increased Fan Engagement With a New Tab Page

Here at Brand Thunder, we work with a number of sports teams, schools and brands to deliver immersive, engaging digital fan experiences that utilize our interactive browser themes and extensions. In fact, our fully-customizable “New Tab Page” can quickly and consistently drive high levels of page views and engagement (over 100 views per user, per month). Most … Continued

13 Beautiful Beyoncé Chrome Themes for Real Fans of the Queen B

Attention Beyoncé fans: this post is just for you! If you’re looking for the best Beyonce Chrome Themes around, then you’ve come to the right place. We scoured the web for the top Beyoncé Chrome themes for real fans of the Queen B. And just like her spectacular voice and brilliantly crafted R&B, soul and pop hits, … Continued

6 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Bloggers

If your browser of choice is Google Chrome, then you know all about the growing list of thousands of free Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store — including Brand Thunder’s new MyWeb for Chrome extension. What you may not know is that the Chrome Web Store offers a slew of free extensions for … Continued

Top Kanye West Chrome Themes for Real Yeezy Fans Only

Looking for the best Kanye West Chrome themes around? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled the top Kanye West Chrome themes in one place to give your favorite rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, film director and fashion designer (what CAN’T Yeezy do?) the true tribute he deserves. This genius collection of Kanye West Chrome … Continued

Top Taylor Swift Desktop Wallpapers, iPhone Wallpapers & More for True Fans

Sweet-as-candy celebrity and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Taylor Swift, is still reigning the charts as the top pop queen around. And with hits like “Shake It Off,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and “Love Story,” it’s no wonder Taylor has been on such a winning streak over the years with her catchy country and pop tunes. In … Continued

Top 10 Despicable Me Chrome Themes for 2015

If you’re a fan of the 3D computer-animated smash hit films, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, then you’re going to love this collection of Chrome themes! Whether you’re a fan of super-villain turned super-dad Gru, the cute-as-a-button orphans, Margo, Edith and Agnes, or can’t get enough of those funny little minions, you’re sure to find the … Continued

Top Music Chrome Extensions for Real Music Lovers

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to go a single moment without listening to music, talking about it and hunting for new music artists to listen to, then you’re definitely a true music fan. And these days, technology is making it even easier to play and discover music no matter where you are — a … Continued

Tweet Your Favorite Brand Thunder Theme to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Attention browser theme lovers.. do we have the contest for you! If you have a Twitter account and have installed our new MyWeb for Chrome browser extension filled with our gallery of themes, then you have all you need to enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Not only will you be entered to win when … Continued

Introducing MyWeb for Chrome: The Easiest Way to Change Your Chrome Theme

Here at Brand Thunder, we are always exploring new, innovative ways in which to make browsing the web more exciting and interactive. And our new MyWeb for Chrome browser extension not only offers a completely immersive browsing experience with your favorite brands, teams, schools, musical artists, but also streamlines the Chrome theme installation process so … Continued

5 New Fun Chrome Extensions You Just Have to Try in 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there are a plethora of browser extensions in the Chrome Web Store that offer personal customization options that tailor to your own unique web browsing experience. And sure, surfing the web can be fun in and of itself, but it’s even better  when you download interactive Chrome extensions! We … Continued

16 Red-Hot Rihanna Chrome Themes, Desktop Wallpapers and More for Real Fans

Rihanna fans, this stunning collection of Chrome themes and wallpapers is just for you! We’ve searched far and wide all over the web for the hottest Rihanna browser themes, plus wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone to outfit your entire digital life with your favorite, fashionable pop star. This collection of 16 Rihanna Chrome themes and wallpapers … Continued

Top Google Chrome Themes Galleries for 2015

If you’ve been searching for the best Google Chrome themes galleries, today is your lucky day! We scoured the web for you to find the top Google Chrome themes galleries that offer a variety of stunning Chrome themes from sports to movies, music, anime and more. Plus, each gallery offers free themes for your downloading pleasure. … Continued

8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Over the last few years, Google Chrome extensions have helped make browsing the web easier and more interactive than ever before. The extensions also offer a more productive online experience, especially when it comes to helping web developers get their work done more efficiently. There are many Chrome extensions out there for web developers — … Continued

Top 10 Google Chrome Themes for 2015

Looking for a cool, new Chrome theme for 2015? With summer already fast-approaching, the year might be almost half over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to freshen up your Chrome browser with a new look from the Brand Thunder gallery of themes. Here, we feature a collection of the year’s most popular … Continued

Top Music Artists Chrome Themes for True Music Fans Only

Music is the universal language of the world. It can move you. It can change you. It can connect you to other people in which you may not have much else in common. All in all, music is a beautiful thing — and can even make your browser sing! And that’s why we are featuring … Continued

14 Duke Blue Devils Chrome Themes, Desktop Wallpapers & More for Die-Hard Fans

It’s official: The Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team have won their fifth national title after a tough, very close battle against the Wisconsin Badgers. And if you’re a die-hard Duke fan, you’re celebrating in every way imaginable. Show the utmost pride for your Blue Devils by not only gearing up in your favorite team’s colors, … Continued

2015 MLB World Series Predictions: Browser Theme Edition

Baseball fans, it’s time to get pumped up! The 2015 Major League Baseball season begins soon with the St. Louis Cardinals visiting Chicago to play the Cubs. But only one of these teams will make it to the playoffs this year — or, at least that’s what we’re predicting! We decided to compile a list … Continued

Cast Your Vote! NCAA March Madness Final Four Browser Themes

As the March Madness excitement builds leading up to the Final Four games on April 4, true fans of the Kentucky Wildcats, Wisconsin Badgers, Michigan State Spartans and Duke Blue Devils are on pins and needles awaiting to see if they will be cheering on their favorite team in the championship. 

27 Miley Cyrus Chrome Themes, Desktop Wallpapers & More for Real Fans

Miley Cyrus burst onto the teeny-bopper scene back when she was a young Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Following in her father’s country footsteps, she crooned country hits and strummed her guitar with the best of them. But as she has grown older, Miley Cyrus has turned into somewhat of a pop phenomenon, holding … Continued

34 Puppy Chrome Themes, Desktop Wallpapers & More for Dog Lovers

Who doesn’t love puppies? These adorable creatures enrich our lives with love and true loyalty. Not only that, but they fill our hearts with warmth and laughter when they get into their puppy shenanigans! And if you’re like us, we just can’t get enough dog Chrome themes, desktop wallpapers and iPhone backgrounds to outfit our digital … Continued

13 Spring Chrome Themes to Warm Up Your Browser

It may have been a long, cold winter for many of us, but the snow is finally starting to melt and the birds are beginning to chirp, which means springtime is just around the corner! But if you’re still feeling the winter chill, you might need some help finding that sweet, springtime feeling. And dressing … Continued

13 Captivating Katy Perry Chrome Themes for True Fans Only

Katy Perry fans, rejoice! As the perfect addition to our stunning compilation of Katy Perry desktop wallpapers, we just had to scour the web for some of the best Katy Perry Chrome themes — and we found them! What can we say? Searching for Katy Perry browser themes and wallpapers is as addicting as her catchy … Continued

How to Drive 81,830 Views to Your Video Using a Browser Theme, and Reggae Music

Here at Brand Thunder, we’re not new to helping our clients achieve unique and useful customized browser themes that help promote their brands. But one recent interactive campaign for a legendary client got us especially excited to share how our browser themes can create innovative new media opportunities for brands to spread their message all … Continued

16 Stunning Katy Perry Desktop Wallpapers for True Katy Cats

Pop singing and songwriting sensation, Katy Perry, has soared to popularity over the years with hits like “I Kissed A Girl,” “Roar,” and “Firework.” Her quirky stage props, far-out fashions and fun-loving, down-to-earth personality have also made her the star she was born to be. These reasons and more are why we decided to give Katy … Continued

Top 10 March Madness 2015 Online Brackets and Apps

The most wonderful time of the year for NCAA basketball fans is about to start! March Madness begins in just a matter of days, and for the true college basketball fan, you know this tournament is your time to shine when it comes to making your picks and filling out your brackets so you can win … Continued

The Big Benefits of Cross-Promotion and BT:Social

Here at Brand Thunder, we’re constantly working on innovative ways to help your brand, school or team seamlessly engage with your audience and create more effective, targeted digital advertising experiences that boost your revenue. And while your biggest brand champions are donning your logo across every digital device they own, our fully customizable browser themes and … Continued

Rose Browser Themes of the Week

Roses are red….or blue, or yellow, or purple or apricot or an assortment of colors depending on the browser theme you choose in this week’s browser “Theme of the Week“. We feature some of our best rose-inspired browser themes for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. We combed our theme gallery to find some beautiful … Continued

10 Vancouver Canucks Desktop and iOS Wallpapers for Serious Fans

The Stanley Cup Playoffs season is really heating up, and if you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan, you know that things sure are looking promising for the three-time Stanley Cup finalists. And with Willie Desjardins manning the ship of the highly skilled team from up north, this might be the year that they go all the … Continued

Heart Browser Themes of the Week

It’s only appropriate for Valentine’s week that we feature some Valentine’s inspired browser themes as our “Themes of the Week“. In case you missed it, we already listed some of the best Valentine’s Chrome, Firefox and IE themes for 2015 and a huge selection of Valentine’s related desktop wallpaper. This week we feature a collection … Continued

Top 10 Best Web Browser Games to Play Right Now

Each day it seems like a new browser based game is popping up in the marketplace. Combine those with your mobile games plus console-based games and your head just can’t seem to stop spinning with so many great gaming options! Well, we’ve done the grunt work for you and consulted, Games 4 Free and to … Continued

Pittsburgh Penguins Desktop Wallpapers, iOS Themes and More for True Pens Fans

The Pittsburgh Penguins may not have won a Stanley Cup Championship since 2009, but the team is hanging on in this year’s playoffs despite some setbacks and mishaps. Though things have been a little tough for the “Steel City” team, Pens fans are keeping the faith that they’ll continue cheering them on until they reach … Continued

14 Smoldering Kim Kardashian Desktop Wallpapers

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular personalities currently on the Hollywood scene. Growing from just another socialite featured in the tabloids to a fashion, film and television mogul, most people thought she was probably just a blip on Hollywood’s radar. But, this fashionista turned business owner and reality television star is certainly a force … Continued

How to Use Your Branded “New Tab Page” To Drive Social Engagement

At BrandThunder, we work with a number of major brands, schools and teams to deliver an immersive branding and engagement experience through the development of our custom branded “interactive” browser themes. Sure, your company can spend thousands of dollars on social media and paid advertising and fans “may” see your message. But what if your … Continued

15 New Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers for 2015

Can you believe it? It’s almost the end of January! This means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so you really should start thinking about that special Valentine’s Day gift or date idea to wow your sweetheart. If you’re stumped on how to show your warm and fuzzy feelings for your Valentine during the … Continued

14 Hot Valentine’s Day Themes for Chrome, Firefox & IE

Winter blues got you down? Have no fear; Valentine’s Day browser themes are here! And it’s about time you spiced up those cold, lonely nights browsing the web with your stale, old browser theme (you know it’s true!). Celebrating the season of love with these red hot Valentine’s Day themes for Chrome, Firefox and IE … Continued

9 Best Free Sports Apps for Your iPhone and iPad

Some of the best things in life are free — especially when your cash could be better spent on seeing your favorite team trample their rival at a live sporting event! These free sports apps for your iPhone and iPad will allow you to save your pennies for those have-to-be-there live games, and are packed … Continued

Black Browser Themes of the Week

Often times considered the absence of color, lacking hue and brightness, absorbing light without reflecting….the color black represents many things to different people around the globe. Black is typically associated with elegance, formality and power, but can also represent the darkest of death, evil and fear. Most times black has a negative connotation being used … Continued

What if Web Browsers Were Comedy TV Shows?

If you think web browsers are one in the same you might want to think again! Even though you can customize your favorite web browser with a theme that reflects your own personality, today’s most popular web browsers offer differentiating features and technology that are unique to their target users. To shed a bit of … Continued

7 Fantasy Sports Websites You Need to Try Out in 2015

A new year means a new start for your fantasy sports teams! And we have a feeling this is the year that you’re going to make even better draft picks and finally beat Tony. You know, that “best friend” of yours who won’t let you hear the end of it after every game you (painfully) … Continued

Yellow Browser Themes – Themes of the Week

This week’s browser “themes of the week” feature some of the best Yellow browser themes in the Brand Thunder gallery. The color yellow is often times associated with a wide variety of joyous feelings including happiness, cheerfulness and even intellect. Who doesn’t love a bright sunny day with the yellow sun beating down? This collection … Continued

Cast Your Vote! Oregon vs. Ohio State – Browser Theme Edition

Can you believe it’s been one week since Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl and Oregon won the Rose Bowl? Time sure does fly! And the excitement just keeps building for the College Football Playoff National Championship game coming up on Monday, January 12 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. If you’re one of … Continued

15 Spectacular Taylor Swift Chrome Themes for True Swifties

Taylor Swift is quite possibly the most popular musical artist currently blowing up the charts. And if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know that this country singer-songwriter turned pop star’s latest studio album, 1989, was the #1 seller of 2014 — even though it just came out in October! Now that’s pretty amazing for … Continued

Purple Themes – Browser Themes of the Week

In this week’s browser “theme of the week” post, we feature a collection of our best browser themes that include a majority of the color purple within them. The color purple symbolizes many different qualities and is many times associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. Purple can also uplift your spirit, calm your … Continued

8 New Year’s Eve Chrome Themes to Help Ring in the New Year Right

It’s crazy to think that 2014 is almost over, but in just two days we’ll be saying hello to a new year that’s full of bright, new possibilities. And this New Year’s Eve, as you’re getting ready for the last holiday bash of the season, you might also want to think about dressing up that … Continued

Snowflakes Themes – Browser Themes of the Week

It is often said that there are no two snowflakes that look the same or take the same shape. That could also be said about snowflake browser themes in the Brand Thunder gallery of themes. This week’s “Theme of the Week” features a variety of themes with different snowflake design variations. From the standard white … Continued

7 Merry Christmas Eve Chrome Themes You Can Unwrap Early

Can you believe it? There are just two more sleeps until Christmas Day! Here’s hoping your holiday shopping is done so you can relax with loved ones, a roaring fireplace and festive foods with Fresh Bros’ Gary Payton on Christmas Eve. Or, maybe you’re just crazy enough to brave the crowds at the mall to … Continued

Holiday Themes – Browser Themes of the Week

We’re counting down the days and with only a few days left until Christmas, we gathering a number of our “Holiday” browser themes to liven up your browser during this festive season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just enjoy this festive time of year, these holiday related browser themes will suit your style. … Continued

