In this digital age, we have information coming at us at warp speed. Often, we quickly skim through emails and messages trying to find what is important and trashing the rest. Sometimes we see something interesting and mean to check it out later, but end up forgetting completely. Those messages end up lost forever. When you are trying to get information out to your team, how do you make sure it isn’t missed? We are going to give you the tools you need to improve team communications and be seen.

Communication Challenges

We know that you face some serious challenges when trying to communicate with you colleagues, partners and sales team including:

Email open rates below 15%.
Cutting through the noise to get messages read.
Getting your audience to engage with your content.
Your audience not taking initiative to seek out information.
Keeping your audience current on product updates and policy changes.

While these challenges are difficult, there are practical solutions to improve communication.

Use an uninterrupted channel to deliver messages and content.
Expose users to information 20 times a day.
Single messages viewed multiple times, increasing engagement.
Take advantage of existing behavior; the push vs. pull solution.
Highly visible alerts with engagement rates as high as 70%.
You need a variety of strategies to make sure your information is seen. You want to develop informative content that engages your team. You need to pull them in and make them want to know more. We help you create current content with a persistent presence. Our platform allows you to stream uninterrupted information directly to your audience. We help you have the most widely viewed page with the information you want seen.

When you are ready to implement an innovative and powerful communication solution that makes your message visible and engaging Brand Thunder is here to help, contact us today for more information.

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