We love rolling out new stuff for our business partners. We have a new enterprise solution announced already and we want to make sure you don’t miss it!

Much like the sports and companies we are involved with, we understand how much crucial communication goes into running a good game. We want to provide an uninterrupted communication channel so companies can message directly to their sales team, internal employees, or even resellers. Important information such financial data from your accounting system may also be transferred efficiently and securely. If you need to upgrade your financial management services, you can go to these guys!

Our solution is a lightweight extension that integrates a theme onto the user’s browser including the home page, start page, and new tab page. This gives the opportunity to deliver promotions and content straight to the user in a seamless manner. This will further build good relationships and improve overall purchase experience with the client.

Users are often overloaded with all the social media and websites they consume. Channels like email, text, social media, and mobile apps continue to rise every day. The solution here would cut straight past all that and it would be the first thing the user sees when they open up their computer browser. That converts even better than email lists, advertisements, and other solutions.

We’ll create a pilot program for the buyer and provide you with a detailed installation guide. From there, we’ll also be able to track and monitor sales. We’ll make it even easier for clients to download the extension via email, checkout processes, etc. If you want to learn more about Brand Thunder or running this power play, we invite you to Brand Thunder today!

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