7 Things You Wish Your Browser Could Do

Web browser are the greatest , aren’t they? They’re our portals to the Internet, and they really do so much for us. But we live in a culture where we always want more, more, more, and there is always going to be something else we want our browsers to be able to do. But you should … Continued

Celebrate the Festival of Lights With Hanukkah Browser Themes & Wallpapers

During the holiday season, people often focus on Christmas, but Hanukkah – also known as the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication – is a vitally important celebration as well, commemorating the miraculous eight-day lasting power of the menorah in the Temple. So as Hanukkah begins, we at Brand Thunder want provide you … Continued

Last Minute Christmas Themes – Theme of the Week

We’re heading into the home stretch of Christmas, and sure, we have the OFFICIAL Christmas browser theme, but we wanted to showcase a number of our other festive holiday themes in our gallery. This week’s “Theme of the week” post features a plethora of holiday and Christmas related themes. From red ornaments, frosty the snowman, … Continued

5 Online Shopping Chrome Apps You Need This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is here in full force, which means you’ll be running around wildly for the next two weeks to get presents for everybody on your list. Or will you? With these four Google Chrome online shopping apps, you’ll be able to take care of everything from the comforts of your own home … Continued

Get Ready for the College Football Playoff With Your Team’s Browser Theme

The inaugural College Football Playoff field is finally set! As expected, the playoff format produced an absolutely thrilling season right down to the selection of the four teams that would be fighting for a championship in January. If your favorite team is one of the lucky four – which includes Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and … Continued

Wave Themes – Theme of the Week

It might be the beginning of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re going to put you in a tranquil mood with a collection of our best “wave” inspired browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer. These themes feature an array of soothing and relaxing designs helping you visualize the beach and ocean this … Continued

Baylor Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More for Bears Fans

It’s a great time to be a fan of the Baylor Bears. And with so many good things happening in the Athletics program, you need to show your pride any way you can. With these Baylor wallpapers, browser themes and more, you’ll always be connected to your school. And best of all, you’ll always know … Continued

5 More Firefox Shopping Add-ons for the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is now here in full force, and you’ll need to use everything you can to make it an enjoyable and easy experience. Thanks to these Firefox shopping add-ons (along with these), you’ll be prepared to not only find what you need, but to get the best possible deals on all of … Continued

Blue Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

When you think of the world around you, many times you think of vivid colors of nature, and one of the most popular colors is blue. This week, we feature some of the best blue browser themes in our gallery for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer fans. From blue skies, blue oceans, lakes, blue paint, … Continued

Atlanta Hawks Wallpapers, Chrome Themes & More for the Biggest Fans

Atlanta Hawks fans, want to show your support for your team as much as possible? You’re in luck! These Hawks wallpapers, browser themes and more will make sure you’re always representing your favorite team in the best possible way. Plus, we’ve included some of the best Atlanta Hawks blogs on the Internet to make sure … Continued

Celebrate the Holidays With These Christmas Chrome Themes

Each day brings us closer to Christmas, which is great! But you need to make sure you’re properly getting into the spirit of the season. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with these festive Christmas Chrome themes. No matter what part of the holiday season you love (the snow, the presents, the food, the decorations), … Continued

Snow Themes – Browser Themes of the Week

It appears the polar vortex has returned to North America a couple months early this year. The frigid and menacing meteorological phenomenon becomes a weather creature and dumps snow and cold weather in its path. This most recent system is impacting most of the North American continent, so instead of fearing the polar vortex, we’re … Continued

Celebrate the Season With Christmas Desktop Wallpapers & Browser Themes

The weather is getting colder, but that should be putting a smile on your face. You know why? Christmas is almost here! There’s nothing better than the holiday season. People are friendlier, families are getting together, you’re buying gifts for the ones you love. Everything about it simply makes us all happier. So why not … Continued

Oregon Chrome Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More for Ducks Fans

The Oregon Ducks are right in the thick of things, battling for a spot in the College Football Playoff. With college football’s revamped playoff format, every single week becomes more important than ever before, as so many teams remain in the mix for a national championship. Things are getting tighter and tighter, but if the … Continued

Thanksgiving Themes – Theme of the Week

In our browser “theme of the week” feature, it’s only appropriate that we feature some of the best Thanksgiving browser themes in our gallery. The Thanksgiving holiday is only 2 and a half weeks away, where families will be gathering around the dinner table, eating delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and some … Continued

The 5 Ohio State Mobile Apps You Need to Download

As a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, you want to take your favorite teams with you wherever you go. You always want to know the latest news, and you want to be able to easily share your Buckeye pride. Lucky for you, with these Ohio State mobile apps, following your teams has never been so … Continued

Bird Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

If you’re a bird fan or just a bird watcher, you’re going to love this week’s browser “Theme of the Week” showcase. Forget those Sunday strolls in the park, you can watch some of most interesting birds right from your browser. We’ve compiled a huge collection of our best bird related browser themes for Mozilla … Continued

San Francisco Giants Wallpapers & Browser Themes to Celebrate the World Series

The San Francisco Giants are your 2014 World Series champions! Behind the unbelievable performance of Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco beat the Kansas City Royals for its third championship in five years. In other words, we’ve got a dynasty on our hands. More importantly, is there a better postseason pitcher than Bumgarner? Not just today – … Continued

5 Popular Google Chrome Web Apps for the Fall

Fall is here, which means it’s about time to hunker down at home and prepare for the cold weather. That also means you have more time to spend on the Internet, whether it’s for work or fun. And no matter what you’re doing on the computer, there is a Google Chrome app that can make … Continued

Famous Music Artists – Themes of the Week

In this week’s browser “Theme of the Week” post, we feature some of the top music artist related browser themes for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Pop music is aptly named because it appeals to a wide audience and has provided our generations with some of the most memorable songs of all time. The … Continued

TCU Wallpaper, Chrome Browser Themes & More for Horned Frog Fans

The Texas Christian University Horned Frogs are right in the thick of it this fall, competing for a spot in the four-team College Football Playoff. And with each passing week, the race only gets tighter and tighter. So as TCU continues to hang on and make a run for it, the team will need all … Continued

Arkansas Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More for Razorbacks Fans

No football teams in the country have tougher schedules than those in the SEC. Never has that been more evident than this season for the Arkansas Razorbacks, who have Auburn, Texas A&M, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi State, LSU and Ole Miss on the docket. But that’s why you watch every single week, to see your team … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Mobile Browser Themes for iOS

Brand Thunder LLC (, the fan engagement specialist, announces today the release of mobile browsers for iOS. It’s the newest product for increasing engagement between brand marketers and their consumer fan base. Launched on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Brand Thunder’s mobile browser uses the same browser engine as Safari, for speed, … Continued

Fractal Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

In this week’s browser “Theme of the Week” post, we pay tribute to the designs and complex patterns known as Fractals. “A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.” (source). … Continued

Temple Owls Browser Themes, Wallpaper and More

Hey, Owls fans! Looking for some new ways to show off your Temple pride? We’ve got you covered with browser themes, desktop wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers and more for your school. And just in time too, because now is a pretty great time to be an Owls fan. Temple football is putting together a solid season … Continued

17 Halloween Screensavers to Scare You Through October

Halloween is coming quick! You don’t want to be left out of the fun and festivities by not decorating your computer with as many Halloween-related items as possible, from browser themes and wallpaper to screensavers, which you’ll find here. Screensavers are great because they truly add an atmosphere to your room – with spooky sounds and … Continued

Mountain Themes – Theme of the Week

In our weekly “theme of the week” feature, we showcase some of the best mountain-inspired browser themes from our gallery. All themes were created by our fans using Brand Thunder’s browser theme creator, Some of the most popular browser themes and desktop wallpapers are frequently those with nature-inspired backdrops. In earlier posts, we showed … Continued

Philadelphia Flyers Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More for the 2014 Season

A new hockey season is upon us, and we are absolutely pumped. For fans of the Philadelphia Flyers, there are plenty of reasons to be excited, despite the team making an early exit from the playoffs last season. But it’s a long season, and just making the playoffs is huge because everybody knows the Stanley … Continued

Ole Miss Wallpapers, Chrome Themes and More for All Rebels Fans

Ole Miss is in the midst of a great season. As something special continues to brew in Oxford, you can support your team in every possible way with Ole Miss browser themes, wallpapers and more. And the Rebels are going to need your help. You know how tough the SEC is each and every year; … Continued

Abstract Browsers – Theme of the Week

Abstract art is a form of artistic expression that is free from depicting a person, place or thing in the natural world. The art piece is based on what is seen literally: colors, shapes, brush strokes, and various other designs that may represent a person, place or thing in a distorted or exaggerated way. This … Continued

Auburn Tigers Wallpapers, Browser Themes & Other Downloads

The Auburn Tigers are right in the thick of things this season, vying for a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff. What could be better than that, especially when it comes after being in the battle-tested SEC? To celebrate the team’s continued resurgence on the national stage, we put together some of the best … Continued

The Forest – Themes of the Week

The forest can be a beautiful and sometimes mysterious place depending on where in the forest you are and what time you are there. It’s no wonder so many movies have vivid scenes in the forest as the general tranquility, beauty and mysteriousness make for some interesting compositions. This week, we take a look at … Continued

Get to Know These Firefox 32 Features and Themes

Firefox 32 debuted in early September and, like any Firefox release, it came with a bevy of updates and features for users. Those updates included: Default public key pinning support for enhanced SSL security and the reduction of phishing attacks Faster HTTP caching for improved performance, including crash recovery Easier back, forward, reload, and bookmarking … Continued

31 of the Scariest Halloween Desktop Wallpapers for 2014

We’ve brought you the latest Halloween browser themes for this year, and now we want you to put a little bit of spookiness into your desktop background! That’s right, we’ve put together 31 of the scariest, ghouliest Halloween desktop wallpapers you’ve ever seen, all of which would be perfect for you to use as you … Continued

Autumn – Browser Themes of the Week

The first full day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is tomorrow with the coming of the “Autumnal Equinox”. To get ready for the upcoming fall season, we are showcasing some of the best autumn-inspired browser themes in our theme gallery. When you think of autumn and the beauties of fall, you think of the … Continued

25 Spooky and Fun Halloween Browser Themes for 2014

It’s almost that time of year again – time for Halloween! The return of all the ghouls and ghosts of the season is a welcomed sight, and we couldn’t be happier to bring you even more Halloween browser themes this year. Not only do we have Brand Thunder’s newest Halloween browser theme for 2014, but … Continued

Texas A&M Wallpapers, Chrome Browser Themes & More for All Aggie Fans

Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel may no longer be around, but that hasn’t stopped Texas A&M from storming out of the gate early this season. Thanks to a big first-week upset over South Carolina, the Aggies – led by quarterback Kenny Hill – are shooting up the polls and have their eyes on the … Continued

Butterflies – Browser Themes of the Week

If you’re looking for beautiful butterfly browser themes, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s feature themes include a variety of butterflies in the design of the browser theme in some respect. Each theme was created by our fans using our theme creator and submitted to our extensive theme gallery. We have butterflies circling … Continued

University of Georgia Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

Ah yes, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have been here before. There are always expectations surrounding the football team, but it just never seems to meet them (at least lately), as lofty as they may be. But that’s okay, because the fans will always be there to support the team and school no matter what. … Continued

30 of the Most Useful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most beautiful inventions ever bestowed upon us. Who doesn’t want to make their browser easier and faster? And for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is a laundry list of shortcuts that you can use to make you feel like a computer hacker in a movie (or something like that), … Continued

Flower Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” features a number of different themes all focused on the beautiful flowers of the world. Over the years, our fans have created a number of flower browser themes from tulips, daisies, roses, calla lilies, gerberas and wild flowers. We have featured some of the best themes below for … Continued

Michigan State University Chrome Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More

It’s a great time to be a fan of the Michigan State Spartans. Between the football and basketball teams, the school pretty much has year-round championship aspirations. And with the College Football Playoff making its debut this season, there is even more reason to be excited, as the team is fully expected to be competing … Continued

Los Angeles Angels Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More

The Los Angeles Angels are surging at the right time. In the ultra-tough AL West, the team is thriving and looking to take the division over the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners. Through dominant starting pitching and an offense led by perhaps the greatest player in baseball, Mike Trout, Los Angeles has its sights set … Continued

How to Customize the New Tab Page for Chrome, Firefox and IE

Browsers sure do get a lot of things right, but how come the New Tab pages are so often boring? Sure, they’re pretty practical most of the time, but who likes just looking a plain white screen all the time? Don’t think the New Tab page is all that bland? Let’s take a look at … Continued

Oklahoma Sooners Chrome Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

The Oklahoma Sooners, one of college football’s greatest dynasty teams, capped off another great season in 2013 by defeating another dynasty, the Alabama Crimson Tide, in the Sugar Bowl. And guess what? The Sooners are right back near the top of the polls to start the 2014 season, and are expected to be there fighting … Continued

Sunflowers – Theme of the Week

This week, we take a walk outside and enjoy some of the last days of summertime with a collection of our Sunflower browser themes for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Sunflowers are some of the most beautiful flowers of the summer season showcasing bright yellow petals with an orange-ish red center. The best part of … Continued

Top 4 Facebook Fan Page Apps to Increase Engagement

The design and functionality of Facebook’s fan pages change pretty frequently, but the fan page apps have always remained a staple of them. Designed to increase fan interaction with a brand, these apps are a great way to bring some versatility to your page while still giving you plenty of opportunities to engage with the people … Continued

30 of the Most Useful Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

There are a ton of great shortcuts available for Google Chrome, all of which are designed to make our online lives easier. Of course, we really mean it when we say there are a ton. That being said, we wanted to provide you with what we think are 30 of the most essential shortcuts for the … Continued

Firefox 31 Offers Updates for Users & BT’s Firefox Themes

Firefox 31 was released to the public in July, and it came with some convenient, cosmetic changes along with updates that cater to developers. Providing tools for developers is something that Mozilla has often been praised for in the past and it has helped to make it one of the biggest browsers out there. It’s … Continued

Google Chrome News and Updates for August 2014

There are a lot of big developments going on with Google Chrome these days, and we’re here to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, such as: Chrome is a great browser, but you know what really stinks about it at times? The fact that Shockwave Flash is seemingly ALWAYS crashing. There is now a … Continued

Lions and Tigers: Browser Themes of the Week

This week, we are featuring an assortment of animal themes from the kings of the animal world: Lions and Tigers (no Bears), oh my! Animal related themes are some of the most popular browser themes in our gallery, as it seems we have an increasing number of animal lovers browsing our gallery. That shouldn’t be … Continued

