Are you feeling a little weighed down by gravity? Has Earth left a little something to be desired? Do you look to the stars for inspiration at night? If so, we have tab experiences that will take you to the moon and back again!

Nasa Space New Tab Gallery

From shooting stars to galaxies, these rotating images offer incredible views of the world beyond. These awesome glimpses into worlds few of us will see in our lifetime remind us of what lies beyond. Believe in something greater than our world.

Nasa New Tab

Nasa new tab is a better new tab experience with Nasa! Need we say more?

Live Nasa Video

Live Nasa video offers high-definition video footage straight from space! If you’d like to see this extraterrestrial world as the astronauts view it–this is the tab theme for you!

Galaxy New Tab

This tab extension contains beautiful high-definition images of galaxies, supernovas and more. Have you often wondered about the immense beauty of an exploding star? Have you found yourself lying on a blanket and staring up at the Milky Way in awe? This is your extension.

Colorful Galaxy

Imagine blues, purples and pinks swirling amidst a galaxy of stars. This theme changes Chrome into an out-of-this-world experience. Think auroro borealis in pastel shades.

We hope we’ve inspired the potential spacemen and extraterrestrial women out there! Who really knows what our voyage into space brings–we do know that it is big and beautiful and more than we can presently imagine. Contact us and we will help you explore the possibilities of these themes and more. 

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