Is your Chrome theme feline a little ruff? Are you looking for some paw-some new themes and extensions to spice it up? Have you had enough of these dog-gone puns? Quit horsing around, and check out our top 5 animals and pets Chrome themes and extensions, right meow!

Baby Animals

This extension features a rotation of all of your favorite fur-babies. Get ready to say ‘awww’ every time you open a new tab.



Maybe ‘cute’ isn’t your thing. That’s okay because we have Chrome extensions for you, too. These toothy beasts will surely give your internet browsing the bite that you crave. (Did you really think the puns would end?)



Customize your new tab page with these beautiful and fearsome trackers as you search for your own internet ‘prey.’



We’re back to the cute and cuddly with tab pages featuring the youthful version of man’s best friend. These pages include direct links to social media websites and the latest news.



We’ve saved the best for last:

Christmas Puppies

You didn’t think it could get cuter than a puppy, did you? Throw a Santa hat on one, and you’ll see how wrong you are. Christmas is coming fast, and this array of furry cuties surrounded by all your favorite Christmas accessories will get you in the spirit in no time! It also features falling snow, free Christmas music, and access to Christmas shopping and discounts. 



That sums up our top five themes and extensions for all you animal lovers. If you have a question or a hankering to see more options, please contact us.

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