As a TV station, you’ve realized for years how competitive your industry is for ratings. However, if you’ve been in the business long enough, you know how cutthroat it can become with far more media to compete with daily. The fact that more people watch streaming content now than they do actual TV, it puts the pressure on you to find viewers.

This is why you’ve likely create an online counterpart to your TV station. So what do you about increasing viewer engagement and loyalty for your online news audience?

Chances are, you’re still finding it an uphill climb since you’re competing with other TV stations posting online news.

Finding Way to Increase Video Views

What’s important is to create viewer experiences and engage them as much as possible. A path forward is to create extensions, add-ons, or themes for web-browsers.

By adding these, you’ll find a way for your viewers to increase their video views of news events. Since news videos can bring in considerable revenue via digital advertising, it’s essential to find ways to entice viewership.

Placing extensions on popular web-browsers can highlight a hot news story video in a thumbnail.

Creating More Social Media Engagement

The more people talk about your programming or news story, the more people are apt to watch. Using a web-browser add-on taking people to your social media channels can increase engagement immediately.

There isn’t any greater way to create viewer engagement than through online conversations or debate. This is especially the case with overly controversial stories.

Delving into Viewer Loyalty Programs

Remember back when Netflix did a study to determine what creates viewer loyalty with their shows? While they generally determined that a fourth episode is when loyalty kicks in, giving viewers benefits can become a huge factor as well.

Viewer loyalty programs go back a number of years in television. Doing this digitally through web-browser add-ons or themes can interest viewers even more. Promoting the fact you’ll reward a viewer with something for watching can encourage more people to tune in.

At the same time, you’ll want to promote the actual content since this is what keeps viewers coming back.

Better Distribution of Content

To expand on viewer loyalty, the more you preview your content, the more intriguing it becomes to audiences. Distributing content on web-browsers gets you out there to more people online, especially when you offer an exclusive sneak peek, to learn more, here he will leave the link which will take you to online experts where you can help you learn more.

While we all know salacious headlines attract people, you don’t always have to work this way. By targeted the right web browsers, you can find a niche audience you know is going to like any TV content you post.

Unique Opportunities for Advertisers

Attracting advertisers is obviously an ongoing challenge for your TV station. Knowing you’re engaging viewers through web-browser extensions can gain interest in sponsors looking for different digital advertising avenues.

With digital ad spending expected to go beyond TV advertising this year, you have the right timing in capturing the sponsors you need.

At Brand Thunder, we create web-browser extensions that guarantee engagement every day with TV media.

Contact us to find out about how this works so we can help your TV station rise in the local or national ratings race.

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