Brand Thunder is NOT Malware – The Truth Behind Brand Thunder

Any company that provides reputable software, extensions, add-ons or any kind of download is at risk of being called “malicious” or being labeled as “malware” from so-called review sites from anti-virus companies. These companies use their automated system to scrub the Internet to find companies that offer any sort of download, plug in their name, … Continued

How to Change Your Internet Explorer Theme in 2 Minutes or Less

Looking to spice up the look of Internet Explorer? Brand Thunder has just the thing in the form of a huge gallery of IE themes that are sure to have something for everyone. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to change your Internet Explorer theme – take a look at our step by step guide on “How … Continued

Summer Themes – Browser Themes of the Week

Summer, Summer, Summertime! Some people are already talking “back to school”, but we’re still soaking up the sun in the Summertime here at Brand Thunder. We know there’s a couple months left in the season and we’re going to soak it up as much as we can. This week is our tribute to the summer … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches BT:Connect

Brand Thunder LLC (, the fan engagement specialist, launched BT:Connect its first brand marketing tool outside of browser themes to increase engagement between brand marketers and their consumer fan base. The app, currently available for Facebook, offers quizzes, polls, voting and more in a themed skin. Fans login via Facebook to cast their ballot or … Continued

Salute the Captain With Derek Jeter Browser Themes and Wallpaper

Derek Jeter has been the face of the Yankees for nearly 20 years, building a Hall of Fame career and cementing his legacy as one of the best players in the organization’s long, storied history. Heck, he’s simply one of the best players in all of baseball history. And as his career winds down, every … Continued

5 Great Chrome Extensions for the Rest of Summer

We don’t want to believe it either, but summer is close to winding down. By the end of next week, August will already be here, which means students will soon be going back to school, football will be starting and, before we know it, we’ll start noticing a brown leaf here and there. But fear … Continued

Tickle Your Funny Bone With Comic Themes & Desktop Wallpapers

Who doesn’t love a good comic to start his or her day? And who doesn’t remember growing up, grabbing the newspaper, and flipping it open to the comics section to get a dose of one’s favorites? Better yet, who still loves doing it as an adult? We love comics at Brand Thunder, which is why … Continued

Cities – Themes of the Week

Cities are some of the most vibrant and exciting corners of the earth, from big cities like New York to smaller a mid-sized cities like Austin, Texas or Hamburg, Germany. Cities bring people of multiple backgrounds together, different ideologies, and different goals, and with that comes an amazing collaboration of ideas and exchanges. In this … Continued

Baltimore Orioles Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

As the unofficial second half of the baseball season gets underway, the better teams will begin to create some distance from everyone else in the quest for the playoffs. The AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles are looking to be one of those teams, and they certainly have the means to do it. With a power-packed lineup … Continued

Google Chrome News Roundup – July 15

The world of web browsers is always moving a mile a minute, and we are here to make sure you get all of the latest news. Here is the latest for Google Chrome: The Chromebook’s popularity in the personal computer world only continues to rise. The Chrome OS, while third behind Windows and Apple, captured 35% … Continued

Cars & Automobiles – Themes of the Week

Cars are a staple of almost every society in the world and revered in the United States and European countries like Germany. There are millions of cars on the road everyday in every city in every country and a huge variety of different styles. Cars are part of our popular culture, in movies, TV shows … Continued

How to Change Your Chrome Background Theme

Google Chrome sure is great, isn’t it? Part of that is because there are so many ways you can customize the browser, such as choosing a background theme. Chrome background themes dress up your browser and give it a unique flair that sets it apart from the boring gray default theme color. These themes appear … Continued

Oakland Athletics Browser Themes, Wallpapers and More

The Oakland Athletics have been the biggest story in baseball this season. Not only have they been the best team, but they made themselves even better by trading for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Chicago Cubs. It’s obvious the A’s are playing to win right now, which has to be incredibly exciting for … Continued

Beach Themes – Browser Theme of the Week

Hitting the beach is an annual right of passage for almost everyone during the summer season. Packing up your beach towels, suntan lotion, picnic basket and driving to the nearest beach provides instant fun and a nice getaway from the hot summer sun. In this week’s browser “theme of the week” feature, we showcase some … Continued

Support “Die Mannschaft” With German National Football Team Wallpapers

Three championships, four runners-up and four third-place finishes. West Germany playing in three consecutive World Cup finals from 1982 to 1990. With that kind of pedigree – and with 12 top-four finishes, the most of any country – the argument can easily be made that Germany is the best soccer country in the world. And … Continued

5 Trending Firefox Extensions for July 2014

Summer is officially up and running, but even while you spend it basking in the sun, there is plenty of time to outfit your Firefox browser with some fresh extensions. These Firefox add-ons will do a little bit of everything for you – they will make your life easier, maybe offer a little peace of … Continued

Movie Themes – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Themes of the week” are based on popular movies and motion pictures you may be familiar with. From classic films like the Graduate and Easy Rider, to new action-based films like Avengers and the Hunger Games, our fans have created some excellent movie focused browser themes. Major motion pictures are the seminal … Continued

Celebrate Brazil’s Bright Soccer Future With Neymar Wallpapers

If you’re a fan of Brazilian soccer, you’re pretty much always excited for the present and future. But things look especially bright these days, as Neymar is quickly establishing himself as one of the best players in the world. And it just so happens that he plays on what it is consistently one of the … Continued

San Antonio Spurs Browser Themes, Wallpapers and More

If you’re a San Antonio Spurs fan, you know how lucky you are. Since 1999, this team has truly been the class of the NBA, winning titles in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014. Utilizing a team-oriented concept that is seemingly lost on other teams of this generation, the Spurs have showed what it takes … Continued

Animal Themes – Theme of the Week

This week, we feature some of the best “Animal” inspired browser themes created by our fans throughout the years. Chances are you or someone you know has a pet as they’ve become commonplace in almost everyone’s home. Who doesn’t like to come home to a loving cat or dog after a hard day at work? … Continued

5 Top Trending Google Chrome Extensions for June 2014

Believe it or not, but we’re already approaching the halfway point of 2014. After you’ve finished crying, consider making yourself feel better by installing some new Chrome extensions. Trust us, it’ll help ease the pain. To make it even better for you, we’ve compiled five of the top trending Chrome extensions for the month of … Continued

Support Your World Cup Team With Country Flag Themes

The World Cup is underway, and it’s never been more exciting. But while the soccer itself is great, the best thing about the tournament is seeing all of the pride displayed for every country that is participating. Best of all, there are so many ways to show pride in your country, including downloading country flag … Continued

Sunset – Themes of the Week

This week we are featuring not one but many browser “themes of the week” celebrating summer and an assortment of beautiful sunset themes. Sunsets are some of the most beautiful natural creations by mother nature, so it’s no surprise that browser theme creators would take to these sunsets to create captivating themes. And summer is … Continued

Get Ready for the World Cup With Lionel Messi Wallpapers & Themes

Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in the world, and we all get the privilege of seeing him on the sport’s biggest stage once again. What he does on the pitch is magic, which makes it surprising just how disappointing Argentina’s recent runs have been in the World Cup. But this could be the … Continued

Independence Day Desktop Wallpapers & Themes

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration. From cookouts and fireworks to American flags and baseball, this is truly a great time to be an American. So it comes as no surprise that there is a limitless number of Independence Day desktop wallpapers out there to help us celebrate everything it means to … Continued

Celebrity Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

Perhaps because of the summer and this great weather we are having, we didn’t have as many of you creating new browser themes over the past week. So this week we are looking back at some of the best celebrity browser themes created by fans over the years. Everyone has their favorite celeb, so you’ll … Continued

LeBron James Chrome Desktop Wallpapers & Browser Themes

LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet. That’s without question. His run with the Miami Heat should be proof enough of that, especially as he continues to put up numbers either matched by very few in NBA history or simply never seen before. And as he embarks on the quest for a … Continued

The Top 5 Summer Activities and Their Wallpapers

The best time of the year is finally here. You suffered through the unbearable winter, hoping you’d finally get to experience consistent 80-degree days and trips to the beach. Well, here we are. Summer is upon us and it’s time to celebrate every way we can. Which is why your computer needs summer wallpaper and … Continued

Last Wave of the Day – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” is from theme designer Madonna and here “Last Wave of the Day” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. We’re staying on a summertime theme as we did last week, since it is of course the summer season. This theme features a beautiful scene of the ocean with the … Continued

Chrome 35 Themes and New Features

Chrome 35 has officially been released to the world, and while end users probably won’t find too much different about this version (except for the inclusion of the “OK Google” voice search for everyone), developers will find plenty of new features with which to play. Direct from Google’s blog for Chrome release updates, those new features … Continued

Sunny Summer Tree – Theme of the Week

Congratulations to theme designer “Madonna” for this week’s browser “theme of the week” with the Sunny Summer Tree design. It’s almost officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Madonna is getting us ready with a beautifully designed theme for your Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. This theme features a rich blue background with darker night … Continued

LuigiBroZ Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” features none other than the adoring sidekick for most of the Mario Brothers’ video games, Luigi. In fact, this week’s theme features design elements based on the popular Nintendo game Luigi Broz. Super Mario Brothers has been a fixture in video game players for the past almost 30 … Continued

Firefox 29 Themes and Features to Explore

Firefox 29 is here, but it isn’t just any regular update from Mozilla. Firefox 29 is really a complete overhaul of the existing browser with a whole host of new features. Take a look for yourself at some of the most notable new features: New Tabs: Taking a page out of Google Chrome’s book, Firefox 29 has … Continued

Fresh Spring Greens – Theme of the Week

If you like a bit of abstract design and you love nature, you’ll love this week’s “Theme of the Week”, the Fresh Spring Greens browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Theme designer “Madonna” uses a mix of dark and light, almost neon greens across the grass-inspired theme. From the right-hand side of the theme, … Continued

Prepare for the 2014 Draft With NFL Browser Themes

After months of speculation and an endless amount of mock drafts, the 2014 NFL draft is finally – finally! – here. To celebrate, we’re showcasing our official NFL browser themes, which will provide you with all of the latest breaking news through the draft and beyond. You’ll also have instant access to your favorite team’s … Continued

Prove Your Fandom With New York Mets Browser Themes and Wallpapers

To some, the Mets are New York’s “other team,” but that doesn’t do this organization any justice. The team has had an eventful history to say the least, but that only makes being a fan more fun. Being a Mets fan builds character. It makes you truly appreciate the game. And to show your own … Continued

Gift for Mother’s Day – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” is just in time for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration on May 11th. The “Gift for Mother’s Day” browser theme is a great addition for Mom and something that will bring a smile to her face. Send her the gift of a shiny new browser theme and surprise … Continued

12 Celebrity Chrome Themes to Prove You are a Real Fan

If there’s one thing we love, it’s celebrities. We are a culture that is obsessed with a celebrity’s every move, and we often elevate them to deity-like statuses. But hey, they entertain us so maybe they deserve the praise. If you have a favorite celebrity, make sure to find his/her theme for Google Chrome – … Continued

Firefox 28 and 29 Features and Browser Themes

If you are a Firefox user, your browser has by now updated to Firefox 28. It came with a number of bug fixes and UI updates, which included VP9 video decoding support, an OS X notification center, volume control support for HTML5 audio and support for WebM Opus audio. Firefox 28 for Android also came … Continued

Gold Finch in Golden Garden – Theme of the Week

We are in the heart of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and many of the user-submitted browser themes are now reflecting the season. This latest creation is the “Gold Finch in Golden Garden” theme created by theme designer “Madonna”. This theme features a lively Spring nature scene with Gold Finches perched atop blades … Continued

Love Anime? Then You’ll Love Inori Aizawa, the Internet Explorer Mascot

Who knew the world of web browsers was so intense? Google Chrome and Firefox might be behemoths in this realm, but they could really have their hands full with Inori Aizawa. Inori Aizawa is described as the “personification for Internet Explorer” on her Facebook page – her birthday is even August 16, 1995 – and … Continued

What a Bright Sunshiny Day – Theme of the Week

With such a brutal Winter here in the US this past season, it was a refreshing change to see bright sunny skies this entire Spring weekend. So it’s no surprise that we choose the “What a Bright Sunshiny Day” browser theme as our fan-submitted “theme of the week“. Anyone dawning this theme will certainly be … Continued

5 of the Best Firefox Social & Communication Add-ons

Browsers are great for so many things, and what makes Firefox one of the best out there is the ability users have to customize its look, feel and functionality any way they want. And, almost more than anything, people love being social on the Internet. That is why there are so many great Firefox add-ons … Continued

Easter Owls – Theme of the Week

Theme designer “Madonna” is back and has created several great themes over the past week including the “Easter Owls” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer fans. We are approaching Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so it’s only appropriate that our theme of the week involves Easter. Madonna uses a light yellow background color from light … Continued

5 Top Trending Google Chrome Extensions for April

It’s April. A new season is here. Everything is fresh and starting to bloom. With that in mind, now is the best time to update your extensions in Chrome; you might just find the one that will completely change how you use the Internet. We found five of the hottest trending Chrome extensions for this … Continued

6 Design Elements That Make Up an Awesome Desktop Theme

When it comes to designing your desktop, you have a number of options. You have to decide what to do with the colors, the layout, and more. In fact, the sheer amount of options that you have can be overwhelming. Never fear; here are six design elements that make up a truly awesome desktop wallpaper … Continued

Spring Browser Themes to Help You Finally Welcome the New Season

What could be better than spring? The weather is better, but not harsh, and the promise of a long, amazing summer full of possibilities is ahead. There is something about finally emerging from a harsh winter that almost feels like a real accomplishment. So why not celebrate that accomplishment by downloading a brand-new browser theme … Continued

Whaleskin – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” is the Whaleskin browser theme created by theme designer aptly named “Whaleskin”. We’re not exactly sure what the theme represents; our first inclination was a band, a movie or some sort of video game or character in the game. Whatever it represents, the design is a great one … Continued

Los Angeles Dodgers Browser Themes & Desktop Wallpapers for The Biggest Fans

A brand-new baseball season is upon us and few teams, if any, have larger expectations than the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the game’s largest payroll by a mile – which has bought a top-of-the-line pitching staff and formidable lineup – it’s World Series or bust for the Dodgers. So while you follow your beloved Dodgers … Continued

UCONN Huskies Fans – Theme of the Week

It’s only appropriate that with College Basketball’s Final Four all set for next weekend, our fan submitted “Theme of the Week” this week is one of the Final Four teams. Theme designer “Mark Anthony” created a UCONN Huskies fan theme to show his pride for his favorite team going into next week’s games. Brand Thunder … Continued

