Who doesn’t love puppies? These adorable creatures enrich our lives with love and true loyalty. Not only that, but they fill our hearts with warmth and laughter when they get into their puppy shenanigans! And if you’re like us, we just can’t get enough dog Chrome themes, desktop wallpapers and iPhone backgrounds to outfit our digital lives with their goofy grins, adorable faces and cute puppy paws.

That’s why we found the best puppy chrome themes, wallpapers and even some fun dog blogs for you to download, peruse and enjoy — all for free!

Adorable Dog & Puppy Chrome tab Themes

Puppies and doggies chrome themes and more!




Cute Puppies Chrome Theme

Puppies Chrome Theme by Brand Thunder
Puppies Chrome Theme by Brand Thunder

Our cute puppies Chrome theme is new for 2015! Add this adorable newborn pup to your Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari browser. You can also save it as your desktop wallpaper by right clicking, saving and setting as your background once you install the theme. Click to download!

Double Puppy Trouble

Double Trouble Puppies Chrome Theme

Perhaps they’re not trouble, but they’re sure cute! And they really want to be your dog Chrome theme. Click to download!

Sweet Samoyed Puppies

Sweet Samoyed Puppies Google Chrome Theme

These Samoyed puppies will decorate your Chrome browser with their fluffy white fur (and they won’t shed in your browser!). Click to download!

Unlikely Pair (Dog & Cat)

Unlikely Pair Puppy and Kitten Chrome Theme

Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? Well, this cute pair seems to be a little more than that. Aww. Click to download!

Pug Life

Pug Life Puppy Chrome Theme

This little black pug sure looks curious. Perhaps you should add him as your Chrome theme so he can see what all the fuss is about. Click to download!

 Best Friends

Best Friends Puppy and Bunny Chrome Theme

Even puppies and bunnies can be the best of pals! This adorable dog Chrome theme is just too cute NOT to download. Click to download!

Sleepy Doggy

Sleepy Puppy Google Chrome Theme

This cute Pomeranian puppy is tuckered out! Quick — add him to your Chrome browser before he wakes up. Click to download!

 Comfy Puppy

Comfy Puppy on Pillow Chrome Theme

Puppies obviously really need their sleep. This one is more of a princess with her comfy red pillow in this adorable little dog Chrome theme. Click to download!

 Playing the Field

Puppy Flowers Chrome Theme

But when puppies are awake, all they want to do is play! They especially love to play outside in fields like this one. Click to download!

 Adorable Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund Puppy Hiding Chrome Theme

This Dachshund puppy Chrome theme is just too adorable for words. Look how shy he is! Click to download!

Pumpkin Lovin’ Lab

Pumpkin Lovin' Lab Puppy Chrome Theme

This yellow lab puppy loves her pumpkins. Download this puppy Chrome theme to bring a touch of fall to your browser all year long. Click to download!

Funny Dog Theme

Funny Puppy Chrome Theme

Just look at that goofy puppy face! Add this funny puppy Chrome theme and get a kick out of browsing the web. Click to download!

Basket o’ Lil’ Doggies

Basket of Puppies Theme for Chrome

Who wouldn’t want to see this sitting on their doorstep? Why not set this basket of puppies as your new dog Chrome theme for practically the same effect? Click to download!

 Dog Pals Theme

Puppy Pals Chrome Theme

These puppies are posing like champs! How cute are they with their sweet, grinning mugs? Click to download!

Dogs – They’re Different Breeds!

All the Puppies Chrome Theme

If you’re a true puppy lover, you know they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, breeds — and personalities! Add some variety to your Chrome browser with this puppy theme. Click to download!

Puppy Paws

Puppy Paws Cute Puppy Chrome Theme

This sweet little puppy really wants you to add him — and his cute puppy paws — to your Chrome browser. He’s begging! Do it! Click to download!

Fluffy Puppy

Fluffy Adorable Puppy Chrome Theme

You should really let this fluffy puppy run right into your heart and Google Chrome browser. Click to download!

 The Golden Gang

Golden Retriever Puppies Google Chrome Theme

This happy bunch of brothers and sisters would make a great addition to your cute dog Chrome theme collection. Click to download!

 Newfoundland in Noir

Newfoundland in Noir Puppy Chrome Theme

This fluffy Newfoundland pup just loves to chill, but would be happier chillin’ in your browser. Click to download!

Cute Dog & Puppy Desktop Wallpaper

Trio of Puppies

Basket of Cute Puppies Desktop Wallpaper

Because puppies stuffed inside baskets are always adorable. And this puppy desktop wallpaper is one of the cutest around! Click to download!

Two of a Kind

Twin White Puppies Desktop Wallpaper

These pretty puppies are just “two” cute to boot! Add them as your new dog desktop wallpaper, already! Click to download!

Yawning Puppy

Yawning Puppy Desktop Background

Aww. Yawning puppies are just too sweet! Relive this sleepy moment every day when you download this puppy desktop wallpaper. Click to download!

Lovable Puppy Family

Four Lovable Puppies Desktop Background

These cute siblings are more than ready for their shot as your preferred puppy desktop wallpaper. Click to download!

Nature Lover

Puppy Eating Flower Desktop Wallpaper

Nature is a dog’s best friend — next to man, of course. Get this precious puppy desktop wallpaper before he scampers off! Click to download!

Music Lovin’ Pup

Dog Wearing Headphones Wallpaper

Just call him DJ Jazzy Pup. If you’re a music lover, this little puppy will be the perfect computer companion as your new dog desktop wallpaper. Click to download!

Precious Puppy iPhone Wallpaper

Little Yorkie

Little Yorkie iPhone Wallpaper

Pint-Sized Pomeranian

Pomeranian Puppy iPhone Background

Happy Puppy

Happy Puppy iPhone Wallpaper

Just Two Pugs
Pug Puppies iPhone Wallpaper

Cute Pug Puppy

Cute Pug Puppy iPhone Background

Blogs for Puppy Lovers

  • Properly Petting Puppies – This fun blog features pictures of puppies and dogs the author pets while out and about in San Francisco. He can’t own a dog himself, so he pets everyone else’s puppies!
  • I Still Want More Puppies – If you love puppies — and you know it — then this blog is written just for you!
  • Plays with Puppies – A volunteer of Leader Dogs for the Blind writes this blog about her experiences raising puppies for the organization.
  • Puppies! The Animal Rescue Site Blog – The Animal Rescue Site writes this informative and fun blog about all things puppies.


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