At this point, almost all of us have purchased something online. We usually go there in search of great deals or simply for its convenience, but it is obvious that the world of online shopping is only going to grow as the Internet continues to mature.

One of the best developments in the online shopping world is the rise of browser add-ons and extensions that make purchasing anything (literally anything) more convenient than ever. In Google’s case, there are so many kinds of Chrome shopping extensions out there, offering everything from deals to aggregated listings across multiple sites.

In order to make your experience even better, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Chrome shopping extensions.

Brand Thunder Price Comparison Extension

With Brand Thunder’s Google Chrome Shopping Extension, users will be prompted with the best deals and coupons right from their browser from some of the Web’s most popular merchants like Walmart, Target and Best Buy. While you surf, the Websearch+ shopping enhancements will deliver pricing “alerts” where you can view some of the instant deals available. This is a perfect shopping extension for those that don’t want to go out and find deals, but have deals delivered right to you. The extension also comes equipped from Brand Thunder’s beautiful holiday themes that liven up your browser for the season.

Price Comparison Shopping Google Chrome

Brand Thunder Price Comparison Chrome Extension

Price Finder Chrome Extension

Price Finder Chrome Shopping Extension


No matter what kind of shopping you’re doing, you always want to find the best possible price. With the Price Finder Chrome extension, hundreds of retailers and more than 70 million products will be searched and compared in order to find you the best deal on what you are buying.

eBay Extension for Google Chrome

eBay Chrome ExtensionWhen it comes to online shopping, eBay is one of the heavy hitters. It seems to only continue to grow in popularity, as sellers range anywhere from people unloading stuff they found in the basement to fully-functioning businesses reaching out to a wider customer base. Whatever you are looking for, eBay is bound to have it, and this Chrome extension allows you to keep track of everything you are buying, selling, watching and more right in your browser.

Add to Amazon Wish List Extension

Amazon Chrome Extension

With the ease of this shopping extension, you might find your Amazon Wish List growing at an exponential pace. Whenever you are shopping online, you can easily add an item to your wish list and adjust details such as price and quantity while also adding your own comments.

Craigslist Pop.

Craigslist Pop Extension

Craigslist is another great online shopping destination, especially as it gives you options for items people are selling in your own city. With so many items to sift through, though, it can be tiresome always opening a new tab or window to look at the listings on each page. Thanks to this handy extension, you can simply scroll over a listing’s headline and get a preview of its description. Simple, clean and fast – this truly is the best way to browse Craigslist.

Bonus Extension: ZenDeals: Get Verified Coupons

ZenDeals Chrome Shopping Extension

Everybody loves a good coupon, and it’s even better when you can just get coupons sent straight to you. While browsing some of your favorite shopping sites (and this Chrome extension covers many of the biggest names out there), ZenDeals will scour the web for as many working coupons to that site as possible, saving you both time and money. What could be better than that?

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