Here at Brand Thunder, we’re constantly working on innovative ways to help your brand, school or team seamlessly engage with your audience and create more effective, targeted digital advertising experiences that boost your revenue.

And while your biggest brand champions are donning your logo across every digital device they own, our fully customizable browser themes and mobile apps are also spreading your brand’s message loud and clear. In addition to our “New Tab Page” offering great ways to drive social engagement, our browser theme cross-promotion benefits and BT:Social features both pack a big punch when it comes to better advertising practices for your brand.

Cross-Promoting is Key to Brand Advertising Success

Cross-promotion is a proven practice that can work across multiple digital platforms and social networks. But, there are right and wrong ways to do this. Brand Thunder thrives when it comes to cross-promoting your brand; allowing you to reach the audience you truly want while pushing your message without looking “spammy.”

This example shows a successful Brand Thunder theme cross-promotion initiative by the Detroit Lions. As you can see, just one Facebook post promotes the Detroit Lions photo gallery, satisfies sponsor activation and increases browser theme downloads. To bring the advertising effort back full-circle, the Lions are also able to host their sponsored gallery inside the theme itself, expanding their reach.

Detroit Lions Browser Theme Screenshot


The Houston Texans also leveraged the benefits of their own fully-customizable team browser theme to promote their draft coverage, reinforcing the importance of using these cross-promotion tools and techniques.

Houston Texans Browser Theme


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Brand Benefits of BT:Social

The BT:Social platform is a Facebook app that allows your brand to develop a connection with your fans. It also includes easy-to-tell sponsorship placements on your branded browser that bring in new revenue. BT:Social offers sell-able inventory for new sponsorship dollars, new communication opportunities via Facebook notifications plus detailed and valuable insights to make sure you’re engaging with your target audience at a higher level.

A successful example: The Ohio State Buckeyes collaborated with an outside advertiser on a social promotion called “Player of the Week.” Fans who downloaded the OSU mobile browser app would receive push notifications enticing them to vote for who they thought was the best player of the game. Upon voting, the fan would be prompted to sync their app with Facebook to push out the “Player of the Week” message to their friends and followers. In addition to social promoting, Ohio State received valuable demographic information about each fan who voted due to the Facebook sync feature.

The video below showcases the deeply integrated, yet user-friendly experience of BT:Social.

BT: Social About Video




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