Celebrate Easter With Easter Chrome Themes and Android Themes/Wallpapers

Easter is a time for celebration, so it only makes sense that there are so many colorful Chrome and Android Easter wallpapers and themes out there to help you enjoy the holiday. Love Easter bunnies and Easter eggs? You’ll be happy to know there are plenty of themes featuring them. Maybe you want something with … Continued

White Tiger Paradise – Theme of the Week

Spring is in the air literally and the theme designs from the past week reflect the new season. A majority of the themes created by fans in the past week had designs related to Spring including plenty of flowers, green grass, butterflies and roses. This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” incorporates many aspects of … Continued

Mozilla Firefox News and Popular Extensions for March

It’s always exciting to check in on what is going on with the world’s most popular browsers because there is never a dull moment. That certainly holds true for Mozilla Firefox this month, as it prepares to unleash a brand-new user interface to the world, possibly as soon as the release of Firefox 29. Here is … Continued

Glowing Tiger Eyes – Theme of the Week

Our choice for browser “Theme of the week” this week comes from theme designer “penelopa” and the “Glowing Tiger Eyes” design. Penelopa uses some abstract design effects to create a brilliantly designed theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The tiger’s eye’s are glowing bright green with a somewhat evil glance staring off of the user’s … Continued

Get Ready for March Madness With a NCAA Basketball Browser Theme

March Madness is finally here. For sports fans, there might not be a better time of the year. The entire month is jam-packed with college basketball, and once the big tournament starts, it fills up just about every minute of your weekend. Doing nothing but watching television never felt so good. And when you install … Continued

Show Your Irish Pride With 10 St. Patrick’s Day Themes for Chrome

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s almost officially time to party. If you’re Irish, you have plenty of reasons to be excited about the holiday, since on that day, everyone essentially wants to be you. And if you’re not Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is still a great excuse to perhaps … Continued

Pot of Gold Owl – Theme of the Week

We are just 7 days away from St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s only appropriate that we chose a St. Patrick’s Day related browser theme as our “theme of the week“. This week’s theme was created by legendary theme designer Madonna, and pays tribute to the upcoming “green” holiday. The “Pot of Gold” theme features a … Continued

St. Patrick’s Gold – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is the St. Patrick’s Gold theme from theme designer “Madonna“. It’s only appropriate with only 2 weeks until St. Patrick’s Day, that we highlight some designs that represent the holiday. Brand Thunder has created the official St. Patrick’s Day browser theme, but Madonna has designed a beautiful theme … Continued

Hop Into Spring with 15 Desktop Wallpapers for Springtime

Need that little boost to get you to spring? There is no better solution than spring wallpaper, enveloping your desktop in the beautiful sights of a season that still, somehow, seems so far away (unless it’s already spring when you read this, in which case you made it!). From colorful flowers to cute puppies and … Continued

Which Major League Baseball Team Has the Best Browser Theme?

Vote for your favorite! Spring training is here, which is proof that this horrendous winter will end and summer will eventually find its way to us. To get yourself in the right mindset for the upcoming season, we have the official browser themes for all 30 Major League Baseball clubs. Fans of every team can … Continued

Get Lucky with Leprechaun Desktop Wallpaper for St. Patrick’s Day

This winter may have felt like it lasted for an eternity, but there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel – a bright, green light. Believe it or not, but St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. And what better way to bring yourself out of the winter blues than by celebrating the … Continued

Bright City Nights – Theme of the Week

We have a really fun and hip “theme of the week” this week with Madonna‘s “Bright City Nights” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This design features an abstract image of a big city at night with huge skyscrapers, city lights and even the moon makes an appearance in the upper right-hand side of the … Continued

Firefox Love Themes to Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just about here, so there is no better time than now to give your browser the full lovey-dovey treatment. There are many symbols of love and each one can hold a special, unique meaning to us. Whatever your favorite love imagery may be, there is sure to be a Firefox theme that … Continued

Get Pumped for March Madness with NCAA Basketball Desktop Backgrounds

We might be mired in the cold, miserable depths of February, but this month still means something great: March Madness is right around the corner. For the entire month of March, sports fans are subjected to thrilling games and unbelievable upsets, from conference tournaments all the way to the national championship itself. It’s the best … Continued

Owls in Love – Theme of the Week

It’s only appropriate that our browser “theme of the week” this week celebrates the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. The “Owls in Love” theme created by theme designer “Madonna“, features two owls in love with red hearts floating in the air around them. The owls gaze into each others eyes with the look of love. Madonna … Continued

7 Essential Tools Graphic Designers Should Have in Their Arsenal

As a graphic designer you know that there’s no such thing as “good enough,” and that the status quo can always be improved on. It would give you a certain edge when you try to learn more things especially from resources such as the best coding apps. That being said, you’re probably constantly adding things … Continued

The Latest Browser News for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari – 2/6/2014

As always, there is plenty of news surrounding the browser world. We are usually set in our ways in terms of what browser we use, but seeing all of these new developments elsewhere might entice you to try something new. You never know, you might just have a new favorite browser based on your typical … Continued

NASCAR Browser Themes and Wallpaper to Get You Pumped for the Daytona 500

Now that the football season is over, it’s time to turn our attention to what’s next, and the Daytona 500 is fast approaching. Often called the “Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing,” this is by far the biggest race on the NASCAR calendar, carrying with it plenty of importance and prestige. As it’s the first … Continued

St. Louis Rams – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” features a browser theme created by a St. Louis Rams’ fan and their community of passionate fans at Brand Thunder is already home to several Official browser themes from some of the NFL’s leading teams, but the St. Louis Rams aren’t on our list yet. The “Rams … Continued

5 Coupon and Price Comparison Chrome Extensions Helping Save You Money

Shopping online is the best. It’s full of unlimited opportunities to find everything you could ever need or want. But that’s just the thing – there are just too many sites for one person to search through in order to find the best possible deal. Which is why Google Chrome price comparison extensions exist. These … Continued

14 Fun and Romantic Google Chrome Heart Themes for Valentine’s Day

What is more romantic for Valentine’s Day than the image of a big ole heart? As the lovefest holiday approaches, it’s the perfect time to surround yourself with sweet, romantic sentiments, including Valentine’s Day Chrome themes. Every time you use the Internet, you’ll be reminded that you’re loved and that there is a special someone … Continued

Wolves Full Moon – Theme of the Week

The browser “theme of the week” this week is the “Wolves Full Moon” theme from theme designer Madonna. This beautiful browser theme features two wolves perched atop the mountains looking over the night sky with a bright full moon on the horizon. There seems to be a fog or low mountain clouds that spread across … Continued

5 Google Chrome Health Apps to Help You Lead a Better Life

Are you already having trouble meeting your New Year resolutions? Don’t worry – Google Chrome is here to help. With the help of indoor plants mentioned in LA weekly‘s article and the following Google Chrome apps, you’ll be able to eat healthier, exercise more efficiently and meet all of the goals you set for yourself when … Continued

The Best Places to Get and Make Your Own Valentine’s Day eCards

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means it’s about time you started showing the people you love just how much they mean to you. One of the best ways to do so is through a Valentine’s Day eCard, which can be anything from romantic to hilarious. We’ve put together some of our favorite Valentine eCard sites, … Continued

Celebrate 5 Years with Brand Thunder with 5 Days of Gifts

Happy Birthday to us! Are we showing a few gray hairs now, yes, but we’ve loved every minute of it! To celebrate, we are giving away free Amazon gift cards for lucky fans for the next 5 days. Brand Thunder is celebrating 5 years creating custom branded browser themes for the world’s top browsers including … Continued

Boxers and Bikinis – Browser Theme of the Week

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, have you made plans with your sweetheart yet? If not, consider giving the gift of this fun and whimsical browser theme for the Valentine’s Day holiday. The “Boxer and Bikinis” browser theme created by theme designer “Madonna“, adds a touch of fun to your Valentine’s Day plans. … Continued

Brand Thunder Themes “Ad Free” in Chrome Theme Store

It’s expensive to give away a free product like browser themes. Designing, developing and creating themes requires a team of designers and developers who work meticulously on creating the best experience and designs for brands and users alike. We help supplement their time by earning affiliate revenue from some of the themes we create, like … Continued

Celebrate Love with 14 Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers

There’s no doubt about it – we are currently slogging through another tough winter, surrounded by a seemingly never-ending onslaught of snow and cold, enveloping everything around us in a consistent layer of gray. But there is a colorful light at the end of the tunnel. In February, lovers of the world will have the … Continued

Cabin by the Lake – Theme of the Week

The browser theme of the week this week is the “Cabin by the Lake” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Theme designer “Madonna” has created a beautiful nature-inspired theme with a quaint little cottage up in the mountains. Imagine you are somewhere in Montana, Northern Idaho or even Washington state in a cozy Winter cottage … Continued

What Do You Want Out of Your Favorite Browser in 2014?

When it comes to our browsers, speed and security are two obvious features we like (which can always be improved). But what else do you want to see in your favorite browser this year? Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are constantly coming up with new ways to impress users and leave each other in … Continued

Brand Thunder Themes Delivering More Than 100 Million Impressions

Themed new tab pages deepen fan engagement and time on site COLUMBUS, OH – January 6, 2014 Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, created a new tab home page that delivers more than 100 million annual impressions to its users and for its 350+ brand partners. The pages include an intense visual graphic … Continued

Linux Mint – Theme of the Week

It’s the New Year and we have a new browser “Theme of the Week” this week created by Fmcgorenc called the “Linux Mint” browser theme. Linux Mint is a popular operating system created in 2006 and according to the website it’s the 4th most popular OS behind Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Canonical’s Ubuntu. … Continued

The Best Sites for Finding HD Desktop Wallpapers

When it comes to finding HD desktop wallpapers, there is certainly no shortage of great options. The best HD desktop wallpaper sites out there give you thousands of backgrounds to choose from in just about every category you can imagine, from the abstract and weird to favorites such as sports, movies, celebrities and more. At … Continued

Get to Know the Most Popular Chrome Extensions in Early 2014

The new year is upon us, which means it’s time to up your Chrome extension game. As always, there are a ton of new, popular Chrome extensions out there dominating the market. Some are incredibly helpful and keep your web browsing as safe and fast as possible, while others are simply built for you to … Continued

Crimson 2014 – Theme of the Week

We are approaching the last days of 2013 and as we approach the New Year, we have much to be thankful for. Over the past year our gallery has grown by several thousand new themes thanks to browser theme fans like you. Using our browser theme tool, BT:Engage, fans have added beautiful new theme creations … Continued

Start 2014 Off Right with 10 New Year Desktop Wallpapers

The start of a new year always brings so many things with it, including the hope that it will be full of fantastic new opportunities. It’s a time where we make promises to ourselves to be better, to finally lose that weight or find that dream job, and while standing on the precipice of a … Continued

Country Winter Evening – Theme of the Week

With just a few days until Christmas, we’ve chosen the peaceful and cozy “Country Winter Evening” browser theme as our “Theme of the Week” this week. This serene picture displays a country farmhouse set against the backdrop of a beautiful winter evening just before Christmas. A crescent moon shines over the country home equipped with … Continued

How a Christmas Browser Theme Helps You Enjoy the Holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly here? For more than a month now, holiday commercials from various retailers have been coming at you with a relentless desire to make you see their huge deals. Holiday specials and your favorite Christmas movies have been scattered all over the television. You’ve decorated the house and made … Continued

Deer in Winter Wonderland – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” epitomizes the beauty of the Winter season with a Winter nature scene entitled “Deer in Winter Wonderland”. This theme displays rolling hills of snow with bright green pine trees scattered across the light blue horizon. Young fawn frolic in the background along with deer and birds hovering about. … Continued

Stay Informed with 6 of the Best Chrome News Extensions

We all like to stay informed, but with so many different news sources (and other distractions), it can be hard to keep up on a daily basis.Luckily, there are a variety of Chrome news extensions out there to help you sift through the online news clutter. With a news extension, you’re able to do everything … Continued

Smurf Christmas – Theme of the Week

Everyone loves the Smurfs, those little blue fictional characters that live in Mushrooms! So who doesn’t love the Smurfs celebrating Christmas?! This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a festive holiday theme for the Smurf fans out there. Theme designer “Madonna” has used a “Smurf Blue” background color that ties into the holiday imagery. … Continued

Firefox OS Now Available in 14 Countries – and Growing

In Mozilla’s march toward mobile significance, the Firefox mobile operating system can now be found in 14 different countries, with more to come. That means you can find a Firefox OS phone in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro. There are also plans to unleash the … Continued

15 Festive Holiday Desktop Wallpapers to Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

The holiday season is officially here and, as always, it’s a welcomed sight. And what better way to keep you in the holiday spirit than by downloading beautiful holiday desktop wallpaper? Holiday wallpaper is fun, colorful and celebrates the best aspects of our favorite holidays. Whether you’re waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, … Continued

Winter Sunshine – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” was designed and created by theme designer, Madonna. The “Winter Sunshine” browser theme showcases a beautiful wintery scene with snow draped pine trees against a silver gray Winter background. Madonna uses a mixture of grays, light and dark blues and white to create an enchanting Winter scene. Snowflakes … Continued

Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Firefox Christmas Themes

Christmas moves closer and closer, and with each passing day, the excitement for the holiday only grows. Suddenly, you find yourself decorating everything you can in Christmas colors and imagery, including your computer. With a Firefox Christmas theme, you can literally turn your browser into a winter wonderland. From snowy landscapes and decorative lights to … Continued

The Happy Snowman – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” is the Happy Snowman browser theme from Firefox Persona designer, Gambat. Winter has approached much of the United States this week with snow, cold weather and hints of the Winter season to come. With Christmas just around the corner, this Happy Snowman design is perfect timing for browser … Continued

5 Google Chrome Theme Makers to Help You Create the Theme of Your Dreams

You love Chrome themes. You love how they spruce up the look of your browser, from eye-popping colors to images of your favorite sports teams, celebrities, hobbies, holidays and more. You love that they turn your ordinary browser into a display of something you love. So what’s even better than finding a Chrome theme that … Continued

The Best Christmas Desktop Wallpapers for 2013

On a scale of 1-10, your excitement for Christmas at this point of the year is around, what, a million? The anticipation of Christmas is often just as great as the holiday itself, as you buy presents for loved ones, decorate your home in lights and a glorious tree, build a snowman in the front … Continued

Pilgrim Owls – Theme of the Week

With the Thanksgiving holiday a little over one week away, it’s only appropriate that our browser theme of the week represent Thanksgiving with the “Pilgrim Owls” theme. This is a perfect theme to give your browser a little holiday makeover as it features two cute little Pilgrim owls perched upon a tree branch. Theme designer … Continued

The 6 Best Firefox Shopping Add-ons to Save You Money

If you’re doing any holiday shopping this year, some of it will undoubtedly be spent online. And after installing any of these Firefox shopping add-ons, you might just be doing all of your shopping online in 2013. Whether it’s price comparisons to give you the best deal, a shopping add-on that speeds up the browser … Continued

31 of the Most Festive Christmas Chrome Themes for 2013

The Christmas and holiday season is finally here! From now until nearly the end of the year, many of us will be swept up in the holiday spirit, giddy just to know that Christmas is on the way. By downloading a Christmas theme for Google Chrome, you’re simply adding even more festive joy to your … Continued

Magic Time – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from Firefox Persona designer “Gambat” and his Magic Time theme creation. The Magic time theme is more of an abstract art design with a dichotomy between nature and man-made items. Gambat uses an assortment of butterflies that float across the background but then displays an antique clock … Continued

Most Used Browser in 2013 – Shareaholic Report

Another day, another browser market share study. And if you’re a Google Chrome user, you’re going to like what you hear. In a recent Shareaholic report, Chrome is dominating the market share with 34.68%, doubling Firefox’s market share (16.60%) and far exceeding Internet Explorer’s, which sits at 15.62%. And over the past nine months (the … Continued

20 of the Best Fall Chrome Themes for 2013

The weather is colder and the days are shorter, but the changing leaves offer a wide world of color and, when autumn arrives, it’s the sure sign that the holiday season isn’t far behind.There are plenty of reasons to love fall, and there are many fall Chrome themes that perfectly encapsulate everything that makes the … Continued

Call of Duty Ghosts – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week is the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” theme from Firefox Persona and desktop wallpaper designer, Madonna. Call of Duty Ghosts is a first-person shooter military video game and the 10th in the series from the Call of Duty team. Timing couldn’t be better as Call of Duty Ghosts is … Continued

Google Chrome OS on Tablets and Chrome in…Cars?

