How boring is your standard Chrome theme? Pretty boring. That’s why you’re looking to shift gears and make some modifications.  You auto-know by now, today we are talking about the top 5 sports cars Chrome themes and extensions!

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1. Sports Cars New Tab

Hands down, this is the best sports car extension for Google Chrome. The creme de la creme of sports car extensions. You get a new sports car with every “New Tab” page you open. You can customize your page with weather information, even upload your own pictures. Obviously this is the most robust choice and it offers a little bit of everything the other ones on this list do.



2. Sports Cars Wallpapers

The name says it all “Sports Cars Wallpapers”. This theme is exactly what it sounds like. Wallpapers of awesome sports cars. Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs and more are included. You can always add pictures of the newest concept cars when they are released, but it’s still missing some of the customization that number 1 on this list offers.

3. Supercars Tab

This extension is an open source option that gives you a new picture of a different super car every time you open a new tab. They have some totally awesome cars, tons of variations and it works offline. Overall, it’s a pretty solid choice for some great pictures of awesome cars but it is missing a few features some of these other themes and extensions have.



4. Astin Martin Car

This theme is much like the previous theme. Lacking all of the bells and whistles of the extensions below but a beautiful Aston Martin and a great button layout. The developers may have misspelled “Aston” but it’s a great theme nonetheless.



5. Car Theme

This theme is very basic. It’s a beautiful Ferrari that will make your Chrome look great. It’s missing a lot of the customization that the extensions on this list offer, but it’s a great bare bones choice.

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