2016 is almost over, and all eyes are on 2017.

The countdown is officially on, and New Year’s resolutions are being set. For businesses, this means gearing up strategy for a new year, filled with possibilities for new growth and increased sales.

Start 2017 off right by checking out Brand Thunder’s Enterprise Solution, which aims to help businesses boost sales traffic in 2017 by improving customer retention and the buyer experience.

What is it?

A customer experience solution providing a lightweight extension onto the user’s browser, including the home page, start page, and each new tab they open. The extension integrates seamlessly, allowing businesses the opportunity to deliver promotions and content more effectively, keeping clients in the loop and on the radar.

What are the benefits?

The big one is improved communication between companies and their clients. It helps build better relationships by keeping buyers engaged and informed with updates and useful content in a simple manner, as they surf the web. It also leads to more conversions than traditional marketing strategies, such as email lists or advertisements, by cutting through all the web traffic distractions.

Typically, web users are pulled in all sorts of directions, from checking their email one minute, to browsing social media the next, to researching something or shopping after that.

The extension surpasses those attention-grabbers by being the first thing the user sees as they open their browser.

How to get started?

Interested, but want to see how it works first?

Contact us for a demo, or to set up a 90-day pilot run.

Let us show you why we’re so confident our enterprise solution is just the thing you need to get ahead in 2017!

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