No one can say Google Chrome isn’t keeping busy. The browser is already a giant in the computer world, but it looks as though it could be expanding its horizons in the very near future. On one end of the spectrum, the Chrome OS seems to be making the natural progression into the tablet world. … Continued

25 Festive Thanksgiving Themes, Desktop Wallpapers, Facebook Themes & More

Sure, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have and for spending time with loved ones. But it’s also about eating a lot of great food. Whatever your reason for loving it, there are tons of Thanksgiving browser themes, desktop wallpapers and more that help you celebrate the colors and joy of this … Continued

Good Morning Sunrise – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” was designed by the talented Firefox theme designer, Gambat and his “Good Morning Sunrise” theme. Gambat uses a diverse mix of colors against the background with dark red and maroon colors further from the rising Sun and brighter reds and oranges as one moves closer to the Sun. … Continued

Ohio State Buckeyes Giveaway – Win Signed Buckeyes Gear!

THE Ohio State University and Brand Thunder have teamed up for an exciting new free giveaway for Buckeye fans, giving them the opportunity to win signed OSU gear from Buckeye sports’ celebrities. Fans can enter to win one of the following: Football – signed by Urban Meyer Basketball Men’s – signed by Thad Matta Basketball … Continued

Windows 8.1 Users Having Trouble with Google, Outlook on IE11

Internet Explorer has always had a dubious past, often the butt of jokes in the online community for the stigma against its performance and core group of users. But Microsoft has campaigned hard to prove that the newest versions of IE haven’t been like their predecessors – this is now supposed to be a fast, … Continued

Buffalo Bills Giveaway – Win an Autographed C.J. Spiller Mini Helmet!

The Buffalo Bills and Brand Thunder have teamed up to offer an amazing giveaway for Bills’ fans, giving you an opportunity to win a free autographed mini helmet from running back C.J. Spiller. Entering couldn’t be easier and quite frankly, more fun! Not only do you enter the contest to win the autographed helmet but … Continued

5 Google Chrome Productivity Extensions to Keep You Focused

Staying productive on the Internet can often be the hardest task of all. One minute you’re humming along on a project and the next, you decide to check your email just once. Then, you remember you haven’t seen your friend’s vacation photos yet on Facebook which, of course, leads you to start planning a vacation … Continued

Orca Whale Splash – Theme of the Week

We have a new browser “theme of the week” from Firefox Persona and desktop wallpaper designer “Madonna“. The theme features an Orca Whale splashing about the water with a big bright smile on its face. The Orca Whale is actually known as a killer whale but this theme puts a bright spin on the somewhat … Continued

The Ultimate University of Texas Chrome Downloads for Longhorn Fans

Everything’s bigger down in Texas, and that includes the fan base for the University of Texas Longhorns. The school has a long history of great sports programs, and there really is no color as cool as burnt orange. As a Longhorns fan, you already know how great your school/team is, so now it’s time to … Continued

Jack-o-Lanterns – Theme of the Week

Most of our fans seem to be in the Halloween mood this month, creating a number of new Halloween related browser themes. After all, the big holiday is just a couple weeks away. While Brand Thunder created the official 2013 theme for Halloween, our fans have continued to get into the holiday mood and have … Continued

ALCS and NLCS Browser Themes – Major League Baseball

You already know that Brand Thunder is the browser theme creator for all of MLB, but for this year’s American League Championship Series (ALCS) and National League Championship Series (NLCS), Brand Thunder has created new exclusive new designs on the “new tab pages” for the final four teams battling it out for the World Series. … Continued

Brand New Halloween Themes for 2013

Is there anything better than Halloween? For an entire month, we get to celebrate all things dark and terrifying, delighting in what scares us. And, even if you’re an adult, there is delicious candy all over the place, often for free. Halloween is also one of the best holidays when it comes to decorations, as … Continued

Internet Explorer 8 Still Most Popular Browser, But for How Long?

There is a constant battle raging on for the title of “Most Popular Browser” and, currently, Internet Explorer seems to be fighting itself for the honor. According to Net Applications’ recent release of global web browser usage statistics for September 2013, IE8 leads everybody with a 21.41% market share. Oddly enough, Internet Explorer 10 is … Continued

Creepy House Halloween – Theme of the Week

There’s only a few weeks left until Halloween, so it’s only apropos that our browser theme of the week pays tribute to the spooky holiday. The “Creepy House Halloween” theme created by theme designer, Madonna, showcases an eerie Halloween scene at night with a creepy green and spooky background. Madonna uses a number of familiar … Continued

Top 10 Internet Explorer 10 Themes for your Browser

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is currently the default web browser for the Windows 8 operating system, which is certainly no surprise. However, in Microsoft’s continued efforts to remain the major player in the browser game (depending on who you ask), IE10 is now being released on Windows 7. With it comes a number of new … Continued

11 NHL Hockey Browser Themes to Get You Ready for the 2013-14 Season

Hockey fans, rejoice! The new (full!) hockey season is here and it is shaping up to be a great one. There is added excitement in the revamped conferences, which see the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets head to the Eastern Conference while the Winnipeg Jets move to the West. The new playoff structure … Continued

Flirting Owls – Theme of the Week

Sometimes you just need a fun whimsical browser theme to liven up your day and theme designer “Madonna” has done that with her latest “Flirting Owls” creation for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The background is sort of a “cartoon-ish” lime green which gives the theme a light-hearted feel from the start. On the right-hand side … Continued

31 Spooky, Scary & Free Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is one of the most festive holidays out there, with people decorating just about everything in sight, including themselves. The holiday itself is full of fun, colorful and scary imagery that makes the entire month of October an exciting ride. And to help you make this Halloween as festive as ever, we’ve given you … Continued

Blue Moon – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Blue Moon” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is a simple theme with brilliant uses of blue colors from the darker blue on the edges and various shades of blue throughout. There appears to be a couple standing under … Continued

Fractal Flower Formation – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” from Madonna is the Fractal Flower Formation Theme for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Fractal designs and images are some of the more popular in the browser theme and desktop wallpaper community. It’s no wonder since the designs are typically very elaborate with mixes of numerous colors and shapes. … Continued

Abstract – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Abstract” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This is a quite hypnotic theme with a swirl of colors in multiple formations against a black background. Gambat uses the colors of the rainbow in the swirls themselves but the colors come … Continued

Can You Believe Google Chrome is Five Years Old?

With so much happening in that span, it sure doesn’t feel like Google Chrome is already five years old. But sure enough, the browser celebrated its fifth birthday this week. How Has Chrome Done It? When it was released, Chrome was entering a market that was dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (holding 72 percent of … Continued

The 5 Most Fun Chrome Extensions to Download

We’re on the Internet seemingly every hour of the day, so why not make it fun? Sure, there are helpful Chrome extensions, ones that help you work harder or stay focused. Others provide added security to your browser or block ads you have no interest in seeing. Other extensions just want to do something like … Continued

Ohio State Downloads for Every Buckeyes Fan

When it comes to dedicated fan bases in college sports, few can match the fierce pride and excitement unleashed by fans of The Ohio State University Buckeyes. And for good reason. Ohio State boasts some of the best teams across many different sports, including football and basketball. With national championship contenders nearly every year, Buckeye … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces New Internet Explorer Browser Themes

Major Upgrade Kicks-off with NCAA Football Season COLUMBUS, OH – August 27, 2013 Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, is introducing a whole new look to Internet Browser themes this week. Top college athletics programs will be the first to feature just in time for the start of the NCAA football season. With … Continued

NFL Browser Themes – Super Bowl XLVIII Contenders Edition

The sludge of the NFL preseason is nearly over, which can only mean one thing. The NFL regular season is here! As always, there are plenty of teams with legitimate chances to reach Super Bowl XLVIII, making the season a weekly display of great football and exciting matchups. We’ve collected browser themes for a handful … Continued

F(x) – Pink Tape – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Janice” and her F(x) – Pink Tape theme. F(x) is a popular South Korean girl group and Pink Tape is their second studio album. It looks like Janice is helping promote the band’s new release with this theme creation. Janice does a great job … Continued

Chrome 29 Released with Omnibox Updates, Security Fixes and More

Google released Chrome 29 to the public this week and, as always, it is full of a variety of features that are meant to make one’s experience with the browser better than ever. In this newest version, Chrome has incorporated things such as: An updated Omnibox, which now provides suggestions based on recent sites you … Continued

Get Ready for College Football with Themes for the 2013 Season

As the summer winds down, the air becomes crisper and the days are shorter, which means there is only one thing that matters: college football is back! There is nothing better than spending an autumn weekend watching your favorite collegiate team play, and a college football browser theme only makes the experience of being a … Continued

Cheetah Sunset – Theme of the Week

We had so many amazing browser theme creations this week, it was hard to pick just one winner. We’ve listed all the themes created over the past week below since they were all great. This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Madonna” and her creation entitled “Cheetah Sunset”. The theme features … Continued

A Look at the Best Firefox Themes of 2013

There are so many reasons to love Mozilla’s Firefox, from its speed and security to overall functionality. Plus, the browser is constantly updating with new features and bug fixes to ensure users are always getting the best possible experience out of it. And as the Firefox browser updates, so too do the browser themes that … Continued

Firefox 23 is Released with Plenty of New Features & Themes

As always, the release of an updated browser – especially one as big and influential as Mozilla Firefox – comes with a number of enhancements and updates. With the recently-released Firefox 23, users have been treated to a variety of things, from making social sharing even easier to security fixes that make browsing safer than … Continued

Coils of Color – Theme of the Week

Firefox Theme and Persona designer, Madonna, returned this week with a plethora of beautifully designed browser themes. This week’s “Theme of the Week” is one of Madonna’s creations, the “Coils of Color” browser theme. This theme reminds us of our own Neon lights browser theme but is distinctly different in that Madonna uses silver coils … Continued

Google Chrome’s Canary Browser Experimenting with Touch-Friendly Features

With so many methods for web browsing, companies have to constantly be looking for new ways to make the experience ideal for users. And with more and more people using mobile devices – and, soon, more touch-based laptops and desktops – to surf the Internet, the need for touch-friendly browsers has skyrocketed. That is why … Continued

The 5 Best Desktop Wallpaper Sites for 2013

The perfect-looking, high-definition desktop wallpaper for your computer or mobile device can do wonders. It can put you in the right mood to start your day. It can motivate you to follow your dreams and meet your goals. It can put you in the holiday spirit. It can get you excited for your favorite sports … Continued

Pink Studebaker – Theme of the Week

Fans of classic cars and generally fun summertime automobiles will love this week’s browser theme of the week; the Pink Studebaker theme. This model of the Studebaker is a late 1950’s model with a bright pink body and shiny chrome accents. The theme designer, Gambat, uses a sky blue color for the rest of the … Continued

Could the Next Mobile Safari Browser Use Fingerprint Technology?

The concept of biometrics – in regards to recognizing an individual through his or her fingerprint – is something that has intrigued software companies for quite some time. And now, Apple appears to be implementing the long-rumored biometric feature into the upcoming iOS7. This speculation comes from a potential snippet of code from the operating … Continued

10 One Direction Chrome Themes for the Most Passionate Fans

Boy bands that become a worldwide phenomenon, making teenage girls cry at their very presence, are certainly nothing new. Every generation has its dreamy group of singers designed to croon, dance and steal the hearts of every girl in existence.The latest boy band to do so is One Direction, an English-Irish pop group that, naturally, … Continued

Minions – Theme of the Week

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Dispicable Me”, then you’ve seen the “Minions“, those small, yellow cylindrical-shaped creatures with either one or two eyes. These creatures are almost always wearing glasses or goggles and can even turn into a glow stick when in the dark to see where they’re going. The Minions are so popular … Continued

Firefox OS to Release New Features Every Three Months

While Firefox OS is new to the game, that isn’t preventing Mozilla from keeping lofty expectations for itself. In a recent post on the Mozilla blog, Alex Keybl, the Manager of Release Management with the company, wrote that the current plan is to unleash feature releases every three months, along with security updates for the … Continued

Waterfox Themes for Users Who Love Fast Browsers

Oh, you like your Internet browsing to be fast? Do you like Firefox, but want it to be even faster? Are you a 64-bit user? If so, Waterfox  is the browser for you. What makes Waterfox so fast you ask? “Waterfox was compiled with Intel’s C++ Compiler with the following optimisations: Intel’s Math Library, SSE3, … Continued

Paper Whale – Theme of the Week

Remember in school when you used to have art class and would cut out shapes and designs from cardboard paper? Well this week’s “Theme of the Week” is reminiscent of that time period but with a browser theme twist. Madonna has created the “Paper Whale” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer that actually looks … Continued

Chrome Users: Are You Ignoring Your Browser’s Security Warnings?

