Brand Thunder’s New Tab Extensions are again proving to be valuable with exciting recent data. What used to be great digital candy has quickly become a valuable digital asset as recent successes have brands leaning on Brand Thunder to increase engagement and return traffic.

Making content visible in today’s landscape is a challenge and ensuring content consumption is a greater challenge.  To even further challenge marketers, Display Viewability is quickly becoming a key factor in whether or not the content is even going to be discovered and interacted with!

As the market continues to force digital experts to invent creative tactics to be ‘heard’, Brand Thunder’s New Tab Extensions provides the secret sauce that improves content discover-ability, audience engagement, and increased return traffic. Even sponsorship sales teams are taking note as new tab extensions generate a high volume of hyper targeted audiences.

Here are 5 data points that support the case of considering Brand Thunder as a part of your digital strategy:


  1. 1 – An NFL team’s new tab page ranked #3 in overall page views across their website, delivering over 2MM incremental page views. This was only to be topped by their home page and schedule page.  See Denver Broncos Infographic.Denver-Broncos-Logo-Header
  2. 2 – Brands are seeing 15% and higher click through rates on their content. This disruptive engagement is incremental traffic changing the behavior of the user to interact with the brand.  Engagement Case Study.broncos-success
  3. 3 – Over 10 video views per user in a 10 day period. Embedding video on a new tab page has proven to be a powerful way to increase pre-roll exposure as well as awareness of rich media content.  Bob Marley Video Views Case Study.Bob Marley #Share1Love
  4. 4 – Average user sees the page over 7 times a day, 196 times a month. Brand Thunder’s New Tab Extensions are creating multiple daily touch points, surpassing email open rates, social media post impressions, and other traditional avenues.   30 Second Promo Video.BT Intro Video
  5. 5 – Content is 100% visible, above the fold, and void of clutter. One of the overlooked values of having a new tab page; brand visibility is uninterrupted and persistent.  Chicago Bears New Tab Experience.




*The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.

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