Shawn came up through Vine back in 2013.  Every since then, he has been consistently growing his fanbase and his songs just keep getting better and better!  His debut album Handwritten, which includes the hit Stitches, hit the top 10!

With this new tab wallpaper theme, every-time you fire up a new tab in Chrome, you can see the latest Shawn Mendes images and pictures… show your a true fan and download this extension now!


Shawn Mendes Chrome New Tab Wallpaper Theme

Shawn Mendes wallpapers for your Chrome browser!

Shawn Mendes chrome theme
Shawn Mendes chrome theme

Shawn Mendes Chrome New Tab Theme

Shawn Mendes chrome wallpaper
Shawn Mendes chrome wallpaper

Installing a new tab theme on your browser is super easy.  Once you click on either image (or here) you will be prompted to install.  After one click, you will see your new tab wallpaper..  and its easy to uninstall if you get bored with it!

So we know you love Shawn so why not see him every time you open up a new tab in Chrome?  This has got to be the easiest way to do that..  and we add new images all the time so you know you’ll have the latest.

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