Apparently, Google Chrome users like to live dangerously. According to a recent study entitled Alice in Warningland: A Large-Scale Field Study of Browser Security Warning Effectiveness (conducted by Devdatta Akhawe of the University of California, Berkeley and Adrienne Porter Felt, a research scientist with Google), of all the major browsers, Chrome users are most likely … Continued

8 Free Tumblr Themes to Start Your Blog Off Right

When it comes to blogging, Tumblr is home to some of the most uniquely focused, off-the-wall and irreverent sites on the Internet. Of course, Tumblr blogs are also full of great writing and viewpoints. That is the glory of Tumblr. One minute, you’ll be mining through pages and pages of GIFs, and the next you’ll … Continued

Rainbow on a Hill – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Madonna” and her “Rainbow on a Hill” theme creation. This lively and colorful browser theme features an almost “cartoon-ish” fantasy world where butterflies float in the sky amongst the bright green grass fields and trees scattered throughout the horizon. In the distance is the … Continued

Brand Thunder Tops 350 Brands on Strength of College Athletics

Streamline Technologies Joins List of Browser Theme Partners COLUMBUS, OH – July 11, 2013 Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, that has delivered millions of downloads and reaches hundreds of thousands users each month now has relationships with hundreds of top brands across college athletics, sports and entertainment. The signing of Streamline Technologies … Continued

5 Google Chrome Shopping Extensions That Will Change Your Life

At this point, almost all of us have purchased something online. We usually go there in search of great deals or simply for its convenience, but it is obvious that the world of online shopping is only going to grow as the Internet continues to mature. One of the best developments in the online shopping … Continued

Firefox Theme Not Working? Here’s How to Quickly Fix It

When you love your Firefox theme, seeing it not working can induce a level of sustained panic and frantic searching for how to fix it.Luckily, we have you covered. If your Firefox theme isn’t working, the problem can be solved in just a few simple steps. First, it’s a good idea to diagnose the problem. … Continued

Browser News – Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari – 7.4.13

There are a few questions that pervade the browser world on a daily basis. How is Internet Explorer still so popular? When will Apple Safari begin to lose its mobile dominance to other companies? What are the most development-friendly browsers? Which are the safest, the fastest, etc.? In the latest browser news roundup, some of … Continued

Celebrate Independence Day with USA Browser Themes

When it comes to patriotism, Americans do it right, especially on the Fourth of July. For Independence Day, barbecues are enjoyed all across the country, baseball is played, fireworks are set off and everyone enjoys time with family and friends while being reminded of the sacrifices given in order to have a day like that. … Continued

Born to Be Free – Independence Day – Theme of the Week

It only makes sense that on the week of the celebration of Independence for the United States,  we pick a browser theme that represents that day, Independence Day. Firefox theme designer, Madonna, has created a tribute to the United States on the week of its 237th birthday called the “Born to Be Free” browser theme. … Continued

8 Great Firefox Add-ons to Enhance Your Browser’s Appearance

Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted all the things a browser can do for us. But then you look at its extensions and add-ons and you are once again amazed at all of the tools, games like, and creative options you have at your disposal. This certainly holds true for Firefox, as there … Continued

Major League Soccer Downloads & Themes for Every Fan

There is no denying that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In every corner of our planet, you can find fans of this seemingly simple game with its simple premise, which is to just kick a ball into a goal. It is that simplicity – and underlying complexities and strategy – that … Continued

Love Birds – Theme of the Week

This was another great week in user-submitted browser theme designs, with a number of themes that should qualify for the “theme of the week”. But we have to just pick one and this week we choose a theme for the lovebirds out there from theme designer “Gambat” called the “Love Birds” browser theme. Gambat uses … Continued

Top Music Chrome Themes for Fans of Any Genre

Where would we be without music? Most of us listen to it while we sit at our desks all day. Then we listen to it while driving. Then we listen to it while we work out. Then we listen to it while we hang out with friends. And so on and so on. You get … Continued

Froggy Firefox – Theme of the Week

In this week’s browser “theme of the week” showcase, we highlight the “Froggy Firefox” theme from theme designer, Madonna. This light-hearted and whimsical theme features the official Mozilla Firefox logo with a frog sticking its head out from behind the logo. It’s almost as if the frog was in the logo and popped out from … Continued

Browser News – Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari Update – 6/13/13

At Brand Thunder, we love the world of browsers, which is why we love every bit of news we see about the latest developments in the browser world. And with so much competition between the Big Three (Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) – though Apple’s Safari browser is making major improvements of its own … Continued

Best New York Yankees Downloads for Fans

The New York Yankees are, without question, the most popular team in the United States, and one of the most heralded organizations in the entire world. With an almost absurdly rich tradition and history – and 27 championships under their belt – the Yankees remain the main heavyweight of the baseball world. And when it … Continued

Funny Frog – Theme of the Week

We had an amazing week of fan-submitted browser themes last week with many of the top designers submitting new work. One of the top Firefox Persona designers in the World returned to create this masterpiece of a theme called the “Funny Frog” theme. Theme designer “Gambat” included the image of what looks to be a … Continued

How to Get Customized iOS Themes on Your iPhone or iPad

If one thing is certain in this world, it is that people will revolt against any sort of restriction against individuality. And when it comes to the design of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products, there isn’t much opportunity to truly express oneself with a unique look, other than basic wallpaper. That is, unless you … Continued

Flesh-Eating Zombie Browser Themes for Chrome and Firefox

It’s a great time to be a zombie. Whether it’s film, television or print, zombies have found their way into every aspect of pop culture. Their influence ranges from the popular comic/TV series “The Walking Dead” to “World War Z”, the best-selling book that has now been turned into a summer blockbuster movie starring Brad … Continued

Hepatica Blues – Theme of the Week

Firefox Persona and browser theme designer Madonna returns this week with a number of beautiful browser themes including this gem of a theme with Hepatica Blues. Madonna has created hundreds and hundreds of amazing designs over the years and Hepatica Blues is a brilliant design for the beginning of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. … Continued

Top 5 Best Browser Games to Play Right Now

Games are one of the few things that truly unify all of us. Whenever we’re bored or simply looking for a break from work, everyone has played some sort of game to fill the time. And with most of us spending nearly all day staring at a browser screen, it shouldn’t come as a surprise … Continued

Amazing Butterfly – Theme of the Week

This week’s Firefox and Internet Explorer “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his Amazing Butterfly browser theme. This fantasy inspired theme showcases a brilliant mix of colors and graphics with the “amazing butterfly” right in the center of the browser theme. The yellow-ish butterfly flaps its wings in a seemingly fantasy … Continued

Chrome 27 Brings More Speed to Already-Speedy Browser

Like most browser updates, the release of Chrome 27 comes with a host of new features and improvements. Most notable is the five percent increase in the speed of page loads. For a browser that already loads its pages fast, this is just icing on the cake. Google attributes the speed increase to “smarter behind-the-scenes … Continued

Is Your Chrome Theme Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Let’s say you have opened your Chrome browser and it’s gone. Your favorite theme is suddenly missing, nowhere to be found. While that may make you want to freak out and panic over its absence, there is no need to throw yourself into an uncontrollable fit of anger. Having problems with Chrome isn’t fun, but … Continued

Facebook Extras to Make Your Theme Even Better

We all love Facebook, but sometimes, many people feel as though the company is not introducing new features as quickly as we would like (or simply ignoring some of them altogether). That being said, it was only a matter of time before sites began adding their own new features to Facebook. The biggest one, of … Continued

Dolphin – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his Dolphin browser theme creation. Gambat dresses up the browser with an image of a Dolphin jumping out of the water into the air and on its way into the water once again. The scene is in the evening as the sun … Continued

What is WebSearch+

What is WebSearch+? Everything you need to know about WebSearch+ and is in this post. Please read on. Brand Thunder strives to make your Internet experience a more enjoyable one – from the brands we represent to the leading technologies we incorporate in our browser themes. WebSearch+ is built into the browser theme to benefit … Continued

Country Flag Themes for Firefox

Having pride for one’s country is one of the most universal qualities there is. And with the ability to customize one’s browser however one wants, it’s no surprise that so many users love decorating their own with the flag and colors of their country. From World Cup matches to the Olympics, people want to show … Continued

Enhance Your Browser with Firefox Appearance Extensions

No matter how great something is, there is always room to make it better. If that wasn’t the case, why would Firefox extensions exist in the first place? Some of the most popular ones revolve around altering the browser’s appearance. Whether it’s to make it more convenient or simply more visually appealing, there are Firefox … Continued

Bird on Sunflower – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from Firefox Persona designer “Madonna” and her Bird on a Sunflower Firefox and Internet Explorer theme. We know from browser theme design that designing on top of a browser can provide some challenges in terms of where graphics and images are located. For example, depending on where … Continued

The Top Chrome Themes of All Time

There are literally millions of different Chrome themes out there, covering just about everything imaginable. Some Chrome themes have developed a big-time following and have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users looking to turn their browsers into things of beauty. And if you want to be cool like everyone else, you’ll definitely want … Continued

Best of Anime Themes for Firefox

Anime themes are wildly popular on every browser, and with good reason. With so many different beloved characters, stories and series, the world of anime has truly become a global sensation. Naturally, there are many different kinds of anime themes available on Firefox. As one of the major browsers, it boasts a huge volume of … Continued

Mother’s Day Card – Theme of the Week

It’s only apropos that one week before the day we give thanks to our Mothers for Mother’s Day, the Mother’s Day Card Browser Theme is our browser “theme of the week”. This theme was created by Firefox Persona designer, Madonna, perhaps a mother herself? The theme evokes memories of year’s past with a vintage style … Continued

Safari Browser Themes are Here!

For years, Apple users have known about the power of the Safari browser; its slick interface, blazing speed, secure browsing environment, and innovative features that makes Safari a top tier browser. But the one thing that Safari users didn’t have a wealth of access to were browser themes to liven up the otherwise boring Safari … Continued

Predicting a 2013 Stanley Cup Champion with NHL Browser Themes

The NHL playoffs are, by far, the best playoffs of any major sport. Unlike any other sport, an eight-seed has just as good a chance to win the Stanley Cup as a No. 1 seed. Solid goal-tending and a suffocating defense make all the difference in the NHL playoffs and a team hot in those … Continued

Summer Sunshine – Theme of the Week

Believe it or not, even with the recent cold weather, Summertime is right around the corner. As we move through Spring and into the Summer season, we’ll begin to see more “Summer” oriented browser themes created by fans getting ready for some Summer fun. This week’s theme is a foreshadow to the Summer season with … Continued

Feed Your Facebook Obsession with Facebook Themes for Firefox

Facebook wouldn’t be where it is today without gaining a few fanatics along the way. The social network has become such a part of our everyday lives that it becomes hard to tear away. You know the process. You’re at work or in class. You’re bored. What are you going to do? Scroll through Facebook, … Continued

How to Change Your Chrome New Tab Page Design

Google Chrome is known for a lot of things, including its sleek, hip design. And if you’re an avid Chrome user, you have probably noticed the New Tab page, which has now been around for a while. Obviously, the Chrome New Tab page is exactly what you see when you open a new tab in … Continued

White Flower – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from a talented Firefox Persona designer named “Gambat” and his “White Flower” browser theme. We have been seeing a number of new Spring-oriented browser themes in the past several weeks with the emergence of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This theme displays several beautiful white flowers as … Continued

8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Designers

Chrome extensions offer a little bit of everything – you can play games, easily check and update your social media channels, get the latest on your favorite sports teams, or even learn a new language. But Chrome extensions are also great for making work more efficient, particularly when it comes to the work of designers … Continued

10 Transparent Firefox Themes to Change Your Browser’s Look

Firefox themes are a lot of different things: flashy, exciting, colorful and, most of all, fun. But there is something to be said about simplicity as well. An understated or transparent Firefox theme can add the perfect amount of texture and style to your browser when you aren’t necessarily looking for something earth-shatteringly bright or … Continued

Colors of Sunshine – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” was created by Firefox Persona designer Madonna and her “Colors of Sunshine” creation. This is a nice and simple delicate theme with the use of light yellow’s in the background, hinting at Spring and Summer weather. As one moves to the right on the theme, the colors begin … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces Official Themes for Apple’s Safari Browser

COLUMBUS, OH – April 11, 2013 Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialist, has once again broken new ground in the area of browser-theme customization. Users of the Apple Safari browser can now enjoy themes from hundreds of the most recognized brands from entertainment, news and sports. It has never been this easy for … Continued

Brighten Your Browser with Solid Color Google Chrome Themes

With so many Chrome themes out there, the options for how you can deck out your browser are limitless. From movies and celebrities to sprawling scenes of nature, space and more, the categories of browser themes form a tremendous spectrum. But what if you like things simple? There are plenty of solid color Chrome themes … Continued

4 Ways to Search and Find Google Chrome Themes

As a Google Chrome user, you know how great a browser it is to use. It’s fast, secure, and offers a wide variety of extensions that make your browsing better in every way. You might also know that you can easily customize the look of your Chrome browser. With a Chrome browser theme, you can … Continued

Anime Girl – Theme of the Week

The browser “Theme of the Week” this week comes from Firefox Persona designer “Gambat” and his creation called “Anime Girl”. Anime browser themes are some of the most popular themes month after month. In fact, we just wrote a blog post about the prevalence of Anime themes and some of the top designs out there … Continued

Amazing Anime Browser Themes for Chrome, Firefox and IE

The world of anime is extremely popular, and can be found in everything from comic books to television shows and feature films. With a distinct style and mode of storytelling, anime’s influence only continues to grow. While the look and feel of anime may differ from artist to artist and studio to studio, there are … Continued

Opening Day 2013 MLB Browser Themes

After six long months, the time has finally come. Baseball season is here! And for the second year in a row, Brand Thunder has worked with to create the OFFICIAL browser themes for all 30 Major League clubs. Better yet, we have created brand-new designs for every team this season, along with continuing to … Continued

Fine Froggy Spring Day – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from browser theme designer “Madonna” and her “Fine Froggy Spring Day” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. While Spring has “sprung” across most of the US and other parts of the world, a few locations are still seeing the cold weather with hints of Spring right … Continued

