10 years ago, Brand Thunder created the concept of fan / audience engagement through the web-browser. Over the years we have migrated our solution from a toolbar to a media-rich, highly engaging new tab page that draws the user into your content multiple times a day. In 2017 we have taken the concept to a new level, introducing The Communication Hub, allowing enterprise clients to harness the exceptional power of our new tab solution.

Proving to be an incredibly effective tool for corporate development, sales training, and internal communication, we’ve created a simplified solution without decreasing value. Our adaptive platform allows you to own the most widely viewed web page in the browser, without any new software to install, creating a persistent presence on employee browsers with an uninterrupted channel to send information. We put a great deal of focus on creating something flexible, your organization doesn’t have to fit into our solution, our low cost platform fits within your organization and is incredibly easy to administer with no learning curve.

For a short period of time we will be offering pilots so teams wanting to improve their communication and engagement can demonstrate the value before making any type of commitment.

Get your copy of the details here: Communication Hub

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