Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? That’s right, today we are talking about Pokemon themes and extensions for Chrome, to bring a bit of the pokehunt to your computer. Whether you’re just starting out and learning about PokemonGo, or you’re a long time fan eagerly awaiting Pokemon Sun and Moon, these are the extensions for you. We’ve hunted across the internet to find the top five for you, rated by how useful they are and how good they look.

Pokemon New Tab!

This extension lets you customize your new tab page, cycling through new Pokemon themed wallpapers with every tab you open. You can customize your dashboard, get direct, convenient web searches, keep track of your ToDo’s, and transform every browser new tab into your own personalized home page. This extension covers everything!


Pokemon GO Notifications!

If you’re playing Pokemon GO, this might be the extension for you. This allows you to receive notifications on your computer about what Pokemon are spawning in your area. If you’re sick and tired of getting a particular Pokemon, no problem! Add them to the blacklist feature, and you won’t hear another word about them until you want to.


Pokemon Red!

With a realistic, yet painterly feel this theme sucks you in to the imaginative realm of the games all over again. The details are truly awe-inspiring.


Pokemon Starter Symbols!

If a more minimalist theme is more your speed, consider this theme. With simple and sleek symbols representing the original four starters, this is a way to show off, without being too loud.



Pikachu Pokemon Theme!

Last but not least, if you’re interested in a theme with the adorable franchise mascot Pikachu, this is the theme you’ve been waiting for.



There you go Pokemon fans, the five best themes and extensions for Chrome. If you’re interested in more themes and extensions, please visit our gallery today.

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