Show Your Allegiance with Android Google Chrome Themes

When it comes to mobile operating system dominance, the battle between Apple’s iOS and the Android platform continues to rage on. Android is doing a lot of things right, which includes being installed on a wide variety of devices around the world. That global impact can’t be understated and currently, 58 percent of smartphone app … Continued

Gear Up for the 2013 Sweet 16 with NCAA Tournament Browser Themes

As always, the NCAA tournament has provided us with jaw-dropping moments, exciting games, and Cinderella teams (be honest: had you heard of Florida Gulf Coast University until this tournament?). At Brand Thunder, we’ve partnered with many universities to provide fans with official browser themes that allow users to closely follow all of the action surrounding … Continued

Happy Easter – Theme of the Week

It’s only appropriate that the week of Easter we choose the “Happy Easter” theme as our fan-submitted browser “Theme of the Week”. Theme designer Gambat has created a lighthearted and whimsically fun browser theme for the Easter holiday. Visions of Spring display in the background with light green grass, Easter eggs and a few blooms … Continued

Fun and Colorful Easter Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Spring is finally here, which (hopefully) means warm weather is on the way. With the new season also comes Easter, a holiday that brings families together and is full of hope, color and fun (everything you would hope spring to be). There are tons of great Easter themes out there – some are certainly fun … Continued

Brand Thunder Predicts the 2013 Final Four with March Madness Themes

For sports fans, this is truly the greatest time of the year. March Madness is finally upon us, which means it’s time to fill out brackets, find the Cinderella teams, and choose a champion of the college basketball world. While picking a winner is certainly easier said than done, nothing beats the marathon of games … Continued

Explosive Green Flower – Theme of the Week

The Firefox and Internet Explorer “Theme of the Week” this week comes from one of the most respected Firefox Persona designers in the world, Madonna. The “Explosive Green Flower” theme features a glowing green flower with an explosive blast of bright green colors permeating from the head of the flower. A nod maybe to the … Continued

Mac Desktop Backgrounds That Make Your Computer Pop

You like to express yourself, right? Who doesn’t? And you probably spend plenty of time on the computer too. So why not express yourself on your Mac computer? Style-wise, Mac desktop backgrounds contain a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for bright, eye-popping colors or motivational phrases to greet you each morning, there is … Continued

Brand Thunder’s MLB Browser Themes Predict the 2013 World Series

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is nearly upon us and with it comes a summer full of tremendous overachieving and crushed expectations. Of course, it also comes with hyped teams doing exactly what they’re supposed to do: win. No matter where your team falls in that spectrum, though, we have the baseball browser theme … Continued

Hot Road Car – Theme of the Week

This week’s user-submitted browser “theme of the week“ comes from Firefox Persona designer Gambat and his “Hot Road” creation. This theme features a classic old Hot Rod speeding away from another classic car in the distance. The Hot Rod is turning quickly at high speeds as its wheels actually leave the surface of the road. … Continued

Get Festive with St. Patrick’s Day Desktop Wallpaper

In March, everyone ends up being a little Irish once the festivities for St. Patrick’s Day begin. Decked out in green and partying the day away, people celebrating this holiday certainly know how to have fun. And if you’re an especially big fan of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important to show your pride any way … Continued

Irish Gold – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. The “Irish Gold” theme features fun Irish imagery with an assortment of green shamrocks with lucky green 4-leaf clovers and a splattering of gold coins mixed in. The theme has a dark black background on the left hand … Continued

Celebrate Your Updated Browser with New Firefox 19 Themes

Mozilla has recently released Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, unleashing a number of new features to its faithful users. The most notable enhancements to the browser include a built-in PDF viewer and faster start-up times (i.e. constantly clicking on the Firefox logo so it will load will now only result in one … Continued

Mobile Themes: Enhance Your Mobile Browser with Firefox Themes for Android

In many ways, the mobile browser world is even more competitive than the desktop browser world, which is essentially dominated by the Big Three (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). But with many other viable mobile browser options vying for the attention of users, the usual browser giants have had to step up their … Continued

Fireflies in the Forest – Theme of the Week

Visions of Summertime are starting to appear in the Brand Thunder gallery as theme designers must obviously be tired of the long Winter and the cold Winter evenings in the Northern Hemisphere. This week’s “Theme of the Week” hints at the Summer season with a beautifully designed “Fireflies in the Forest” theme for Firefox and … Continued

MLB Wallpapers to Get You Pumped for the Season

Spring Training is in full swing, which means it’s time for baseball fans to finally come out of hibernation. And what better way to get excited for the new season than with some new MLB wallpaper? From team logos and mascots to stadiums, players and more, there is wallpaper that celebrates literally every aspect of … Continued

How to Change Your Facebook Layout & Find New Designs

There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re on the Internet, you’re also using Facebook. The social networking behemoth has essentially ingrained itself into our lives, making it as important as air or water. Okay, so Facebook might not be that important, but it’s definitely something many of us cannot live without. The only problem … Continued

Jaguar Fractal – Theme of the Week

It’s no surprise that Fractal designs have become some of the most popular designs across the web for desktop graphics like wallpapers and screen savers, so it’s been a welcome addition to fans of browser themes. In recent months we’ve seen an increase in fan-submitted Fractal oriented browser themes including this week’s “Theme of the … Continued

Sweepstakes for College Basketball Fans

It’s a Big Contest In the run up to the madness of March, college basketball fans have another thing to cheer about. Every Brand Thunder browser theme for participating schools in the CBS College Sports Network will have exclusive access to a Fathead-sponsored sweepstakes. That’s big! Fathead Kind of Big It’s more than the 2 … Continued

Remember These Old Web Browsers?

These days, the browser world is dominated by the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, each one crammed with a host of features that do everything from amp up security and increase overall speed to providing SEO tools and endless hours of entertainment. Today, you can visit an official website with an … Continued

Gear Up for March Madness with College Basketball Wallpapers & Themes

You know it’s coming. You can feel it in the air. It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite time of the year – March Madness. And with so much parity floating around college basketball, it’s going to be especially hard to pick a champion this year (which only makes the tournament that much better). If you’re … Continued

Colors of Music – Theme of the Week

It’s only fitting a day after the Grammy awards was held that our top “Theme of the Week” is a music related browser theme. The “Colors of Music” theme by Firefox persona designer ‘Madonna‘ bursts with a rainbow of colors and sound bars. You can envision music playing and the colorful beams of light bouncing … Continued

Show Off Your Mozilla Pride with Firefox Desktop Wallpaper

The best web browsers in the world offer a little bit of everything, from speed and security to reliability, access to great extensions, a wide variety of customized themes and more. It’s no wonder, then, that fans are so intent on showing their support for their favorite browsers. This is no different for Firefox aficionados … Continued

Get a Chrome 25 Extension Update Reminder from Brand Thunder

With great power comes great responsibility, especially when you are one of the most popular web browsers on the planet. Like every other browser out there, Google Chrome works tirelessly to stay ahead of hackers and cyber criminals. With each new update that enhances security, malware works just as tirelessly to find ways around it. … Continued

Heart and Flames – Theme of the Week

The browser theme of the week for last week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his creation called “Heart and Flames“. With Valentine’s Day just over a week away, Gambat chose some flaming hearts to represent the season. A fiery red and blue heart collide in the middle of the theme to create a bright … Continued

5 Chrome Gmail Extensions to Enhance Your Gmail Experience

As one of the three powerhouse browsers on the market, Google Chrome is always finding ways to keep its users happy. One of its best features is its gigantic library of extensions, designed to enhance the online experience in an unlimited number of ways. Chrome extensions range from games and social media functions to developer … Continued

Valentine’s Day Firefox Personas and Themes to Fall in Love With

As January draws to a close, it’s time for all of us to set our sights on the next big holiday coming down the pike: Valentine’s Day. It’s a polarizing holiday, that’s for sure. But we’re pretty sure the Valentine’s Day detractors are made up mostly of bitter people who simply don’t have anyone to … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces “It’s Official” Year-Long Giveaway

COLUMBUS, OH – January 28, 2013 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists and provider of more “Official” browser themes than any other company in the world, announced today its year-long celebration of official giveaways. Brand Thunder is offering at least one giveaway a month for the next 12 months to members of … Continued

It’s Official Giveaway

We just keep giving it away. Brand Thunder’s free themes are just the beginning. If you’re an active part of our community, you’re automatically entered to win in our new “It’s Official” giveaway. Monthly Giveaways Brand Thunder is offering at least one giveaway a month for the next 12 months. Why the uncertainty? Well, we … Continued

Valentine Cats – Theme of the Week

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. While Brand Thunder has some of the best Valentine’s Day themes for Chrome, Firefox or IE, our users have created an assortments of amazing Valentine’s related themes over the years. This week’s theme comes from theme designer “Madonna” and the Valentine Cats browser … Continued

A Look at Firefox 18 Features and Themes

Chances are, if you’re an avid Firefox user, you have now had some time to get used to Firefox 18 and all of its features. You might have also noticed by now its increased speed, which was a major aspect of the browser update. That is thanks to Firefox’s new JavaScript engine called IonMonkey, which … Continued

The Best Nature Desktop Wallpapers

There is nothing more awe-inspiring in this world than nature itself. From cavernous mountain ranges to swirling oceans and more, there is always something in nature that you’ve never quite seen before. That’s why nature wallpapers are some of the best options for your desktop. You can choose from literally anything – an entrancing sunset, … Continued

Leopard Fractal – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from Firefox Persona designer, Gambat, and his creation, the “Leopard Fractal” theme. Fractals have been popular creations in both browser themes and desktop wallpapers over the years and the Leopard Fractal is one of the better ones we’ve seen in recent months. A “Fractal” is geometric pattern … Continued

How to Enable Your Chrome Extensions After Chrome 25 Release

If you installed an extension that you didn’t get from Google’s Chrome Web Store, it’s getting turned off when Google releases Chrome 25. Unlike most software that prompts you for an update, Google updates silently – so one day your browser will stop working the way you expect it. Here’s what you need to know … Continued

Chrome 25 Installation Breaks Browser Themes

Google Chrome is updating its product again, silently. but it’s making a lot of noise in the browser community. Here are the steps you need to take to protect your favorite browser theme. And if you want a reminder about this when Chrome 25 launches, tell us how to reach you on this page: … Continued

Show Your Desktop Some Love with Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Love is in the air these days, and we know how much you want the world (even if it’s your own world) to know when you’ve found that special someone. With free Valentine’s Day wallpapers, you’ll be able to completely surround yourself with all things love-related, especially if you spend most of your day around … Continued

Celebrate Love with Valentine’s Day Google Chrome Themes

It may be the middle of winter, but the season of love is fast approaching. That’s right – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes plenty of love-based stories, articles, movies, TV shows and more. Of course, now is also the perfect time to change your Google Chrome theme to match … Continued

Winter Wonderland Cottage – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from Firefox persona designer “MaDonna” and her creation entitled “Winter Wonderland Cottage”. As we enter the heart of the Winter months here in the Northern Hemisphere, visions of Winter are abound across the country with frequent snow storms and colder weather. While Spring, Summer and Autumn provide … Continued

Browser Wars 2012: The Year in Review & Looking Forward to 2013

The Internet browser wars have been raging on for a while now, with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (though Safari is in the fold) essentially jockeying back and forth to become the most popular/safest/fastest etc. options out there. As these browser giants compete, users win. Significant updates are rolled out on a … Continued

Brand Thunder and Universal Uclick Bring Popular Comic Strips to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Browsers

COLUMBUS, OH – January 8, 2013 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists, and the Universal Uclick division of Andrews McMeel Universal have announced an agreement to bring official browser themes to some of the most beloved comic strips in entertainment. Starting in this month, themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer will … Continued

NHL Themes for the 2013 Season

Rejoice, hockey fans! Almost unbelievably, the NHL and NHLPA managed to strike a new deal, allowing the league to conduct a shortened – but eagerly anticipated – season in 2013. At Brand Thunder, we are huge hockey fans, and we’re proud to provide the official browser themes for a number of NHL teams. In an … Continued

Cartoon Mummy – Theme of the Week

Our Firefox and Internet Explorer “Theme of the week” this week comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his creation, “Cartoon Mummy Browser Theme”. This theme features a gruesome mummy under candlelight in a dark and ominous scene. The mummy’s has some missing teeth as well as a wet tongue flapping around his mouth with saliva … Continued

10 of the Best iPad Winter Wallpapers

The holidays are over, but the winter is still here and not going anywhere, so why not celebrate it? Snowy landscapes are still as serene as ever, and they provide the perfect backdrop for your iPad. We’ve put together a few free iPad wallpapers that are sure to keep you in the proper winter spirit, … Continued

The Best Free Android Themes You Can Find

In this blog, we have talked a lot about the best themes for your web browser, whether it’s for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. We love the myriad of benefits that come from browser themes, especially the way in which you can completely enhance the style and functionality of your Internet experience. And if … Continued

New Year 2013 – Theme of the Week

As usual, we had quite a number of themes that qualified to be the “theme of the week” this week, but one stood out from the rest because of the natural timing of the theme. The “New Year 2013” browser theme is our choice for the theme of the week this week since after all, … Continued

The Top Chrome Themes to Try for 2013

As always, a new year has managed to sneak up on all of us, making us wonder just where all of our time has gone. But while we mourn the end of 2012, a brand-new year also brings with it feelings of renewed hope and resolution. Now is the time to devote ourselves to being … Continued

How to Change Your Facebook Theme

As the largest and most successful social network in the world, Facebook has claimed more than a few addicts. But for all of the things that people love about it, there are just as many people miffed at the fact that there is nothing to be done about customizing Facebook. That blue layout taunts users, … Continued

Essential Google Chrome Social Media Extensions

Social media is an incredibly important aspect of our lives, as more and more of us continue to feel the need to be connected at all times. Whether it’s creating a status update that generates a discussion on Facebook, sharing your thoughts on a TV show on Twitter or posting your favorite furniture from … Continued

Color Splash – Theme of the Week

This week’s Brand Thunder browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his creation called the “Color Splash”. As the name might imply, this is a colorful theme encompassing all the colors of the rainbow from Red all the way to dark blue. It’s as if there were stones or balls were … Continued

Learn How to Personalize Your Web Browser with a New Theme

Most of us use the Internet every single day. And most of us do so using one of the three most popular browsers out there: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Each one comes with a host of features and desirable qualities; many times, choosing a browser to use comes down to one’s personal … Continued

Who is Winning the Mobile Browser War?

The battle for Internet browser supremacy has been narrowed to three competitors: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the old mainstay, Internet Explorer. While Internet Explorer remains a key player – especially after its latest overhaul and marketing campaign – Chrome has captured the majority of online users. The battle for mobile browser supremacy is another … Continued

Top 5 Must Have Chrome Extensions this December

If you’re a Chrome fiend, then you know that there is a vast and growing library of extensions out there that enhance your experience on the browser. The various trending or popular Chrome extensions change on a regular basis, so if you’re always looking for a new way to enhance your browser, regularly checking the … Continued

Christmas at Home – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” was created by Firefox Persona designer Madonna with her “Christmas at Home” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme is a perfect fit for this season as it displays picturesque Winter holiday imagery directly on your browser. Imagine coming home for Christmas with a fresh coat of … Continued

Best New Justin Bieber Themes for the Most Hardcore Fans

Like so many young pop stars before him, the simple mention of his name sends fans into an uncontrollable frenzy. His music is all over the radio and his love life is constant fodder for every tabloid and entertainment website out there. Who are we talking about? Justin Bieber, of course. As his music matures … Continued

Animated Christmas Wallpapers and Screensavers for Your Desktop

December is here, which means the true countdown to Christmas has begun. It’s time to put up the tree, shop for gifts, and spend time with loved ones. It’s hard not to be consumed by the magic and allure of the holiday season, which means many of us decorate everything we have in Christmas items, … Continued

Monster Mummy – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Monster Mummy” creation. Gambat uses a dark blue and purple background on the left hand side of the theme and slowly fades in some lighter blues along with some lightning to help accentuate the Monster Mummy creation he has added to … Continued

2012 College Football Recap: 8 Top College Football Themes

It’s been another wild and crazy college football season, and it’s that kind of unpredictability that keeps us coming back for more. From unlikely undefeated seasons to freshman quarterback sensations, this season had a little bit of everything. It’s definitely a great time to be a fan of the game, so why not show off … Continued

9 Trending Chrome Themes for December

As fall slowly turns into winter, the hot Google Chrome themes out there continue to change. If you like your browser to always look fresh, it would be in your best interest to stay up-to-date on all of the trending Chrome themes. There is always an eclectic group of popular themes, covering everything from upcoming … Continued

10 Stunning Firefox 17 Themes to Celebrate the New Browser

For many of us, social media has become so ingrained in our lives that it’s hard to escape it (not that we would ever really want to in the first place). With the release of Firefox 17, Mozilla recognized this mindset and has completely embraced it. With its new Social API, Mozilla has made Facebook … Continued

Fall to Winter – Theme of the Week

This week’s choice for browser “Theme of the Week” was a very tough one as we had a number of new entries into our gallery. In the end, the “Fall to Winter” browser theme captured the essence of the change of seasons and provided an excellent design for any Firefox or Internet Explorer user. This … Continued

Winter Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

The time for winter is nearly here. While that does mean cold weather (which some people do look forward to), it also means warm nights at home and a slew of winter activities, such as sledding, snowball fights, snowman-building, and so much more. For those of us lucky enough to experience winter, we know it … Continued

Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

With the holidays here, now is the time to adorn your entire home with the colors and decorations of the season. From bulb-covered Christmas trees to the outdoor lighting extravaganzas that will be taking place, this truly is one of the most beautiful times of the year. At Brand Thunder, we’ve talked about some of … Continued

Cat Fractal – Theme of the Week

The Firefox and Internet Explorer “theme of the week” this week comes from one of the most popular theme designers online, “Gambat”. Gambat is known for his assortment of beautifully designed Firefox Personas and themes in the GetPersonas gallery. Recently Gambat discovered Brand Thunder’s free Firefox and IE theme tool and began creating a plethora … Continued

The Best Video Game Browser Themes (and More)

With the holidays approaching, now is a great time of year for video game releases. And with each passing year, the visual quality and storytelling of video games like dadu online seems to improve, making them as popular as ever. Naturally, there are an endless amount of video game themes for Internet Explorer, Firefox and … Continued

10 Christmas Themes for Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

If you believe the retail stores, the Christmas season has been here since October. But now, it’s much more of a reality as Thanksgiving gets closer. That means it’s almost time for great food, time with family and friends, and, of course, increased shopping. It’s also a time to decorate your life with the sights, … Continued

Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Desktop Themes

The holiday season is officially upon us. After October, it’s a full-on bombardment of holiday advertising until the big day – Christmas – is actually here. While that sometimes leaves Thanksgiving in the dust, it’s hard not to be at least a little excited for the joy Christmas can bring. If you’re a fanatic for … Continued

Houston Texans Announce Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS, OH – The Houston Texans have partnered with Brand Thunder LLC to launch an official Houston Texans browser theme for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The themes are available for immediate download on, the team’s official website. A stunning addition to any Internet experience, the themes feature official logos, colors and a custom … Continued

The Joker – Theme of the Week

This week’s “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Gambat“ and his take on “The Joker”, the famous character from the Batman series. As you may know, the Joker is the archenemy of Batman, a master criminal and violent psychopath known for murdering people for his own amusement. The Joker is one of the … Continued

Winner! Most Popular Theme in Pop Culture Contest

Our 2012 Browser Theme Contest concludes with the winner of Most Popular Theme and Pop Couture came out on top. Fashion is a cutthroat and competitive industry, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the inspired Pop Couture theme pulled a victory from competition with deep roots in the digital community. Here’s how the votes tallied … Continued

Firefox & Chrome Shopping Extensions for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to begin scouring the Internet for all of your shopping needs. While that is usually a very involved process, as so many sites are throwing their deals at you, you can make it easier on yourself. There are a variety of Firefox and Chrome extensions out there … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving Themes for Chrome, Firefox & Explorer

Now that the calendar has turned to November, we can begin to look forward to Thanksgiving. Not only is it a time to eat plenty of food, but it is a time to be thankful for what we have (such as plenty of food). Of course, the colors of the season provide a perfect backdrop, … Continued

Medal of Honor Warfighter – Theme of the Week

Some of our most popular browser themes every month are those dealing with video games. It’s no surprise since the video game industry is one of the largest industries in the World. This week’s theme takes one of the most popular video games and pays tribute to it in the form of a theme for … Continued

Winner – Best Design Pop Culture Theme!

We knew the choice of “Best Design” for our Pop Culture browser theme contest was going to be a hard one. It’s a topic that opened itself up to a wide range of interpretation and entries – from starlets to Star Wars, teen idols to American Idols.  How do you find the best design from … Continued

OMG! Pop Culture Theme Contest Finalists are Here!

The Judges Have Spoken The finalists of Brand Thunder’s Pop Culture Theme Contest have emerged. After many hours of debate and many libations… I mean, much deliberation we finally got some responses that were vaguely intelligible and could use. Below you’ll find the three semi-finalist themes that our mystery judges decided on as worthy contenders … Continued

10 Firefox Browser Shortcuts (in Windows) You Need to Know

Web browsing is all about efficiency these days. As the major players in the market fight for supremacy, each browser has its own set of shortcuts that are meant to make everyday surfing and in-browser work easier than ever. Firefox holds an especially advantageous position when it comes to browser shortcuts, because the Mozilla product … Continued

Spice Up Your New Operating System with Windows 8 Themes

The new Windows 8 operating system has been released to the public, completing a pretty drastic overhaul of what has been a classic look for the company. As more people use smartphones and tablets, Windows tailored its new operating system to reflect and embrace the changing media landscape. Better yet, devices that utilize Windows 8 … Continued

Get Fired Up Over These Firefox 16 Themes

When Firefox 16 was released earlier this month, Mozilla had to pull it almost immediately due to a few security flaws. Those flaws were quickly fixed, though, and Firefox 16 has been up and running without any security issues since. As you download and get used to the updated browser, be sure to enhance its … Continued

Lady Gaga – Theme of the Week

This week’s “browser theme of the week” is a tribute to one of the biggest Pop stars in the world, Lady Gaga. This theme features head shots of Lady Gaga across the top of the theme with three different expressions on her face. In the first image, Lady Gaga looks through her hand like a … Continued

Support Your Team with a World Series Browser Theme

The 2012 World Series is officially in swing (pun intended). The Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants are facing off for baseball supremacy, and this series already has the makings of becoming a classic. At Brand Thunder, we have the official browser themes not only for the Tigers and Giants, but for every Major League … Continued

Where Can You Find Google Chromebook Themes?

The relaunch of Google’s Chromebook has been met with much anticipation. With the very affordable introductory price of $250, the new Chromebook has already jumped to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list. The Wi-Fi or 3G/Wi-Fi Chrome laptop has a lot of great features, from its 11.6” screen and weight (under 2.5 pounds) to 6.5 … Continued

Great NBA Chrome Themes for the 2012 Season

A new NBA season is fast approaching, which basketball fans should be especially thankful for, considering last season’s lockout. It’s shaping up to be an especially intriguing 2012 NBA season with the Miami Heat now the defending champions. Can LeBron James and the Heat actually build on that promise of multiple championships? Or will teams … Continued

Grave Watcher – Theme of the Week

We are less than two weeks away from Halloween and the Halloween-related browser themes are very popular this time of year. It’s no surprise that our fans are creating Halloween related themes to get ready for the big day. This week’s fan “Theme of the Week” is the “Grave Watcher” theme; a perfect theme to … Continued

Is There an iPad Mini on the Way?

Now that Apple has sent out invites for an event on Tuesday, Oct. 23, the rumors have begun to fly about the release of the rumored iPad Mini. It would make sense for the iPad Mini to be released now, right when the holiday shopping season is starting. It would also be competing with the … Continued

Rev Up Your Browser With Some Google Chrome Car Themes

There is no denying that people love cars. Whether it’s the sleek luxury models or powerful muscle cars, people collect, race, seek out, and dream about cars. And with the variety that comes with so many different cars, it’s hard for someone to not find a model that he/she likes. Car enthusiasts are certainly a … Continued

Grab a Spooky Halloween Desktop Theme for Your Computer

For fans of horror, October is the greatest month of all. For 31 days, television channels offer a constant stream of scary movies, people are obsessed with finding a costume to wear, and the decorations of the season are found just about everywhere. If you’re a big fan of Halloween, you love everything that goes … Continued

Justin Bieber Fever – Theme of the Week

We are right in the middle of our “Pop Culture” theme contest and we’ve seen some great music, TV show and other pop culture themes. Probably the most popular pop star in the world today is Justin Bieber, so it’s no surprise that our “theme of the week” this week celebrates the popular Canadian singer-songwriter … Continued

Catch Up on Your K-Pop with a Super Junior Chrome Theme

South Korean pop music seems to be all the rage these days. While just about everybody knows Psy by now, Super Junior is another popular group from the country. Whereas Psy is a solo artist, Super Junior is literally a super group, with 13 total members at one point. Formed in 2005, Super Junior debuted … Continued

Handwrite Google Searches on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Google has always been about making web searching as easy as possible for its users. In addition to forever-changing algorithms and results based on personal preferences, Google also offers handy tools to make the actual act of searching simpler than ever. One of those tools is the nifty Google handwriting function, which allows you to … Continued

Hallowed Night – Theme of the Week

There were a number of great browser themes submitted this past week, especially since the launch of our latest “pop-culture” theme contest where the winners receive new Nexus 7’s. But this week we choose a very spooky and scary theme just in time for the Halloween season, with the “Hallowed Night” theme. This theme features … Continued

The Best Internet Explorer Add-ons Available Right Now

All of the major web browsers out there pride themselves on their ability to be customized, offering users a unique, convenient and fun experience. Internet Explorer is certainly no different, as IE add-ons allow you to personalize the browser for how you access your favorite content and services. Though Internet Explorer add-ons cover almost any … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces New Browser Theme Contest – Nexus Between Pop Culture and Browser Themes

COLUMBUS, OH (October 2, 2012) – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced its newest contest for its BT:Engage do-it-yourself browser theme creator ( The topic is Pop Culture. The prizes are Nexus 7s, the new tablet from Google, and Amazon gift cards. There are two first prizewinners: Best Theme as chosen by … Continued

Popular Chrome Themes for the Fall Season

Those treasured days of summer are officially over as we welcome the autumn season, with all of its chilly air and occasional rainy days. As the weather starts to change (is there anything better than hoodie season?), so too should your Google Chrome theme. Popular Chrome themes change with regularity, but at this time of … Continued

Pop Culture Browser Theme Contest

Build a Theme. Win a Nexus. Win a Nexus 7 in less than 5 minutes. We did it last holiday season. We’re doing it again. Bigger and better. Brand Thunder’s latest browser theme contest has launched – with two first place prizes! One for most popular – chosen by the votes of the browser theme community. … Continued

Wonder Water World – Theme of the Week

Imagine scuba diving in the depths of the coral reefs off the coast of an exotic location and seeing the most brilliant colored sea life you’ve ever experienced in your life. Our browser “Theme of the Week” this weeks transports you to a location just like this with a dazzling assortment of underwater coral, starfish, … Continued

Chrome 22 Released – Will You Be Upgrading?

The newest version of the Google Chrome browser – Chrome 22 to be exact – has been released to the public, and gamers will be particularly pleased with the latest upgrades. Specifically, there is now support for the Pointer Lock JavaScript API, otherwise known as a “mouse lock.” This allows for more accurate gaming while … Continued

Looking for Chrome Personas? Google Calls Them Chrome Themes

Firefox users are likely familiar with the concept of both Personas and themes. When looking to customize the browser, they can choose between either one of those options, with each one having its own set of features. With that in mind, Google Chrome users who have come over from Firefox might be looking for “Chrome … Continued

Gothic Goddess – Theme of the Week

Fans of the “Goth” subculture and Gothic Rock will enjoy the browser “Theme of the Week” this week with the Gothic Goddess theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme features a Gothic beauty with striking eyes and a dangling spider on the left-hand side of her cheek. The enigmatic eyes with dark eyeshadow look … Continued

The Top Sites to Find Amazing Desktop Themes

By now, you probably know that you can customize your Internet browser to match any interest you have. If you are an avid sports fan, your browser can represent your favorite team. Love a certain holiday? Celebrate in your browser all year long. But did you know you can also completely customize your entire desktop? … Continued

Create Your Own Enhanced Toolbar in Minutes

If your company is looking for a new way to advertise or market a product, getting involved in the world of toolbars and browser themes could be a perfect fit. And if you own a business like a real estate business you can turn your WordPress website into the hub of your brand, lead generation, … Continued

Lightning in the Desert – Theme of the Week

Imaging you are hiking in the great wild west in the Arizona desert and the next thing you know, the sky turns dark, the clouds come rolling in like a herd of cattle over the mountain tops, and a musty smell permeates throughout the air. This is exactly the feeling you get when wearing the … Continued